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Belly Boat

Bellyboot guide for anglers

There are now many different types of belly boats. It is not so easy to find the right model for your own purposes. The following text explains what is important when buying a belly boat and clarifies all important questions about this topic. Belly boat – Guide for the belly boat angler

Belly boats in comparison

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How does the belly boot work?

The belly boat, in English too Belly boat or Floattube is actually not a real boat, but rather one practical buoyancy aid. The angler is either one completely or partially closed hose surround. Here he sits in a special holding device and is from the waist down in the water. This is probably where the name comes from Belly boot.

This can be done Paddle movements or using a Motors move and steer. The special fishing boat is becoming increasingly popular with anglers. Because compared to "normal“Inflatable boats have many advantages. It is much smaller, easier to transport and can also be moved much faster and easier in water. In addition, it will Belly boat not perceived by the fish as foreign bodies, which means that they feel close to the fisherman.


How and where can a belly boat be used?

The belly boat is very well suited for that Spinning and Fly fishing. It can be used wherever fishing is permitted, such as in shared ponds, lakes, Rivers and Coastal areas. It is better not to use it on the open sea. Because by strong currents and high waves can put the angler at risk. The belly boat is therefore particularly suitable for fishing in calm waters.

What types of belly boats are there?

The normal belly boat has one O shapereminiscent of a swim tire. The seating position is relatively low in such models, so that the risk of tipping is lower than in other versions. To do this, the user has to be more careful not to overcool himself. The standard model was developed over time into a belly boat, the one U-shape Has. This makes it much easier to get started.

But also with this fishing boat was the center of gravity under water. The latest development, however, has one V-shaped. It differs from the other versions mainly in that: the seating area is above the water surface, Thereby the risk of hypothermia decreases and the angler has a better overview and can be from one elevated throw position profitieren.

How do I find the perfect mini boat for fishing?

If you are looking for the perfect mini boat for fishing, you should first consider what you want to use it for later. Should it be Fly fishing should be used be as stable as possibleto be able to eject the fly rod with momentum. Or does the boat have to be very manoeuvrable to be able to fish in heavily overgrown areas? When looking for the perfect model you can Price comparison sites be very practical. Mostly there are too Reviews from other customers to find that make the choice even easier.

Belly boat fishing - what equipment do I need?

The clothing:

Clothing plays a very important role when fishing with a belly boat. Ideally, one Waders worn the legs under water "warm and keeps you dry. You can out Neoprene and special breathable fabrics consist. The former provides ideal protection from the cold, but makes the angler sweat quickly in summer. It is therefore better to wear pants made of breathable fabrics in the warm season.

Other items of clothing and aids that should be present are:

The upper body should also be absolutely protected against cold and wet. For this the angler can Water and Wind resistant jacket wear. It is also important that a landing net, a hook release and possibly also a tape measure are on board. And when suddenly there is a strong wind, one can small anchor be very useful to keep the current position.

In addition, you can easily explore the depth and find the perfect place for fishing. To inflate the boat, one Pump for car tires needed as most models with Car valves are equipped. Alternatively, it can be filled with air at the gas station. But this only makes sense if there is enough space in the car to transport the inflated boat to the lake. And if you want, pack up at the Maiden voyage Bottle of sparkling wine one to baptize it.

The fins

The clothing should also be suitable fins belong that just about that Waders or the Waders' booties can be pulled. Depending on Size of the water and Strength of flow, the right size should be chosen. With large fins, the angler can make headway faster even in headwinds, but also gets tired more quickly. With small models it is more agile, but also a little slower.

How do I get on the belly boat?

With a little practice, getting into a belly boat is quickly done. It is best to use one flat bank chosen. First, the boat is in one water at least 50 centimeters deep placed. Here, the Table and the spacer still be removed, as these objects would otherwise make entry difficult.

The angler pulls the clothing described above (Waders, waterproof and Wind resistant jacket and fins) and runs backwards towards the water and thus towards the boat. As soon as he has reached the latter, he reinstalled the spacer mentioned above. Some belly boats also come with one Belt equipped, which is attached between the legs. He connects the spacer to the shelf and can be very practical.

Safety on the belly boat - this must be taken into account when buying

Anyone who goes into water with a belly boat should definitely also think about safety. First of all, there should always be one Rettungsweste be worn. As a rule, however, he does not have to be afraid of capsizing, since the very deep focus as well as the Air chambers the boat almost unsinkable do. The latter in particular play an important role. Because the more air chambers there are, the safer the boat is.

Therefore, you should also pay attention to this when buying. If an air chamber fails, there must be enough other chambers that prevent the boat from going under. At least two should be thereto keep the angler above water for as long as possible in the event of damage, until he reaches the shore.

An whistle can also be very useful to call for help in an emergency. It is very light and small and can therefore be easily stowed away in a jacket pocket, for example. And it can be very helpful, as there is often a cell phone signal on a remote lake. In addition, many anglers do not take the smartphone with them or leave it in the car so that it does not get wet. Here it can make sense waterproof outdoor cell phone to buy, which can easily be taken on the Belly boat.

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