Emergency toilet for the road: The pocket tart always with you

Notfall-Toilette für Unterwegs: Das Taschenörtchen immer dabei

Emergency toilet for the road

The Pippi cardboard goes to revolution!
In times when the world is getting fuller, solutions to fluid problems are needed. Pippi. If you have ever been stuck in a traffic jam, unpleasant memories are now awakening. Sometimes you do not know where to go, behind the guardrail is not only dangerous, but not even visible. She is not made for that. The guardrail. So also jam in your bladder.
In this guide, we present various solutions for emergency situations. For the woman, for the man and the children. What options do you have on the go? Do you prefer to use disposable? Or better reusable? You can find out the pros and cons and our conclusion right here. - Emergency toilet on the go


Emergency toilet for on the go - in comparison

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Female urinal kit | 2 reusable urinal pee aid, 1 pack ...YACHTICON Mobile folding toilet whiteEcosharkz emergency toilet bundle for children for small urgent needs in ...Uriwell mini urinal for her and himFavorall Portable Emergency Urinal Toilet, Urinal Toilet Urinal Women ...Happy Pi travel toiletTRAVEL JOHN disposable urinal 3 pieceEasyPee women's urinal for on the go: The original urinal for women - Urinella ...Uriwell mini urinal for her and him
10,99€25,00€14,99€8,94€Check price6,66€9,94€10,77€9,90€8,94€
Female urinal kit | 2 ...YACHTICON Mobile Folding Toilet ...Ecosharkz Emergency Toilet Bundle ...Uriwell mini urinal for her ...favorall Portable Emergency ...Happy Pi travel toiletTRAVEL JOHN disposable urinal 3 ...EasyPee female urinal for ...Uriwell mini urinal for her ...
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10,99€25,00€14,99€8,94€Check price6,66€9,94€10,77€9,90€8,94€
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What is a urinal for traveling?

Practical, small and hygienic. These three attributes paraphrase a urinal for traveling just fine. There are for men and women, due to the anatomical differences, for each gender according to the appropriate urinal.
The purpose of every urinal is to purposely guide the urine. Be it in a toilet for the road or, for us women, to just not have to undress and to be able to conduct our small business accordingly standing.
Whether in a traffic jam or if there is no toilet available, these urinals are practical.
You can just put it in your pocket and use it if necessary. On the hygienic aspects we come down below.


Emergency toilet: urinal for women

Sex : Female

bladder volume: average 550 ml

extreme situations: pregnancy, after birth, PMS, incontinence in old age or due to illness, weak pelvic floor, irritable bladder

You as a woman are subject to natural fluctuations, which can make it difficult not only once a month, but also because of your life to hold the urine. When you have your days, your body "throws out" everything it doesn't need. If you are pregnant, the baby will take the bladder away. And once you have given birth, nothing is as it was before. Your pelvic floor needs to recover. This can lead to urinary incontinence. Even in old age or if you have an irritable bladder, you have "lost" - you have to urinate more often.

The manufacturers have come up with a lot for you:

  • Disposable cardboard urinals that you can attach to the urethra. Thus, the urine, similar to the man, not down, but horizontally derived. After use, you simply throw away the Pippi cardboard.
  • The returnable urinals, which are made of plastic, work similarly. Same principle: the urinal is held to the urethra and derived from the urine. After use, you can simply wipe the urinal with a cloth, hold it under running water or clean it with a disinfecting liquid. Finished.
    For some urinals you only need to open your pants. They are designed so that you do not even have to undress anymore.
  • The Pocket Toilet is a pouch filled with granules, much like a diaper. The capacity is up to two liters. The downside: after Pippi make you have a whole bag full of Pippi - granules, which you have to dispose of in a trash can. The advantage: you do not have to dispose of it immediately. That might be an option if you're stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Bottle: there are women as well as men and even genders - Compatible, Urinalsthat you can use as a woman with a kind of funnel. This funnel is adapted to your gender and you can easily connect it to the urine bottle. After use, simply clean the funnel and close the bottle with the screw cap. Up to two liters fit in this bottle. Without garbage and recyclable!
  • For everything that can happen to you on the way, there are still bags. They do not care if you have to do a big or small business or hand over. The pouch is designed to hold all your body fluids in it. Also in this bag granules are included and after use, the bag can be closed well. With it in the next garbage bin.

