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Preserving machine | Recipes & Instructions

Boil down or wake up? Both describe the preservation of food in the glass. This guide is about the old tradition of waking up - because something that is awakened can be kept for a very long time. You may know these glasses with a rubber ring? Today we will explain the preserving machine, what you can do with it, what you should pay attention to when buying a preserving machine and the first recipes and instructions will be added. - Preserving machine

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Preserving machine - in comparison

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How does a Einkochautomat work?

A Einkochautomat works self-sufficient. You can also use one oven, One pot or even with one Steamers boil. However, a machine is the safest and best option and it's very easy. A Einkochautomat looks a bit like a large pot with hinged lid. He has a power connection and sometimes a tap. You can set the temperature and the time directly at the pot. In addition there is a sieve and other accessories, which we will discuss below.

During boiling, the water is heated, the air spreads and leaves the glasses in which your food is between the rubber ring and the lid. Once the process is finished, you take the glasses from the machine and let it cool completely. Then a vacuum has formed in the glass and you have successfully suckered.

Einkochautomat with cock

This is not only practical, if you want to keep warm, for example, mulled wine or punch in winter, through the tap you can drain the water again, without having to dump the whole machine cumbersome.

What you need a Einkochautomat

Your own fruits and vegetables or even dishes and cakes can be perfectly awakened. This is not only your own summer in the glass, but also a gift! Maybe you also like to take your own food to work?

Another idea:

  • You can awaken fruits very well and have the whole winter something of the summer
  • Do you get a baby? Then you have no strength to cook in the first time - do not worry about that
  • Small cakes in the glass can be given away as a gift
  • Whole Dishes: You have something over lunch? Wake it!
  • Delicious tomato sauce is extremely durable
  • Delicious pickled gherkins
  • Pesto (for example, fresh wild garlic)

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What do you need to cook?

So, can you get started? What you definitely need, besides the cook-in machine, are

You can start already!

Cooking accessories

Every now and then you will have to buy something or you would like to expand:

jar lifter

The Glass lifter is a type of pliers, with which you can fish the hot glasses very well out of the water. That helps a lot. Alternatively, you can also have one Silicone Glove use.


The funnel You do not necessarily need it, but it will make your job easier, especially if you have narrower glasses. There is nothing wrong and you do not have to cook your kitchen out in the end. 🙂


Did you know it? You can also juice with steam. This works best with a suitable juice winner.

grid insert

If no one is there, then you need one grid insert, The glasses must not be on the ground. In most Einkochautomaten but is one.


Especially when you cook different jams, you quickly lose track. There helps a neat label. But also the date of cooking is useful to document.

** How long is cookie-tough? Several years! If you keep your stored food cool and dark, nothing happens to them. **

Mason jars with rubber and clamps

rubber rings

Rubber has the property that it becomes porous after a few years. Maybe you'll get a chance. Better, you have some spare rubbers at home.


You need the clamps to keep the lid on the glass until the process is complete. Then you take the brackets away. This is certainly the case with socks - they disappear.


In order to deal with your new hobby and find the right one, buy yourself a nice book listing all the recipes. In some machines there is already one!

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

Important to know

Here comes a first aid tutorial, if you have any further questions about the topic:

If mold is on the boiled

That may be because:

  • the cooking time was too low
  • the food was spoiled
  • the glass was broken
  • or it on a porous rubber


Mason jars


  • When you wake up cold, pour cold water into the machine. If you wake up hot stuff, take hot water.
  • Make sure the glasses are well disinfected before you put your food in it. You could, for example, boil it with vinegar water
  • The rubber ring must be clean and dry
  • as well the lid
  • Release the clamps only when the glass has cooled down properly at the end of the cooking process.

Also, glass is wonderful for the reason that it contains no toxins. Nothing can ruin your food. This is not the case with aluminum cans, for example. **

In the Einkochautomat

  • You can stack the glasses upwards, they must not touch only on the sides
  • The water should stand up to 2 / 3 on the top glass
  • The cooking time starts when the water has reached the right temperature

What can NOT you awaken?

Among the few things that you can not arouse because they would spoil you because of their consistency or nature are:

  • Flour (including farinaceous foods)
  • Pureed vegetables (or thick soups)

If in doubt, please search for your special food.

