Electric nail gun - irreplaceable for home and hobby

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Electric nail gun - irreplaceable for home and hobby

Would you like to reupholster your chairs? Insulate the attic? Do you want to do smaller jobs around the house yourself? Make decorative gifts for your loved ones yourself? Then you're missing a nail gun! Today's nail guns are easy to use, practical, not too heavy and are available in a wide variety of designs. It is most practical to have a combination device that can process staples and nails equally. In this buying guide we have described to you what you should look for in the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests of an electric nail gun should pay attention to what options you have, what the advantages and disadvantages are and why owning such a device is simply practical. – Electric nail gun

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Electric nail gun - in comparison

RYOBI 18 V ONE+ cordless nailer R18N16G-0 (nail type 1,6 mm,...HiKOKI battery strip nailer 34° NR1890DBCL (18V, Li-Ion,...TROTEC electric stapler with battery PTNS 10-20VNail gun cordless tacker electric tacker tacker nailer magazine nailer...Tacwise 1586 140-180EL battery 12V tacker for 140 / 6-12 mm ...MONZANA® compressed air staple gun 2-in-1 1/4' 7,5 bar level indicator...POWERPLUS POWX1370 electric tacker / nailer 230 volts incl. 200 x...Novus hand tacker J-25, small professional tacker, metal, ...STIER compressed air nailer SKN-15/50, for brad nails 15-50 mm,...
RYOBI 18 V ONE+ cordless nailer R18N16G-0 (nail type...*HiKOKI battery strip nailer 34° NR1890DBCL (18V,...*TROTEC electric stapler with battery PTNS...*Nail gun Cordless tacker Electric tacker Tacker ... *Tacwise 1586 140-180EL battery 12V tacker for ... *MONZANA® compressed air stapler 2in1 1/4' 7,5bar...*POWERPLUS POWX1370 electric stapler / nailer 230 ... *Novus hand tacker J-25, small professional tacker, ... *STIER pneumatic nailer SKN-15/50, for ... *
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What is an electric nail gun

A nail gun pepper nails and staples into your materials to be processed. This can be done on different approach:

  • compressed air
  • Battery powered
  • Electric

Each of these options has a number of advantages and disadvantages, and we will discuss it further below. The Pneumatic nailer but let's get out of here, because you need a compressor and electricity. This is a little oversized for home use and already belongs to the workshop or wood processing companies. They really need strength behind their nail guns and have to upgrade accordingly. You may just want to re-upholster your furniture or insulate your attic or do small jobs yourself quickly. In most cases, an electric nail gun is sufficient. If you want to do a little more, combination devices are ideal. You can process nails and also staples.

The nails and clips are available in different sizes and are placed as a magazine in the nail gun.

Nail gun with battery

There is even more flexibility than electricity Nail gun with battery, You can simply charge the battery overnight and replace it with good models. This makes you twice as flexible. You also have the advantage of being able to get to hard-to-reach places - even overhead - cables can not only be annoying and too short on ladders or in hard-to-reach areas, they can also be a source of danger.

- € 23,101st best product
- € 39,412st best product

⧩ The recommendation is a nail gun with battery: so you stay flexible, there is no trip hazard and you can still replace the batteries

New models can even be charged via USB. This is especially useful on the road, as you can charge the battery in your vehicle via a 12 V port. Maybe you already have some products from one company? Some batteries can also be swapped among the devices.

What is an electric nail gun suitable for?

You need a nailgun for an object and then? Here is a small list of what you can do with the device:

Neu relocate your upholstery from chairs
Bauen build small garden barns for your pets
An Apply foils to a roof battens - insulate your attic
Selbst Create your own decorative article
Beziehen Drawers
Bauen build a dollhouse or a setter box

Your imagination knows no bounds. Are you already in possession of one applicator? In combination with a nail gun, wonderful gifts, place cards or decorative items can be designed and manufactured. For you or your friends, your family, for the wedding, baptism, anniversary ... There is always a reason to say "thank you"!

Materials that you can work on

There is always something to do at home. Either you have to fix things or you have a hobby, in practice it is definitely to have everything at your fingertips. Which materials can you edit with a nail gun?

  • thin sheet
  • Wood
  • Cloth
  • Wire
  • Paper
  • Manager

Not only the device itself, but also the brackets and nails are important. Small guns don't make the size of a professional's nails, and usually don't need them. It is important that you can buy the nails and clips cheaply. Make sure that they are compatible with the device. Some Noname products do not “speak” to each other properly. The brackets get caught and that's one thing above all: annoying and time-consuming. Rather buy the right nails, then you have less trouble.

