Buy an e-bike â € “buying guide for your new e-bike

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Buy an e-bike â € “buying guide for your new e-bike

The cycling season has begun and it's time to learn about the e-bike. At the beginning the electrically supported bike was sorted classically in the category "pensioners". That is what you think! What the manufacturers and companies have done in recent times on the legs or on the wheels follows a new trend because e-bikes help to keep the cities more and more free of cars. This type of transportation protects the environment, saves space and even those who are not fit every day, can still go to work, to the appointment or shopping. That's it? No. In this purchase guide we also introduce the outdoor bikes. With the E-Mountain Bike through the forest, with the e-road bike make whole day trips.
There is also a package of knowledge, legal information and how you can tune your bike and what else you need. - Buy e-bike - buying guide for your new e-bike

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Buying an e-bike - buying guide for your new e-bike - in comparison

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CHRISSON 27,5 inch e-bike mountain bike Bosch -... *CHRISSON 27,5 inch e-bike mountain bike Bosch -... *ZH electric bike, 26 inch foldable electric ... *ZH 26 inch electric mountain bike with ... *VOZCVOX electric bike, 26 "electric bike ... *ANCHEER electric bike 26 inch / 20 inch inch e-bike ... *GUNAI Electric Bike 1000W 48V Offroad Fat 26 ”4.0 ... *Zündapp E-Bike 700c Women's Pedelec 28 Inch Z502 ... *Vivi electric bike e-bike men and women , 26 ... *20 inch electric bike with 1000 W 48 V 14Ah ... *
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Check priceCheck price1.369,00€Check price1.549,00€829,99€1.599,00€887,77€809,99€1.299,00€
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What is an e-bike?

A sturdy frame, a drive, a handlebar and two wheels. That definitely belongs to an e-bike. And are there any differences?


The frame must be stable but not heavyweight. The best materials are aluminum or carbon. But not only the material is crucial, but also the shape of the bike. Because: a sophisticated form of the frame is stable, without much material to claim. That makes the whole thing easier again.

Electric drive - motor

The drive of an e-bike does not really help you kick it, it just makes you faster. You have to kick. For that you can adjust, with the high-quality models in several stages, how much support you need. This is not to be confused with a gearshift. You also have the bike.


The difference is like the manual wheels as well. The narrower the tire (road bike) the easier and faster the bikes fly over the road - but have less grip (mountain bike). That may be a selection criterion for you.

E-bike / pedelec

E-bike is basically the main name for the motorized support of cycling. Actually, that's one pedelec, The pedal assist is limited to 25 km / h and 250 W. You do not need a helmet, driver's license or insurance. It is a bicycle according to StVO and so you are allowed to ride on the bike path. You have a small trailer? You can use it without risk.

- € 131,03Topseller 2
Atera 22696 Strada Sport E-Bike ML - rear carrier
Atera 22696 Strada Sport E-Bike ML - rear rack *
Carrier weight 15,8 kg, payload up to 59,2 kg; folds down widely, easy access to the trunk even with mounted bicycles
520,03€ - € 131,03 389,00€


Different with S-pedelec, The S stands for speed and that means all wheels up to 45 km / h. This means that you need a driver's license, insurance (including license plate) and a helmet. So you must not go on the bike path and trailer you must not synonymous.

Topseller 2
Prophete Unisex - Adult S-Pedelec Helmet Size: ...
Prophete Unisex - Adult S-Pedelec Helmet Size: ... *
tested according to the Dutch NTA 8776, especially for S-Pedelecs; with reflective strips for additional visibility


Another subdivision is the e-moped or E-scooter, At this one you have an acceleration handle. Lightweight mopeds are classified up to 20 km / h, until 45 km / h is a moped. You need a driver's license and insurance in both cases. A helmet only from 20 km / h.

Different bikes

As with the manual wheels, not every bike likes every terrain. The companies have undertaken. So there are some really good bikes on the market that adapt to your life.


Trekking is designed for outdoor. That means you're at this E-bike for trekking so to speak, has to carry luggage bags from home. The bikes are very comfortable and have a long-lasting and strong drive.

✻ Share your adventures with friends! With the comfortable # helmet camera mount, you do not need to worry about the recordings anymore. What's left is your fun!