**Tip: If you want to make baby porridge, choose the conventional method. Put the hot porridge in a hot glass and let cool. Important is the previous disinfection of the glass, which can be done with a steamer or with the Einkochautomaten. **

Einkochautomat temperature

Now you may wonder what temperature you should use for which food for how long? Here is a small list:


  • Apple / Applesauce: 30 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Pears: 30 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Plums / Mirabelles: 30 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Gooseberries / Currants / Blueberries: 30 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Strawberries: 25 minutes, 90 ° C
  • Raspberries: 30 minutes, 80 ° C


  • Peas: 120 minutes, 100 ° C
  • Potato (pre-cooked): 90 minutes, 100 ° C
  • Carrots (pre-cooked): 90 minutes, 100 ° C
  • Beetroot (pre-cooked): 30 minutes, 100 ° C
  • Tomato Sauce: 30 minutes, 90 ° C

Of course, you can cook a lot more, that's just the first aid!

Next you can also the Make cover test: After the glasses have cooled down, they have to be rock-solid. So just lift the jar by the lid. If he is stuck, everything is fine. If the lid does come off after a while, it can be due to a porous rubber band. - The glass then sucks air somewhere, even if only very slightly.

How long is cooked food tough?

When you wake up, the air expands and it creates a vacuum inside the glass. When the glass cools, the rubber ring sees itself and nothing can penetrate the glass. At the same time, all harmful bacteria and germs are killed by the heat.

If you've done everything right, your cooked food will last for months, even years.

What you should pay attention to when buying a cooker

The step to your self-sufficient life is not far away. Now all you have to do is decide:

  • How often and how much do I want to cook?
  • Do I also need a tap, perhaps to be able to offer mulled wine in winter?
  • Can the Einkochautomat be cleaned easily? Some parts maybe even dishwasher safe?
  • Do I get all the necessary accessories? Even if something breaks?
  • How much money do I want to spend?

Advantages and disadvantages Einkochautomat

To be self-sufficient is cool and to awake your own vegetables and fruits too! What advantages and disadvantages would be worth mentioning?

Einkochautomat advantages

✔ You need to throw away much less food

✔ You can also use it for juicing

✔ Always have the right gift

✔ An automatic cooker is safer and easier to use than boiling in a pot

✔ You save energy

✔ The machine works alone

Einkochautomat cons

✘ A Einkochautomat is not necessarily cheap

✘ You also need "wear parts"

✘ You have another device

Einkochautomat Conclusion

Sweet, sour or your lunch for the next week. The practical thing about a Einkochautomat is also that you do not have to worry every day, what you should eat. You can simply boil and working with a machine is easy with a little practice. You have hundreds of recipes that you can try.
Accessories are abundant and abundant to buy. And what is healthier than using your own from the garden? You save money and you can enjoy juicy fruits and vegetables in the winter. Since you know where everything comes from!

Find in the Top🔟 the best & best-selling preserving machine products 2022 on Honest Tests