Emergency toilet: urinal for men

Sex : Male

bladder volume: average 750 ml

extreme situations: Incontinence with old age or from illness, weak pelvic floor, irritable bladder, prostate problems, diabetes

You as a man are not so complicated, basically you always have your "funnel" with you and you're getting around embarrassing situations by nature. Nevertheless, sometimes there is no tree available and you may also be stuck in a traffic jam.
So what you need is a catch-up opportunity.

  • The urine bottle would be such a. It is made in such a way that (with a little practice perhaps) no droplet can go wrong. Since you have a bigger bubble as a man, a bottle with a larger volume is better.
  • Also a pocket toilet is good for you. It contains special granules, which can simply absorb your urine. You can seal this bag well and dispose of it at the next opportunity in a garbage can.

Emergency toilet: urinal for children

Sure, on both a large and a small scale. For this reason, there are separate urine bottles for children, and most of them are designed as a funny character, which has less volume, yet is gender-specific.
The bottles are very environmentally friendly. But if you want, also for the big business, Granule bag for adults are also suitable.


For whom is a toilet for the road

In summary, the pocket tartlet is suitable for:

✪ men

✪ women

✪ children

✪ traffic jam - situation

✪ Festivals

✪ Parks / Zoos

✪ Construction sites (especially in the summer when mobile toilets are not taught until the next day

✪ Construction sites without a mobile toilet

✪ in foreign countries or traveling in general

✪ expensive motorway - you can save toilets

✪ long bus trips

Camping site

Such an emergency toilet has the great advantage that you can simply put it in your pocket and thus be completely independent.

Your bubble

Did you know that?

  • a bubble may contain up to 1,5 liters of liquid,
  • But with 200 - 500 ml she already starts to give a Pippi signal
  • a male bladder can hold 750 ml on average,
  • a female blister 500 ml
  • A weak pelvic floor may increase urination for both sexes

bladder training

If you can, you can also train your bladder. If you get the feeling, you have to, just wait a few minutes and pull down "down" your muscles together. Your bladder will remember over time that it has more space and your muscles will strengthen as well. You can do pelvic floor training.

Before you start a long journey, you should forego the enjoyment of "driving" drinks. These include coffee, alcohol, black tea and distiller's tea.

Allerdings : if you refrain from drinking water, you harm your body.

Urinal material

The materials consist of the various plastics. The granules from the bags are usually biodegradable. If you take reusable products, pay attention to stability. A urine bottle or funnel for the woman quickly fell down. - The product should be able to withstand this.

Urinal care

With reusable products, you have the option of simply rinsing off the tools with water or using a disinfecting liquid. Maybe it will be enough to clean up with a handkerchief. Every now and then, you should thoroughly clean your urinal. You can do that easily with soap and water. The materials are created in such a way that they are very easy to care for. Only if they have cracks, you should replace them for hygienic reasons.

Administrative offense Wildpinkeln

Wildpinkeln is a regulatory offense?
Yes. So it is in the §118 of the OwiG:
(1) Adulterers are those who commit a grossly indecent act that is likely to harass or endanger the public and impair public order.
This can be very expensive, so if someone feels annoyed by peeing.

... and in a traffic jam?

Especially for the jam we recommend urine bottles with different attachments (for the woman and the man). With it you have no garbage in the car flying around and can dump the bottle at the next opportunity and also rinse.

Advantages and disadvantages of a mobile toilet

The different urinals have different advantages and disadvantages, but in general it can be said:

Advantages WC for on the way

✔ You will never need public toilets again

✔ not even if you are ill or pregnant

✔ You may also be able to save on deposits or urine bags / catheters

✔ They are available for the wife, for the husband and also for children

✔ and bags of granules you can also use for your big business

✔ even if you have to vomit on the way

Travel packages often include whole family kits. There is something for everyone and even a small bottle of disinfectant

Cons toilet on the way

✘ You may need a bit of practice or overcoming to use the toilet on the go

✘ You have a purchase price

✘ and have to look for you, which is the best for you

✘ if you use disposable toilets, that 's another environmental factor

✘ You have to clean reusable

Conclusion - mobile emergency toilets

Such a pocket village can be mega sense. Gal where you are, you do not worry that you could not make it to a bathroom in time.
Maybe as a woman, it takes a bit more practice to use such a tool, but the benefits will outweigh it. Instead of pants down and squat, you just open your zipper and put on the Pippi cardboard. And you can also stand next to a man. In any case, theoretically.
A bottle with various essays is suitable for the whole family, is environmentally friendly and clean.


