Eggs are valuable food

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Eggs are a valuable food that is particularly rich in protein, vitamins A, B, D and E as well as important minerals. The most important ingredients are found in the egg yolk. Protein, consumed in large quantities and in its raw state, can lead to significant health problems. That is why you should keep the raw consumption to a minimum. The high cholesterol content in the egg does not have a negative effect on the healthy organism. However, cholesterol intake should be restricted and taken into account when dieting or when suffering from illness.

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Check eggs for freshness

If chicken eggs have been lying in the refrigerator for a while and you want to check them for freshness, you can do the following. Eggs can be checked for freshness by shaking them. With fresh eggs, nothing should move inside when the raw egg is shaken.


The age of the chicken eggs can also be checked using a solution of half a liter of water and 100 g of table salt. If you put fresh chicken eggs in this solution, they will sink to the bottom immediately.

If they swim in the liquid, they are three days old. If the eggs are older than five days, they swim to the surface and protrude more from the solution the older they are.

Beaten eggs

Every now and then it can happen that cracked eggs are in a package, such cracked eggs can be cooked without leaking if you wrap the eggs in aluminum foil beforehand or add some salt to the cooking water. Egg yolks are often left over in recipes. When stored in a cool place, egg yolks can be enjoyed for up to three days. Whole egg yolks can also float in a vessel with water. In contrast, protein should be consumed on the same day as it decomposes very quickly and thus becomes inedible.

Boiled eggs

If you have frozen boiled eggs, they can be thawed faster if you put the eggs in a saline solution. Boiled eggs can be distinguished from uncooked eggs. When you spin the eggs like a top on the table. The boiled egg rotates evenly, the fresh egg wobbles. Hard-boiled eggs often have a dark rim on them, which you can avoid. If eggs are to be boiled hard without a dark edge on the inside, they can only be boiled for 5 minutes. Then leave the eggs in hot water for 8 minutes.

The egg can easily burst when cooked. Eggs won't burst during cooking if you pierce the shell at the blunt end beforehand. This is easier with a standard egg prick. The egg can be added to hot soups or other dishes. If hot dishes (soups, sauces, etc.) are to be peeled off with egg, the egg yolk must be separated from the egg white. The egg yolk is mixed with milk or water and only then added to the hot dish. After stirring in, the food must no longer be boiled, but only warmed in a water bath, otherwise the egg will coagulate.

Herbal flavored eggs

If cooked or raw chicken eggs are kept in a closed container together with fresh herbs, such as celery leaves or dill, they will get a spicy note. Since the chicken eggs absorb the aroma of the herbs through the porous shell, they are a welcome change in taste. Incidentally, boiled eggs are easier to peel if you immediately quench them with cold water.

Beat egg white snow

Egg whites are easier to whip into firm snow if you add a pinch of salt before whipping. Please avoid whipping egg whites in aluminum containers or in enamel pots that are chipped on the inside, otherwise it will turn gray.

Recipe protein fruit snow

A tasty fruit snow dessert can be made from leftover protein. Gradually add a cup of fruit juice and a cup of sugar to the beaten egg whites of 2 to 3 eggs. The fruit snow becomes particularly stiff if you add a little stiff cream to the sugar.

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