Topseller 1
Fischer Men 55 E-Bike Trekking VIATOR 5.0i (2020), gray ...
Fischer Men 55 E-Bike Trekking VIATOR 5.0i (2020), gray ... *
GEARS: SRAM GX 1 x 10 gear derailleur; FORK: SunTour NEX E-25 suspension fork 40 mm; BRAKE: SHIMANO BR-MT 200 hydraulic disc brake
Topseller 2
Pexco Husqvarna Gran Tourer 2 Shimano Steps Electric Trekking ...
Pexco Husqvarna Gran Tourer 2 Shimano Steps Electric Trekking ... *
Color (s): Darkblue / Red Matt; Impeller size:

E-City Bike

City bikes are the crushers who want to get from A to B as fast as possible. Without any stuff. Since cities are usually built relatively straight, is suitable E-City Bike excellent for straight stretches. Easy but comfortable!

✻ When cycling, you are not protected from the weather. A poncho can be a great thing. Lightweight, comfortable, not tight. Folds and folds into the bag without adding weight.

Topseller 1
Elde *
T-shirt; more than 30.500 article; Shirts, Longsleeves, Pullovers, Beanies 100% Cotton; Perverted Taste Music GmbH

E-cross bike

What does a cross bike need? Great stability and little comfort, because you are working. It's supposed to support you, and it does. E-cross bikes are not difficult but very stable.

E-Mountain Bike

Here all the advantages meet. It is stable, agile, has a mediocre level of comfort and brings stability to the point. Good e-mountain bikes do not let you know that a motor cooperates.


Here speed is needed! And long distance. The latest models take you 220 km far. Good and light tires, a sweeping lower handlebar - so you fly almost the miles along the road.

Topseller 1
80cc Bicycle Motor Kit - 2-Stroke Pedal Cycle Petrol Gas Engine ...
80ccm Bicycle Motor Kit - 2-Stroke Pedal Cycle Petrol Gas Engine ... *
🌟Kickstart, no battery required to start; 🌟Carburetor included for better engine performance

✻ Note: you travel a lot and do not feel like reaching for your relatively small water bottle every time? Then we have something for you: ours Drinking hose - Guidebook Drinking hose PET

Different frames

There are different frames for the bikes. Find out where the differences lie

to form

The different shapes affect stability, weight and comfort.


The diamond shape is very stable, but has little comfort what in other words means that it is used especially in balustrades. This construction is very light.

low entrance

Great for trekking bikes and they offer a high level of comfort. Much in the city or on flat roads on the way? Then that would be worth considering.


The trapezoidal shape is very stable, has a low weight and is also ideal for sports bikes. Happy to be used by women.

folding frame

A snap frame is great for the city. It is light, but not suitable for very long land tours. But he scores with thrift, what the space requirements.


Maybe you still want to upgrade? Goes. The following accessories are available for the various bikes:

Legal Information

What is legally to be considered?
Your bike must be roadworthy. It needs, like any other bicycle also:

  • reflectors
  • Klingel
  • to shine

The e-bikes are divided into two categories:


  • up to a maximum of 25 km / h
  • may ride on cycle paths
  • does not need a helmet
  • a driver's license is not necessary
  • no compulsory insurance (but it pays to think about theft protection)
  • Children's trailers and the like may be pulled


  • 20 to 45 km / h
  • no followers
  • must not be driven on the sidewalk
  • requires a driver's license
  • an insurance
  • a helmet

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What to look for when buying?

Finally, when you buy your e-bike you should pay attention to the following things:

★ on which terrain am I mainly?

★ how long does the battery need to last?

★ Do I have different options for adjusting how much the bike should support me?

★ how hard is it?

★ does the manufacturer give a guarantee for the battery?

★ Pedelec or S-Pedelec? Maybe you have a driver's license then you can also choose the faster version

★ should the battery be fixed or removable? !! Many manufacturers are increasingly building integrated batteries in the frame to take out !!

★ If you drive a lot, a price range is worth climbing up


There are three ways to mount the engine on an e-bike. In the front, in the middle and in the back of the bike. All three options have their advantages and disadvantages.
Generally, about 250 watts mean 25 km / h, 500 watts 45 km / h.

Engine front

These front engines are the cheapest option. That's why they are well suited as a beginner model. They are also often installed in the low entry. Another advantage, they are variable with a coaster brake and there is already to retrofit.
The disadvantages are at the center of gravity of the wheel, which has now been postponed. You may have to get used to that first. Due to the extra load on wet roads, a spin or breakout of the front wheel is possible.

Middle motor - middle motor

Here the engine is in the middle and that means the weight is optimally distributed. A coaster brake is also possible, is even compatible with a derailleur and a hub gear. The engines in the middle are very robust. So you have the right engine at your side, if it should be a little uneven or faster. Unfortunately, all this leads to higher wear and requires a special frame construction. Bosch mid-range motors are very widespread and have proven themselves. The E-bikes with Bosch Performance CX engine you should keep an eye on. Maximum torque, high speeds and powerful acceleration with support up to 300%.