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1. Top seller
WECK Preserving Machine WAT 15 (enamelled preserving pot, with ... *
  • Cooking pot with 2-layer enamelling with the highest resistance
  • The bottom of the high-quality preserving machine is closed
  • The preserving pot has overheating protection, a juicing switch, an indicator light, a precision thermostat and a timer
2. Top seller
KESSER preserving machine 27 liters | 1800 watts | Temperature from ...
486 Reviews
KESSER Preserving Machine 27 liters | 1800 watts | Temperature from ... *
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  • 𝐋𝐄𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐔𝐍𝐆: 1800 W strong fully automatic preserving machine with 27 liter capacity for preserving up to 14 liter jars on ...
  • 𝐄𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐀𝐂𝐇𝐄 𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐄𝐍𝐔𝐍𝐆: Temperature setting from 30-100°C with MAX setting for continuous operation...
- € 17,793. Top seller
Kochstar preserving machine WarmMaster S (preserving pot / preserving cooker with...*
  • The preserving machine with timer is the ideal device for preserving various types of fruit, vegetables and meat. You can with...
  • The cooker is also ideal for cooking soups and stews and keeping them warm, ideally in conjunction with the...
  • The preserving machine is permanently acid-resistant enamelled.
4. Top seller
Monzana Einkochautomat 28L stepless temperature control 30-100...
347 Reviews
Monzana automatic cooker 28L stepless temperature control 30-100...*
  • PRESERVING - The MONZANA preserving machine offers you a large volume of 28 liters and allows you to preserving up to 14 glasses of ...
  • VERSATILE - You can also use the preserving maker to heat up mulled wine, punch, juices or soups. For a simple...
  • CONTINUOUS TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT - The preserving machine is equipped with a ...
5. Top seller
ROMMELSBACHER fully automatic mulled wine/preserving machine KA 1804 -...*
  • high-quality, hard-wearing pot with acid-resistant 2-layer enamel and stainless steel rim, capacity 27 liters or for 14 glasses of 1 liter
  • drain tap, infinitely variable temperature control, juicer switch (with accessory EA 1803)
  • integrated precision thermostat for constant temperature, automatic preserving function for independent control of the preserving process
6. Top seller
KESSER preserving machine 27L mulled wine cooker mulled wine kettle...*
  • 𝐋𝐄𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐔𝐍𝐆: 2000 W strong fully automatic preserving machine with 27 liter capacity for preserving up to 14 liter jars on ...
  • 𝐄𝐈𝐍𝐅𝐀𝐂𝐇𝐄 𝐁𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐄𝐍𝐔𝐍𝐆: using the temperature and time selector switch and the clearly arranged...
  • 𝐃𝐈𝐆𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐋-𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘: Thermostat-controlled stepless temperature setting from 30-100°C with MAX ...
7. Top seller
Klarstein Biggie Digital - Fully Automatic Preserving Machine, Preserving Pot, ... *
  • PRESERVATION: The Klarstein Biggie Digital is an eager preserving machine, in whose 27 liter interior the tradition of preserving ...
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: The temperature and cooking time are selected in a completely uncomplicated manner using two rotary switches, after which the 2000 watt ...
  • DIGITAL DISPLAY: The clear digital display shows the current temperature in the pot and the remaining time of the timer. A practical...
8. Top seller
BIELMEIER automatic preserving cooker canning mulled wine 1800 W 27...*
  • BIELMEIER Einkochautomat BHG 485.2 with acid-resistant enamel
  • Suitable for cooking and sterilizing fruits and vegetables
  • Ready for use in many places by means of a power-connected heating source
9. Top seller
WECK Preserving Machine WAT 34 (Preserving machine / preserving pot made of ... *
  • The canning machine can not only be used to preserve food, but also for juicing fruits.
  • The high-quality cooking pot is made of food-safe plastic.
  • The canning machine has overheating protection, precision thermostat and juicing circuit.
- € 4,9810. Top seller
Weck WAT 25 automatic preserving cooker 1800 watts with clock, stainless steel 18/10,...*
  • The canning machine can not only be used to preserve food, but also for juicing fruits.
  • The high-quality preserving pot is made of stainless steel and is therefore particularly durable.
  • The canning machine has overheating protection, precision thermostat and juicing circuit.
- € 17,79Offering
Kochstar preserving machine WarmMaster S (preserving pot / preserving maker with...
Kochstar preserving machine WarmMaster S (preserving pot / preserving cooker with...*
The preserving machine is permanently acid-resistant enamelled.; Technical data: 1800 W, 230 V, 27 to 29 liters
€129,00 - € 17,79 €111,21
BIELMEIER automatic preserving cooker canning mulled wine 1800 W 27...
BIELMEIER automatic preserving cooker canning mulled wine 1800 W 27...*
Scope of application: preserving, keeping food and drinks warm; Special features: with insert grate, 1/2" stainless steel tap
BIELMEIER automatic preserving cooker canning mulled wine 1800 W 27...
BIELMEIER automatic preserving cooker canning mulled wine 1800 W 27...*
Scope of application: preserving, keeping food and drinks warm; Special features: with insert grate, 3/4" tap made of stainless steel

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Which manufacturers or brands produce automatic cookers?

Brands and Manufacturers Honest Tests Buying Guides

If you are looking for a "Einkochautomat" product and want a specific brand or manufacturer, then you have already narrowed down your search with BRAND or manufacturer. If this is not the case, you must first get an overviewwhich manufacturers and brands produce and offer the product you are looking for. Benefit here well-known brands and manufacturers with their products. Nevertheless, it is worth investigating lesser-known brands or manufacturers. These could be new to the market or just less well known in the respective country.

You can often find a better one Price-performance ratio due to production costs or philosophy. Proven brands and manufacturers rely on notoriety and trust over the years that they've built up. quality & service have convinced, but can fade over time. Everything is reflected in the price. So pay attention to lesser-known products, they don't have to be worse. These can also have good service, good quality or come with more scope of delivery. Experiences of other buyers are very important.

Which functions, equipment & characteristics do I need for the preserving machine and which do I not?

Cheklist Buying guide Honest tests Product purchase

How to choose the best Einkochautomat product

You now know exactly what you expect from your new product and how you want to use it. You have gotten an overview of the available products. You have now gained more information about Einkochautomat products, as well as their functions, properties, handling and scope of delivery. What you initially expected from the product, you should now add new points and weigh up what do I absolutely need and what not. Also think long-term about comfort, consumption, benefits and scope of delivery.

Einkochautomat reviews, tests and star ratings simplify your purchase decision!

