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Ice molds, a stylish refreshment. Whiskey on the Rocks typically consists of 2cl whiskey and ice cubes. These ice cubes must first be put in the freezer compartment in the form of water. This takes a few hours to turn into ice. Of course, you can't put the water in the freezer in just any container.

You need a practical kitchen aid for this: the ice cream molds. Not only in summer, but especially for celebrations, a chilled drink, long drinks or spirits, the ice forms serve as additional refreshment for yourself and the guests.

In addition to the various materials from which Eisformen exist, there are also various forms in which the ice cubes are created like a motif and spice up the drinks. In addition to the ice molds for ice cubes, there are also ice molds for homemade ice cream and frozen ice cubes with fruits in them. What is allowed is what can be frozen and so there are almost no limits to creativity.

Ice shapes in comparison

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Ice cube shape - the refreshment

Water or fruit juices can be frozen without any problems. Ice cubes that contain a small raspberry inside are particularly suitable for aperitifs like the famous Hugo. This creates an additional eye catcher in the glass. For this, the raspberry must be added to the water and thus also to the ice mold.

There are also ice shapes that conjure up certain motifs, such as fruits or something figurative, into the glass. So you not only have a refreshment, but an additional highlight in your glass.

Safe, stable, durable, and food-safe. Conjure up large, round ice cream scoops, which not only look great, but also cool your drinks much longer because they melt more slowly. In addition to the normal ice balls made from water, ice balls can also be wonderfully made from fruit juice or fruit milk.

The closed system during the freezing process prevents the taste from changing or the smell of the refrigerator from being absorbed. the ice Cube Tray is dishwasher safe and will not change color or shape.

What material for the ice molds

There are different textures and materials when it comes to ice shapes. Of course, it has to be a material that can be put in the freezer without any problems. Glass would be extremely unsuitable here because it would burst over time. So you need a robust fabric that can withstand low temperatures. Flexible materials, such as the miracle texture silicone, are ideally suited.

Known for a long time as baking molds, this material has the advantage that leftovers do not stick to the inside and can be easily pushed out. When putting it in the freezer, you have to fiddle a bit. The flexibility can also help some water to run out. But with a little caution, the shape - which is available in many different colors - can be easily transported to the freezer.

Silicone or plastic

Another material used for ice molds is plastic. Various shapes and colors are also available in this version. In addition to the classic square ice cubes, there are round, oval and motif shapes. The plastic is not very flexible and can simply be put in the freezer. It is best to stand it straight so that nothing can slip.

There are molds made of silicone and plastic for homemade ice cream. These differ in height and are usually deeper than shapes that are used to make ice cubes. Any fruit juice can be used for the homemade water ice cream. Depending on which flavor you prefer. For this you need small wooden handles. After all, you have to be able to hold the ice cream in your hand after it has frozen.

The cleaning of the ice molds is manageable. Why? Primarily when frozen water is used for conventional ice cubes, it is sufficient to rinse the mold with clear water. However, if you use fruit juice or freeze fruit as well, cleaning should be more thorough, because the residues not only smell unpleasant, but can also harbor bacteria that multiply and lead to mold.

Therefore, the molds should be cleaned thoroughly with washing-up liquid and water after use. Rinse well and return to the cupboard. So you have it ready to hand for the next use.

Tips for using the ice molds

“Mom, I want some ice cream!” You often hear the little ones say this sentence. How about creating homemade fruit ice cream with the children? This is also a great idea for a children's birthday party or a cool snack in between. A celebration is imminent and you want to make sure that the guests not only have enough, but also cold drinks.

The refrigerator is overflowing with beverage bottles and cans. But there is still enough space in the freezer! Ice cubes can be ideally prepared in the accompanying ice molds. It is best to fill several ice molds with water and put them in the freezer. Let the party come!

Ice molds are also recommended as a cooling supplier for sore throats. The ice cream frozen in it - also flavored - is ideal for sucking and has a cooling effect in the throat. When wrapped in a towel, swollen and painful areas can be effectively cooled. In summer there is nothing better than chilled food. Fruit juice ice cubes and ice lollies can be ideally prepared in advance and can be offered as a welcome cool down when the temperature is hot.

Special ice shapes

Especially for children - but not only - there are special ice cream shapes to be amazed and nibble on. Hot days call for cool refreshment. The ice cream from the supermarket usually contains too much sugar, colorings and preservatives. Nobody wants that! Therefore, you can make your own ice cream playfully.

Especially in cute ice shapes, such as a fish with a real fin to hold on to, a kitty, where you hold the finished ice cream by its tail and look at a cute cat's face, or an animal ice shape that is just cute. Ice molds in a special design are fun and a real hit at every celebration!

Homemade water ice

The practical thing about homemade ice cream is that you know which ingredients are contained, what tasted, it is cheap and really easy to make and the ice cream is sugar-free. Seasonal fruits and everything you like to eat is allowed. You need 200g of this. So that it also freezes you need water, 150ml. You can sweeten it with honey or a type of sugar such as stevia.

The fruits now have to be pitted and cut into small pieces. The fruits can be pureed with a hand blender (or smoothie maker, stand mixer) with water and a sweetener. Then the fine fruit pulp is filled into the molds. Then it goes into the cold for a longer period of time. Approx. 3 to 5 hours!

The ice cream can be ideally prepared and serves as a sweet and healthy dessert, as a fruity refreshment and delicious cool down for the summer. Guests can also be tempted with homemade fruit ice cream. Due to the simple preparation, several forms can be filled at the same time. Finally, the wooden handle has to be added to the fruit pulp. Some ice molds have a separate opening for this so that it can freeze with it.

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