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Engine behind

Here is the engine that optimizes its weight. That means more dynamics. Also advantageous: Recuperation is feasible and these engines can be retrofitted. The only disadvantage: hub gear is eliminated, it remains the derailleur.


The battery is the heart of your bike and it puts it in the foreground. It takes, depending on the manufacturer, about 2.5 - 11 hours to fully load. Also, ide data are different, how long the battery is enough for now. Straight lines and little weight on the bike extend the range enormously.

Tips for the battery:

  • train your battery: 4x for example, you should completely de-charge your battery and then recharge
  • do not let the battery run hot on the power plug
  • and protect him from frost
  • if you take care of your bike and the battery is removable, you should remove it before cleaning it

Remember also that a fixed battery on the bike looks better, but you can also make problems with the store. A mobile battery, you can take anywhere. The wheel is not. Even in winter, the battery can be better accommodated in the apartment and thus protect against frost.


Here you are spoiled for choice:

  • hydraulic disc brake
  • disc brake

Even if a normal disc brake sounds too weak on the first meter, the technique has developed steadily. The times of lethargic Bowden trains. But, the normal disc brakes overheat faster, even if they now have a shorter braking distance!

✻ ABS is also on board for high quality bikes!

Over time many became too Components specially produced and certified for e-bikes Service. Therefore, pay close attention to the installed components and get information (stability, wear, experience, etc.) about them. Cheap e-bikes have more often installed older or normal Fahrradkomponeten that have to withstand higher loads on an e-bike. Who up quality and safety pay attention and should have fun on his e-bike for as long as possible from 2000 € -3500 € invest.


The care is no different than a normal bike. Even an e-bike is protected against rain, which means on the other hand, you can occasionally also wash and clean it.
If you can not shelter it from weather, you can buy a small plastic garage that you just pull over your bike. This protects it from bird droppings.
The tire pressure check every now and then. Do not you know which bicycle pump is the right one? You can do that in ours Bicycle pump advisor read here.

✻ How big does the bike have to be? The indications also always give a frame size. These can be calculated based on your stride length. For example, if you have 84 cm stride, the frame size for a city bike / trekking bike is 55 cm, for a mountain bike 48 cm and for a road bike 56 cm.

Advantages and disadvantages

The e-bikes are not just for elderly people, because often have young people now and then problems with the joints and the back. Since we come to the same advantages:


✔ The joints are spared

✔ upright sitting

✔ no load peak

✔ faster through the city

✔ better find parking spaces


✘ relatively high purchase price

✘ the bicycles have a high dead weight

✘ from 25 km / h insurance, helmet and driver's license required

✘ relies on power source

FAQ - Buy an e-bike - Buyer's guide for your new e-bike

Take advantage of battery power

  • Pay attention to the correct tire pressure
  • defensive driving
  • Step evenly
  • choose the lowest possible support

How long does the battery last?

Roughly between 700 - 1000 times unloaded. See that you get a guarantee on your battery!

What is recuperation?

This allows the battery to recharge while driving.

How much does charging the battery charge?

Depending on the electricity price between 20-80 cent.

Can a child drive a pedelec? You should not, should not. Most manufacturers recommend children to ride an e-bike only from 14 years, because then they are in principle capable of motor.

What to do with a broken battery?

You can buy your battery if it is not firmly mounted. Please bring the old battery separately either to the dealer or to your waste management company. Batteries have lost nothing in the residual waste. If your battery is firmly installed, your bike workshop will help you too.
Have a look, maybe your battery still has warranty?


An e-bike, whether it's a mountain bike, a cross bike, a city bike, a road bike or a folding bike, today it's much faster in the city! You also have no parking problems. Your joints are spared and your muscles are still gently built. When buying, be sure to buy a high quality bike that your manufacturer gives you a warranty on the battery.
For bikes under 25 km / h you need no insurance, no helmet and no driver's license. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to have the wheel specially insured against theft.
The various motors, frames and accessories make it possible for you to put together your perfect bike.
Well then! Get on the bike!

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E-Bike Electric bike "EX10" Pedelec 27,5 or 29 inches ... *
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Electric bike - purchase advisor

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  • Which electric bike products do other people recommend?
  • What is the best way to use an electric bike, is there any information on the Internet?
  • What is the quality of electric bike?
  • How To Use Electric Bike Properly!
  • What are the special features of this product that I really want to have?
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