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Mulchauger - manual or electric? For a safe aquarium

Mulm. Mulm in the aquarium. Dirt, you might think, slime and fritter that lies on the bottom of the aquarium, consisting of excrement, food residues and dead plant parts. When the fish dig around in it, a dark cloud of evil is whirled up that not only looks uncool, but also poses a nitrogen hazard. Disgusting. Everything but not clean. In this guide we explain what the muck is all about, how it is formed and how you can get it away, for example with an electric muck vacuum.

Tips and hints included, we list the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning, when it is necessary and what you can do with the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should be taken into account. – Electric mulch vacuum bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

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Electric mulch vacuum bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

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What is Mulm?

Mulm is the name of decaying earth and consists of organic material. It is a loose sediment and its components are plant residues in which bacteria live. Mulm also contains many minerals and metabolic end products. Mulm is not only found in the water but also in the forest. Basically everywhere, where the natural decomposition process takes place. The dead is decomposed by bacteria and then provides food for the living organisms.

Meaning of Mulm in the aquarium

Mulm creates new topsoil in the forest, which nourishes the plants. It is part of a natural cycle and therefore important. It is no different in the aquarium (as in all other waters). At best, an aquarium is an (almost) independent ecosystem. This system must be constantly monitored so that there are no more pollutants and waste products than can be resumed.

The sludge in the aquarium consists of plant residues, the faeces and skin flakes of the fish and the food residues. Where it is increasingly present, it can be seen as a kind of compost heap. At the points it can lead to fermentation processes. Oxygen is worse off there, which can cause the water to “tip over”. On the other hand, the mulch is also home to many important bacteria. The plants use the nutrients and the fish also benefit from them. It is not as simple as that with the Schmodder.

Good qualities of Mulm

  • The muck stabilizes the aquarium climate
  • He offers microorganisms and plants as food
  • Is the nursery for Nitrobacter, which helps to break down pollutants
  • Mulm contains many minerals and trace elements
  • Many single-celled organisms live in it

What then accumulates in the filter, this slime and mud, is also Mulm.

When to remove mulm

A healthy layer of muck is important and desirable. What is undesirable are fouling accumulations. If the muck remains the same and the pH value of the water remains constant, it is great for the aquarium and its inhabitants.

???? This mulm can also be used to vaccinate a newly formed pelvis with the right bacteria. Too much muck may also cause soil compaction. Too high a density of the soil means that there can be areas with low oxygen content. Too little oxygen can get into the soil and this disturbs the healthy metabolic processes. Fouling gases can be the result.

Reasons for too much muck

➩ too many fish
➩ too much food
➩ too small a basin
➩ too large a pool and too few fish

Prevent Mulm or reduce it naturally

° More frequent water changes help the system to help itself
° The pump may not have enough power to circulate all the water
° Get a few more fish, or less, and some who like to clean the ground
Feeding your fish a little less, they must start looking for food. By rooting in the soil this is also enriched with oxygen and compacts less quickly

What options do you have to remove the mulm?

Mulm is lighter than the pebbles and stones. You can take advantage of that and you can suck away the muck, and the pebbles and the heavier components just sink back to the ground. A fitting picture is a vacuum cleaner. This sucks so only the light parts such as dust, lint and hair away and leaves the table. What's better now? Electric or manual?

Manual Mulmsauger

Here are a few models listed:

Mulmsauger with bell

The classic model. A bell is attached to a hose. By sucking (with the mouth most of the time) the water is led to the end of the hose - a vacuum is created and now the bell sucks on its own.

Disadvantages: This procedure does not work without inevitable water changes

Nano Mulmsauger

This sucker works manually, but has a small hand pump. In addition, he has no bell but only a tube at the sucking end. This is great not only get into small corners, but you run no risk that you suck in small fish. Due to the integrated hand pump you do not need to suck in with your mouth. The water and the sludge are then passed into a bucket and then you can take away and fill up with new water.

Disadvantages: you spill a lot and drag water buckets around, where rarely the temperature is right.

Semi-automatic vacuum cleaner

This is a device that can be connected to the tap. It exchanges the water while it is still being sucked. The advantage, you do not need another step to do that Aquarium refill again. The disadvantage is that a lot of water is used and there is no real overview if there is enough water that has been replaced.