Buying guide Honest tests

You now have a few Einkochautomat products on your list that correspond to your wish. Now you have to sort out and go into more detail about the products. Search any product for buyer ratings, recommendations, reviews & tests on the web. You will read positive and negative and you will notice which product you are drawn to. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

👉 How reputable is the website or shop and its buyer ratings, recommendations, reviews & tests?
👉 Buyer reviews can be bought or fake, look at the number of reviews and spelling.
👉 Use other useful websites to evaluate fake reviews!
👉 What exactly are negative reviews about?

How do I deal with negative Einkochautomat ratings and experiences?

Buying guide Honest tests product purchase

Negative reviews are often written when a product arrives defective, which can be due to the delivery route or directly to the manufacturer. It can happen, but it's not the norm and shouldn't put you off. There are many negative reviews from customers who bought the wrong Einkochautomat product for themselves or who did not get the right information and were now disappointed. Incorrect or incorrect use can also lead to a negative rating.

Products often have to be assembled, for some this is too complicated, time-consuming or just not for them. Often these so-called negative ratings simply contain frustration that the buyer had. Nevertheless, there are certainly legitimate negative reviews, so I always recommend that you read them Read reviews carefully and revolves around use, durability & quality. What problems did you have? How did the dealer or manufacturer react to problems?

Further points:

👉 Few reviews does not always mean that your chosen product is necessarily bad. Maybe it just hasn't been on the market long enough and hasn't been valued enough as a result.
👉 If possible, ask your open questions to the buyer or seller in case of problems.
👉 some sellers fight each other with negative/positive ratings to improve or deteriorate sales ranks and positioning.

What problems, solutions or tips can I find for the Einkochautomat product?

Buying guide Honest tests product purchase

It is often helpful to research problems, solutions or tips about the product before making a purchase. Here you can benefit from the knowledge of buyers who may have had the Einkochautomat product for some time, what they do with it or have experienced. This can be negative as well as positive. Maybe it will bring you more knowledge about the quality, durability, care, handling and use of your upcoming preserving machine purchase.

Where can I find solutions and tips for problems with the preserving machine?

Ask for experiences and tips in your personal area on the subject of a preserving machine or product.
The Honest Tests top 10 list takes you to the best and most popular Einkochautomat products with links to ratings & reviews, where you will find many opinions and recommendations.
Many sales platforms offer their buyers a rating, which you can usually find under the product.
There are question & answer portals with the questions & answers you are looking for, or post them directly yourself. Example:
For every product or topic there are forums on the Internet where users, buyers or like-minded people can exchange ideas.
Facebook groups or Facebook pages act like forums with lots of questions and answers.
Look at detailed Top reviews on Amazon * an. There are many for very good quality and satisfied buyers 4 or 5 star ratings. The more customer reviews a product has, the safer the opinions and information about it.

Where can I find a preserving machine test on the internet?

💻 Just look in the area "Testing" from Honest Tests over or use here with Preserving machine test the search, maybe we already have something for you! 🙂
💻On Google you can enter here Preserving machine test Find! You can use any search engine out there. Also use a year for current tests, for example Preserving machine test 2022.
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How to buy a preserving machine! 🛒

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You can buy any product either online or in a local store. You will always find a much larger selection online. You will find popular local shops such as a hardware store, drugstore, shopping center or a specialist shop on site and can get an idea of ​​the products directly.

🏬 Popular dealers for Einkochautomat products could be: Aldi, Penny, Kaufland, Norma, Lidl, Netto, Roller, Rossmann, DM, Rewe, Real, Bauhaus, Toom, Obi, Hornbach, Mediamarkt, Saturn, Medimax and many others. All providers also sell selected products in their own online shop. 🛍

Online you will find many other online shops or price comparison sites in addition to the ones mentioned above.

💻Popular portals for preserving machines are: Amazon, eBay, Otto, Conrad, Pearl, Billiger, Idealo, Geizhals, Check24 and many more. Everywhere you will find test winners, price winners or comparison winners, maybe exactly the product you are looking for is there!

How can I save money when buying a preserving cooker?

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1. Saving tip❗ Look for designated ones discounts, offers, price reductions or bargain offers, but with Caution and compare.

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3. savings tip💶❗ Don't buy scopes of delivery/equipment or more functions if you can already weigh up that you don't need them or use them little.

4. Saving tip💶❗ Use price alerts! You can set price alerts on some websites, comparison sites or portals. You could provide your Einkochautomat product with a price alert. You will then receive an e-mail notification when you reach your desired price, which has been tracked over a certain period of time.

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1. Top seller
WECK Preserving Machine WAT 15 (Enamelled Preserving Pot, with ...
WECK Preserving Machine WAT 15 (enamelled preserving pot, with ... *
Preserving pot with 2-layer enamel with the highest resistance; The bottom of the high-quality preserving machine is closed

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