Why an electric nail gun is so handy

You can also buy a compressed air nail gun. This implies a compressor and an additional power cable. On compressors is usually loud, big and heavy. It is suitable for a workshop or if you already have a compressor to assemble or if you need compressed air to clean something or to inflate tires. Then it is practical and has decidedly more strength. For a medium-sized household, you rarely need such equipment. With an electric nail gun you are well in the race for your own minor repair work or handicrafts. If your device has a battery, you are completely flexible.

consecutive shooting

A series release means that the safety precautions have gone down a bit. That's good if you have to work overhead. All you have to do now is lay the device on the surface and press it to trigger the mechanism that drives the clamp or nail into the ground.

Single Shot

For single trigger, you have to hang up the device and then press a button to shoot the nail or clip. That's good, if you have to work very precisely and precisely.

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

What you can get from the 2024 bestseller: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should be taken into account

❐ Battery or cable
❐ Ergonomics
❐ Shots per minute
❐ costs of magazines
❐ weight of the nail gun
❐ nail / bracket size
❐ Fill indicator of magazines
❐ Battery indicator
❐ 45 ° degree work surface
❐ lighter device = easier work
❐ Anti - vibration on the handle
❐ Spacer for protecting the workpiece
❐ Impact depth adjustable

This is a useful list for choosing your device. Of course, the price also plays a role. If you use your nail gun more often and you do not want to bother with inferior quality, check out branded devices and check out the numerous customer reviews on the net.
The prices of braces and nails should not be exorbitantly expensive.
If you want to use a power cable, check if the length of the cable is enough for you.

Komb A combo device, which is something that can handle staples and nails, is always an asset, because the case you need it could be faster than you would like!


A suitcase and also a Safety goggles are even given by the manufacturers, sometimes. You can also make some good bargains on the net, where the first staples and nails are already there. That is practical. A suitcase can be stowed well and safely and your devices do not fly around untidily. Goggles are not necessarily important, but useful, especially if you have to work overhead. Something trickles down from the ceiling. Even if you have applied insulation - nothing is more unpleasant than construction materials in the eyes!

Advantages and disadvantages

What brings such a nail gun for advantages and disadvantages?


Always have your own device in the house for
✔ Hobby
✔ and repairs or removal
✔ a great addition to the creative ideas
✔ It is more precise and faster like a hammer
✔ clean work result
✔ easy to use
✔ effort is not necessary


✘ possibly a high purchase price
✘ Nails and braces are not necessarily cheap
✘ small magazines often have to be refilled during continuous load
✘ depending on the manufacturer only internal nails can be used


Finally, a few safety instructions:

✾ Before starting work, check the gun for perfect condition
✾ If a clip gets caught, unplug it or remove the battery before straightening it
Immer Always set your pistol carefully so that a shot does not come loose
✾ Do not stand on shaky ground when working with the pistol
✾ Wear protective goggles if necessary
✾ Do not let children work unattended with it

Conclusion - electric nail gun

A nail gun with battery or electric. Various ergonomic designs and options are available to help you enjoy your work. Either because you want to lend a hand to your apartment or your house, or because you have a pretty cool and creative hobby. It's faster than using a hammer. This can be done better. And it's easier. You save a lot of time and you do not need to worry that a nail is unattractive from the material.
Smaller, lighter devices are particularly suitable for lightweight materials that you often and like to use. Start your new project right now!

Discover the top 10 best and best-selling electric nail gun products 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect electric nail gun product for your needs now!

Top 10🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
- € 7,05Services
Einhell electric tacker TC-EN 20 E (for staples type 53, nails...
Einhell electric tacker TC-EN 20 E (for staples type 53, nails...*
Electronic impact preselection for optimal results .; A safety nose for safe working.
36,95 € - € 7,05 29,90 € Amazon Prime
- € 6,00Services
- € 23,10Services
- € 51,00Services
- € 14,96Services
- € 33,75Services
Bosch Home and Garden Bosch electric tacker PTK 14 EDT, 1000...
Bosch Home and Garden Bosch electric tacker PTK 14 EDT, 1000...*
DuoTac device for quick and easy switching between single clip and double clip; Ideal for attaching soft and...
129,99 € - € 33,75 96,24 € Amazon Prime

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Einhell electric stapler TC-EN 20 E (for staples type 53, nails type 47, electronic impact preselection, safety nose, incl. 1000 staples / 500 nails)

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- € 7,051st best product
Einhell electric tacker TC-EN 20 E (for staples type 53, nails...
Einhell electric tacker TC-EN 20 E (for staples type 53, nails...*
Electronic impact preselection for optimal results .; A safety nose for safe working.
36,95 € - € 7,05 29,90 € Amazon Prime

Tip: An Gift Idea or Birthday gifts should never be cheap products, don't give away anything that you wouldn't use yourself in terms of quality.

Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are happy with the electric nail gun product.

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