Recommended Emergency Toilet - Top 10 top seller list

The Most Popular Emergency Toilet Products Emergency toilet offers with discount to save

- € 0,46Topseller 1
- € 2,00Topseller 2
OTraki Portable Urine Bag 8 Pieces Disposable Urine Bags 600ml Sealable ...
  • Self-closing lip type: The mouth opening of OTraki urine bags is sealable, which does not leak or smell ...
  • Super absorbent: These emergency urinal bags made of polyester (PET) + nonwoven + PE impermeable material, bags with ...
  • Large capacity and easy handling: urine bags can absorb approx. 600 ml. 8 emergency bags with 8 ...
- € 0,45Topseller 3
BranQ - Home essential Unisex-Youth BranQ Mobile Camping Toilet 15,5 Ltr. With ...
1.012 Reviews
BranQ - Home essential Unisex-Youth BranQ Mobile Camping Toilet 15,5 Ltr. With ...
  • Toilet 15.5l with max. 120kg load capacity
  • Mobile camping
  • Lid with hinged toilet seat
Topseller 4
ATPWONZ 10 urine bag for on the go, disposable urinal , travel toilet for ...
76 Reviews
ATPWONZ 10 urine bag for on the go, disposable urinal , travel toilet for ...
  • 10 urine bags designed for all those situations where no toilet is available. E.g. in a traffic jam, when ...
  • Material: biodegradable polymers, environmentally friendly, simply dispose of as household waste after use.
  • The built-in granulate instantly converts liquid into a solid, low-odor gel. The capacity of a bag ...
Topseller 5
Uriwell mini urinal for her and him
  • 800ml emergency toilet Uriwell: mini toilet reusable with lock
  • Foldable urine bottle for men and women, extendable up to 800 ml fluid, easy to clean
  • For children and adults in tricky situations, fits in every handbag. Helps children switch from diaper to ...
Topseller 6
molinoRC 3X emergency toilet | Disposable toilet | Urinal | Travel toilet | ...
  • Pocket places for children 3-pack | to dispose of in household waste
  • Small and handy, easy to use
  • Express shipping from Germany Holds 750ml
Topseller 7
LACKINGONE Portable Emergency Urinal Toilet, Toilet Travel Camping Portable ...
  • Material: Made of translucent plastic and with graduation marks for easy measurement.
  • Universal: it has an interchangeable lid and a spout for women. Suitable for both men and women.
  • Convenient: It is easy to clean and can be reused, which is very convenient.
Topseller 8
FOGAWA 10 pieces portable urine bags 600 ml disposable urine bags for on the go ...
  • 🚃 Emergency toilet is a good helper when you are on vacation, when traveling by car, with motion sickness, when camping, ...
  • 💧 Disposable urine bags can hold up to 600 ml of liquid. When the liquid gets into the bag, they form ...
  • ❌ The inside of the urine bag bag is made of non-woven fabric, which is leakproof. The opening of the ...
Topseller 9
Outus 12 Pieces Disposable Urine Bags Camping Pee Bags Portable Urinal Bag ...
  • Appropriate quantity: The package contains 12 pieces of disposable urine bags. Each bag contains a sealing strip, ...
  • Easy to use: just open the emergency pee bag and use it. The white pouch inside is a ...
  • Absorbent and leak-proof: Made of high-tensile, impermeable PE material and with a fast-curing pad ...
Topseller 10
- € 0,46Check these top 1
TRAVEL JOHN disposable urinal 3 piece
Quantity: 3stk
7,66€ - € 0,46 7,20€
- € 9,19Check these top 2
BranQ - Home essential mobile camping toilet 22,0l plastic with max ....
Mobile camping toilet 22l with max. 120kg load capacity; Lid with hinged toilet seat; Easy to clean, as well as robust and ...
24,90€ - € 9,19 15,71€
- € 2,00Check these top 3
- € 0,46
TRAVEL JOHN disposable urinal 3 piece
Quantity: 3stk
7,66€ - € 0,46 7,20€
ATPWONZ 10 urine bag for on the go, disposable urinal , travel toilet for ...
Very small collapsible and fits in any bag, the ideal companion for traveling
Uriwell mini urinal for her and him
800ml Uriwell emergency toilet: reusable mini toilet with lock; Attention: usable down to -5 ° C or + 35 ° ....
- € 9,19
BranQ - Home essential mobile camping toilet 22,0l plastic with max ....
Mobile camping toilet 22l with max. 120kg load capacity; Lid with hinged toilet seat; Easy to clean, as well as robust and ...
24,90€ - € 9,19 15,71€

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