Heat at the touch of a button: Electric heating in the cool season

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Electric heating in autumn and winter for a warm living (electric heating)

Electric heating in autumn and winter has long been a popular alternative to heating with radiators or stoves. Nevertheless, the electric heaters have the reputation of a Stromfressers. However, it succeeds by means of a few simple tricks and Heizvarianten to get a warm apartment and at the same time a low electricity bill. In addition, electric heating has certain advantages over conventional heating.

Low costs - electric heating in autumn and winter

Electric heating is mainly found in old buildings, as new buildings are often equipped with other heating alternatives. However, it is not absolutely necessary to use them. Electric heaters are easy to install, especially in houses, as their acquisition costs an average of 6.000 euros. Pellet heating systems, on the other hand, cost around 12.000 euros, and heat pump systems even cost up to 15.000 euros.

However, many house and apartment owners do not know about the cheap options to heat with electricity, since many electronic heaters simply cannot get rid of the bad reputation of the power hog. But since there are now numerous advantages such as cheap nighttime electricity, electric heating does not have to be expensive.

Small heat storage with matching electricity costs

Many electric heaters are Night storage heaters, whereby the cheap night stream is converted into heat and stored. Storage heaters include, among other things, night storage heaters, Surface storage heaters or natural stone heating.

Storage heaters exist both as normal standard radiators and as underfloor heating. Each storage heater has its own Advantages and disadvantagesso that the power consumption can vary greatly. When concluding the electricity contract, care should therefore be taken to select a good contract with low night-time electricity costs if the storage heating is operated with night-time electricity. Is one's own Photovoltaic system available, it can even be connected to the electronic heater and thus save even more money. As an alternative to night electricity, there is the option of operating the electric heating using green electricity.

This electricity may not be cheaper than night electricity. Nevertheless, it ensures a positive environmental balance. In combination with perfect external wall insulation and a photovoltaic system, the environment is protected even further. Surface storage heaters however, normally the expensive day current is used, so heating with them can be expensive.

Many advantages for easy operation

Electric heating in autumn and winter

It is therefore not advisable to purchase such devices. At the same time a "yes" to electric heating means a farewell to fossil fuels, since the operation requires neither oil nor gas. Unlike radiators and similar appliances, electric heaters require no maintenance, heat up immediately at start-up or cause dirt. Since they are purely in operation via the power connection is for them as well no heating or storage room required. With regard to the already mentioned topic of saving money, electric heaters can be purchased as an isolated and energy-saving model.

These devices generate a lot of heat for as long as possible and at the same time store it efficiently. As with conventional heating, good insulation of the outer walls helps to keep the heat inside and thereby reduce electricity consumption. If radiators or fan heaters are used for heating, this should only be done in small and closed rooms, as the heat generated disappears as soon as the devices are disconnected from the mains.

Different appliances for electric heating in autumn and winter

There are not only alternatives for electricity itself. Instead of purchasing an electric heater or storage heater, infrared heating can be installed. Although these are also operated using electricity, they sometimes reduce energy consumption by 70 percent. They also often have lower acquisition costs and less space than storage or other electrical heaters.

Heating with a At the same time, a car park heater ensures a pleasant and healthy indoor climate, Since they are still powered by electricity, there are no maintenance costs or filth. The type of electricity, ie day, night or green electricity, can be chosen at the same time, so that the electricity costs can be different or low. Unlike normal electric heaters, infrared heaters are also suitable for high rooms or buildings and homes with poor insulation.

A successful alternative

Electric heaters such as storage heaters or infrared heaters represent a successful alternative to conventional heating methods using fossil fuels. Old systems in old buildings, for example, can quickly become power guzzlers. If, on the other hand, a new system is installed in your own house or apartment, not only is the purchase associated with lower costs than with other radiators, but also operation.

Your own electricity contract should be carefully selected in order to save money. At the same time, the devices do not require a lot of space or maintenance work, so that additional money and time can be saved here. If one electric heating However, the right heating method for your own home depends heavily on the domestic conditions such as the external insulation, as the heat can be lost quickly.

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