Disadvantages: you need a water connection and in marine aquariums or hot water, the use is not recommended.

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Electric Mulmsauger

There are differences here again. A smaller electric vacuum cleaner powered by battery is often a rod-like thing. This is stuck in the ground and now he sucks everything he can absorb. The solid components end up in a container, a sieve, that is absorbed water is immediately returned to the aquarium. The vacuum cleaner is very quiet and is also ideal if you want to "just" clean a corner. One saves (at first) times the water change and can work selectively at the focal points. Simply rinse at the end of the insert, done.

Very convenient! If you want more comfort, that too is no problem. There are also Mulmsauger with electrical connection and appropriate containers, which can carry out a water change with the same, but do not have to. The electric pump simply sucks away the mud and muck, leaving the pebbles and everything else lying.


Of course there are also plenty of accessories here that make cleaning the aquarium easy. Above all, it is scratches that are suitable for the panes that make the whole job easier. If you work in your aquarium, you will quickly notice that entire panes of algae have spread to the panes where the gravel was located. The cleaning of these unattractive areas actually only serves the aesthetic purpose, they are not dangerous.

Nevertheless: if you are already there, you can easily take it away with you. What is missing? Correct. The length of the suction pipe. For this reason, the manufacturers Telescopic handles conceived and brought to market that adapt to the depth of the aquarium - not the other way around.

♣ Mulm as danger - but ♣

  • You should never remove more than a third of the muck
  • If you have a lot of muck away, change some of the water and use a bubbler filter for more oxygen
  • clean the filter
  • and also all hoses

What to expect from the 2024 bestseller: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests of an electric vacuum cleaner should be taken into account

Whether in the mini version, which is powered by a battery, or the big brother, which also comes with a windshield cleaner, there are some things you should look out for before the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Make sure you do honest tests so that you don't make a bad purchase. A small list:

✾ How much money do I want to spend on the mulberry vacuum?
✾ how big is the aquarium and
✾ therefore the workload?
✾ what do the customer opinions say on the net?
✾ should the trough vacuum switch the water immediately or is it enough to suck it off?
✾ pay attention to the bestseller 2024: the best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | There are always honest tests for easy cleaning and bargains on the internet.

Be sure to get an idea of ​​the quality before buying.

Note: You can buy aquarium hose brushes to clean the hoses. These are very inexpensive, but scrape all the deposits from inside the hoses. This prevents the formation of mold and nothing can rub off.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Mulmsauger

The Mulmsauger range from a simple bell with suction hose to an electric helper, which makes it in any case simpler and more hygienic:

Advantages of manual Mulmsauger

✔ no power consumption
✔ no batteries
✔ cost-effective to purchase and maintain

Disadvantages of manual Mulmsauger

✘ You always automatically bring along a water change, even if it may not be necessary
✘ you have to lug buckets around and inevitably you are spilling around
✘ it is not very hygienic - werder for you nor for the fish
✘ coarse vacuum cleaners pluck plants out with them
✘ and stir up a lot of dirt

Advantages of electric Mulmsauger

✔ who takes care that he uses batteries, saves batteries
✔ You do not come with your mouth to the hose or the aquarium water what
✔ is much more hygienic
✔ Fish are left alone with "human bacteria"
✔ suction without water exchange is possible
✔ little or no dirt whirl up

Disadvantages of electric Mulmsauger

✘ higher purchase price
✘ Power source (battery / mains) required


An electric vacuum cleaner convinced in this guide. Anyone who pays attention to good quality, what needs to be considered when cleaning the aquarium and also appreciates the hygienic aspects, will quickly be convinced that an electric vacuum cleaner is definitely the better alternative to a conventional vacuum cleaner. The muck in the aquarium is important, but it shouldn't be too much. “Dead spots” should be removed - without stirring up too much sediment. For a healthy aquarium - with a natural light source and a clean and breathable environment!

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling electric vacuum cleaner products in 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect electric vacuum cleaner product for your needs now!

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Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are satisfied with the electric mulm vacuum product.

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