Electric skateboard - longboard for a lot of fun

Electric Skateboard - Longboard for a lot of fun

Electric skateboard - longboard for a lot of fun

Did you or did you have a skateboard? Can you remember how cool that was? Climb up and down to the slopes. Tricks over, fall down and get up again?
Skateboards were and are cool, but they also go with the times. They already flew in "Back to the Future II". We're not that far, but Marty Mcfly would have had as much fun on an electric longboard as on a hoverboard. Every bet!
This buying guide is about the "predecessor" of the "Hoverboard" from the science fiction story, because that's bound to come. We're writing the year 2019 and that's why we're talking about the electric skateboard.
What are the differences, what you should pay attention to when buying, where the law provides the framework and which features are waiting for you. - electric skateboard - longboard

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299,99€449,99€Check price109,95€189,99€459,99€152,99€449,99€152,99€Check price
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What is an electric skateboard?

That's what surfers basically invented, in the 50 years. They were looking for a way to surf, if the sea did not play along. Four wheels under a small board, which had the shape of a surfboard and the story was done. Later it was adapted and further developed. What we have now is a skateboard with wheels and electric motor. There are two types of drive and the motors have different power and range as well as speeds.


The materials must be lightweight but stable. As a rule, the electric skateboards consist of:

  • Carbon
  • bamboo
  • Wood
  • fiberglass
  • Mixed materials

The upper part, the one you are standing on, is called Deck. This consists of different superimposed layers. This makes the board stable but also light.
All that is missing are the wheels, which are also available with LED technology, a bit of technical know-how and an engine of course.

The modern devices can even be controlled via app or Bluetooth. Later more of it!

For whom is an electric longboard suitable?

Such an electric longboard is suitable for anyone who has fun with the thing or can use it in a practical and meaningful way. It's also great for working. But not only that. You can also make a new hobby out of it. There are some artists who create whole shows on the skateboards.

E-skateboard for kids

For children there are extra light and small variants. But they drive like a full-fledged e-board. A minimum age does not exist for this sport. Depending on the predisposition, very young children can begin with it.

✌ protective clothing such as

Remember: Children are very cocky every now and then, which can lead to serious injuries. For that reason, never leave your child unattended.

On sturdy shoes with non-slip sole you should pay attention as well as you give your child clothes, which is casual, but not cut too far.
Then it can go. Early practice!

What are the options?

Depending on what your main focus is on an e-board, you can choose between the wheels, the drive, the engine and the shape of the deck. The latest models will also get you up the mountain, but that goes on the battery. Some manufacturers have extra settings for city cruising. Thus, the board adjust technically that the range is retained longer.
You want to be outdoors outdoor? That's a real challenge for skateboards. Stick and stone go, but should not be used too often.
Longboards like straight tracks that simulate "surfing".

E-skateboard with app

You can also connect your electric longboard with an app and then control the board via your smartphone. Some manufacturers offer this and cooperate with each other. But a telephone also has its disadvantages. It is rarely so precise to steer and when it falls, it can sometimes break. The advantage is that you have personalized your board and do not need to carry extra control with you.

E-skateboard with LED

Colorful light on the board? Especially when it's dark, you can see you better with a little blingbling. There are rollers that you can easily assemble and shine in all imaginable colors as they move. That's really trendy and new!

Power Type

There are two types of drive and both have their advantages and disadvantages:

belt drive

The belt drive has a long service life and can withstand long-term loads well. If it squeaks, a simple silicone spray can help. It does not have to be tensioned or lubricated. The disadvantage: it must not be twisted or kinked. He also can not stand a rough overload.

Direct drive

The direct drive drives the rear wheels and puts a lot of power on the road. But no additional engine can be installed.

Which downforce is right for you, you can only find out by trying out the two variants.

Recommended reading: Lots of guides on different topics .!


The installed electric motors have different strengths. 800 Watts should be it already. The engine also creates a 100 kg person loose. If you are lighter or do not want to spend too much time driving around, you will need an 400 Watt motor. More power, more power.

