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The helpful kitchen object egg cutter is also known in Austrian as the egg harp. Why does it quickly become clear when you imagine the shape of the egg slicer. The actual cutting tool consists of long and sharp wires that are very reminiscent of a harp. With this clever kitchen aid, boiled eggs can be ideally shaped.

The resulting egg slices can be used excellently to decorate dishes, add to a salad or use as a topping on bread. Incidentally, the first egg slicer appeared on the scene around 1900. This was invented by Willy Abel. In 1907 he founded a company in Berlin that also produced the first egg slicers.

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Egg slicer functionality

The egg cutter consists of a lower part (plastic, aluminum or stainless steel) which is provided with a recess in which the cut egg can be left. The upper part serves as a kind of lid, which is provided with thin wires.

With a slight downward movement, the lid with the wires hits the egg to be cut and cuts it into evenly thick slices. If you turn the egg 90 degrees, you can repeat the cutting process and dice the egg.

The different egg slicer models

In addition to the different colors and designs, there are not only egg slicers that cut slices or cubes, but also small quarters and with an integrated prick. Many egg cutter models can be used not only to cut eggs, but also mozzarella, mushrooms, fruit and potatoes.

This not only brings multifunctionality with it, but also an advantage in handling. You only need one device to cut slices.

Some egg slicers even have a practical drip tray where the peeled eggshells can be stored. Depending on the model and version, the price segments also differ.

As with all appliances in the kitchen and house, there are always 3 price categories: cheap, medium-priced and high-priced. These features have an impact on the quality, durability and functionality of a commodity.

The cheapest category when it comes to egg slicers is usually made of plastic. This model fulfills its purpose for sporadic use. The wires are sharp enough and cut through the egg. For foods with a firmer consistency, such as raw mushrooms, you may need to cut corners as the wires are not sharp enough for this process.

Tip: cut the eggs into cubes

Cut eggs into fine cubes - quick kitchen tip #

Metal egg slicers

The medium-priced category has an aluminum body. This material is more durable than plastic and has a damage-resistant surface. The wires are sharp and can cut mushrooms and mozzarella with ease. The risk of residues getting stuck when pulling back the cutting lid is less than with the inexpensive model.

The price-intensive model has a high-quality rust-free stainless steel body. The wires are razor sharp and cut through any food. These professional egg slicers often have an additional handle so that the fingers are protected from food scraps and injuries. Professional egg slicers from well-known brand manufacturers are priced at around 24 euros.

Egg slicer pros and cons

The egg cutter is a clever helper for the creative kitchen. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this?


Egg slicer for an appealing look

If you need egg slices for the salad or want to decorate a festive specialty platter with fine egg slices, the egg slicer is ideal. The evenly thick slices offer a decorative addition.

Practical handling

Anyone who has tried to cut a boiled egg into even slices with a knife will know the problem: halfway through the egg, the yolk loosens and the egg crumbles. The egg cutter can be easily operated with one hand and the egg is cut into identical slices at the same time.

Versatile use

Whether slices of egg on bread, in a salad or as a garnish for a festively prepared platter: Sliced ​​eggs not only look good, but are also easy to use for the appropriate purpose. With a good egg cutter, vegetables, mozzarella, fruit and potatoes can also be wonderfully sliced. The laborious use of a cutting knife is no longer necessary.

little need for space

Due to its compact design, the egg slicer takes up little space. This kitchen appliance is usually flat and can even be stowed in a drawer. So you can stow the egg slicer to save space and have it ready to hand for the next use.


If you buy cheap, you buy twice

In particular, cheap egg slicers made of plastic promise a rather short lifespan. The wires often become dull and no longer cut through the food. Especially if you often decorate and decorate food plates, it is worth using a high-quality model that you can enjoy for a long time.

Clean the egg cutter

With regard to cheap models made of plastic, it can quickly happen that the wires tire and no longer have the desired cutting ability. If you then want to cut your egg into slices, you will find that a large part of the egg is hanging on the wires. The cut egg doesn't look really appealing either.

In this case, it's time to laboriously clean the egg slicer or to dispose of it. With the egg cutter you have to see whether it is suitable for the dishwasher. If not, serious damage to the wire and body could render the egg slicer unusable.

You have to be careful when cleaning by hand. Even with inexpensive models, the wires are sharp - also because of the tension - and can cause cuts. It is best to put the egg cutter in hot water with washing-up liquid. In this way, egg residues can be loosened and the egg cutter can then be thoroughly cleaned. The wires can be cleaned with a cloth. The body can be wiped off easily.

Buy egg slicers

You can get an egg slicer in larger supermarkets, household specialty stores and on the Internet. Especially when buying online, the model can be viewed and selected at home. The egg slicer can be ordered with one click and will be delivered straight to your home in just a few days.

Conveniently, you have a 14-day right of return. For this, the egg slicer must of course be in a fault-free condition. The magic word for this is: salable again.

You cannot use the egg cutter every day for 2 weeks and cut your eggs into slices. You can take a look at the model and then decide whether the kitchen appliance meets your needs. If not, it can be returned without any problems.

Finding the ideal egg slicer is not always easy. Consumers have to find the right device that suits them and their needs from a multitude of models, colors and shapes.

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