Range and battery

The range is dictated by the battery. But most models in the mid-range price range make about 30 - 35 km. It also depends on how much weight you have. 100 kg can be transported a bit heavier than 50 kg.
For good reason, pay attention to a good use of energy.
The time is aimed at sustainability: Some manufacturers use a way in which recharge the batteries during braking. I think that's a great thing!


Up to 40 km / h are no longer a problem. That's on such a e-Longboard pretty fast! If you fall, you can sometimes get very dangerous injuries. A helmet is already out of personal responsibility to the duty. Also helpful are knee and elbow pads.

✌ The electric skateboards for kids are of course less fast. You drive a maximum of 20 km / h. But even that is sometimes difficult for a child to act.


The deck and the wheels are not what makes such a longboard hard. It is the engine and the battery that are installed. How to make a longboard on loose 15 - 35 kg. But! The faster it can drive, the more powerful it is, the more stable it must be. If you do, the board should stay healthy. When buying, so also pay attention to a high quality workmanship with materials that endure a lot.


If your roles are not enough, no problem. The most common boards can also be tuned. In a certain context. Ball bearings in the rollers make for a better lightness.
Maybe you want a longer range or a stronger engine? Meanwhile, a kind of tuning scene has formed. Note, however, that any manipulation makes a manufacturer's warranty ineffective. Tuning parts for electric skateboards

protective clothing

Protective clothing should become your personal duty if you have a board that can drive fast or if you are traveling on terrain that you do not know. Even if you try tricks. A helmet protects your brain, savers protect you from gross injuries. It is not legally compulsory to wear protective clothing because you are legally not allowed to drive with the things on the street.

Advantages and disadvantages

Have you already got the taste? Here are some of the pros and cons:


✔ It's great fun

✔ You don't have to work so hard anymore

✔ The road will be clear by law soon to be able to use the board on the road or on the bike path

✔ You can learn tricks and get a new hobby - or expand the hobby


✘ The purchase price can be high depending on the model

✘ At the moment, the recharge time is quite short compared to the time of use - batteries that recharge by braking work a bit against it

✘ It takes a while to master the device

What you should consider when buying

That was a lot of information right? The topic is big and we can not go into anything, that would go beyond the scope. Nevertheless, we can tell you a few things on what to look for when buying an electric skateboard:

❍ how long do you want to ride the board? Higher placed boards have a range of 30 km

❍ how fast do you want to drive? Up to 40 km / h can be reached at the moment

❍ Which variant do you prefer? A longboard offers a lot of space, so you can do tricks with it. Or dancing

❍ You prefer to go outdoors? Then you may need more power and larger wheels

❍ which drive (belt or wheel) is the right one for you?

What accessories do you want for your skateboard?

❍ how long may it load?

❍ should it be compatible with LED technology or apps?

❍ how hard are you? Your weight also affects the duration of the performance


Where can I drive with an electronic skateboard?

To be really safe, the e-board would need reflectors, lights, a bell. Since it is motorized and can drive fast over 6 km / h, also an insurance. That this can not work is clear and so an e-board must remain on private roads and terrain. Still! Because currently (as of May 2019) is debated about the e-movement to move more.

How fast can an e-longboard go?

Currently, most devices are designed for 15 - 40 km / h

How long does it take for my board to be recharged?

This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and can take hours between 2 and 5.

Is more expensive the same?

Jain. Quality has its price. Good boards start at 500 Euro. But then they are also designed for a longer distance and robustness. You can also spend 2000 € on a skateboard. Does not mean that it is four times better.

Conclusion - electric skateboard

Not quite yet, but soon - it all looks like the technology with the power Forward-looking and so are the smallest electric means of transport, the e-scooters and e-longboards meant. The cities are getting fuller and the legislation has to act.
That means you're not allowed on the street with your e-skateboard yet, but it's estimated that this will change soon. And that's where the main argument lies. Because then you can go to work on the streets with it. Until then just practice in the yard. Because "surfing" requires a little practice.
Even for the little ones, there are the boards already, of course, child-friendly. We recommend starting with a beginner model. Professional equipment costs fast 2000 € and more. They also have more power, more range, more gimmicks.
This is definitely a lot of fun. Just put it on and you're ready to go. Up to 30 km, to 40 km / h. And the control is in your hands.

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