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ergonomic office chair

Work on the PC is constantly increasing, so the right office chair is of great importance. Statistically speaking, approx. 61% people in Germany meanwhile on the PC. For this reason in particular, it is important that an individually suitable office chair is used. Here is a little guide.

ergonomic office chair

In my following guide “Ergonomic office chair with headrest on honest tests " I speak plain text and provide information about what an office chair should have in the age of home office in order to avoid the resulting back pain.

Ergonomic office chair with headrest makes sense?

In particular, static postures force the back and muscles into one-sided stress, which can lead to malpositions or discomfort in the intervertebral disc and lumbar vertebrae area.

Tense employees are also significantly less concentrated and more nervous. This can not only mean that employees are less productive on that day, but in an emergency can also be on sick leave for a longer period of time.

As productivity decreases, the error rate increases, which drives up labor costs. A real one office chair is therefore of enormous importance not only from the point of view of the employee, but also from the point of view of the employer and the profitability of the company. 

What actually is an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic office chair adapts better to people. The back of a ergonomic office chair supports the S-shape of the spine and thus relieves the lumbar region. If the office chair is equipped with armrests, these must be adjustable in height and width. This relieves the shoulder girdle and prevents tension.

Ergonomic office chair with headrest in comparison

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339,99 €Check price499,90 €462,99 €612,59 €Check price899,00 €294,56 €159,99 €449,00 €
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What do I have to pay particular attention to with an office chair?

You will now find out what is important in an office chair and how to adjust it correctly:

seat height

Adjusts the seat height so that the thigh forms a line that slopes slightly towards the knee. In this sitting position, the office chair should still have room for adjustment upwards and downwards. Please always on one Seat depth suspension ensure that the body weight cushions when you sit down.

Seat depth and seat area

To begin with, sit on the chair with secure contact with the backrest and check whether three or four fingers, held crosswise, fit between the hollow of the knee and the front edge of the seat. So the seat depth is correctly adjusted. Depending on your height and weight are different sized seats recommendable. The selection is based on subjective perception.


The backrest must fit in size and shape, always pay attention to the subjective feeling. In order to be able to stretch backwards, the upper part of the backrest should not be too wide and should be rounded towards the rear. A movable suspension is also an advantage. Test this by stretching your arms up, then leaning back. The backrest shouldn't get in the way of doing this.

Each backrest offers a so-called lumbar support, that is, the lower area that is curved forwards. This lumbar support can either be independently adjusted in height or by adjusting the height of the entire backrest. The lumbar support must provide a comfortable, easily perceptible and erect support.


When purchasing a new office chair, you should choose armrests that are in Height and width adjustable and so can be optimally adjusted to you. The size is also decisive: when you roll your office chair up to a table, your stomach should touch the edge of the table first and not the armrests.

Here again the most important criteria for armrests at a glance:

Height adjustment: The shoulders must be relieved without being pushed upwards.
Width adjustment: According to the width of the shoulders, so that the arms neither have to be spread apart nor are they constrained by the armrests.

Size: Armrests that are too long prevent it from rolling close to the edge of the desk. Petite people must pay particular attention to short or recessed armrests.
stability: Armrests are often used to support when standing up.

Recommended reading: Gaming chair guide

Neck or headrest

A neck or head restraint must support you both in height and in depth Adjust body proportions and be comfortable in shape. At this point, I advise against non-adjustable head or neck rests.

Should an office chair have a headrest? - Yes, highly recommended!

What consequences can “wrong” office chairs have?

The greatest danger in computers is this immobility. Office workers sit in a forced posture for hours and hardly move. As a result, the body is under-challenged. the Muscles atrophy. This behavior causes about every fourth sick leave due to musculoskeletal disorders.

Elbows or wrists hurt, muscles are tense, tendons in the forearm are inflamed, headaches are a constant plague. But the cardiovascular system is also negatively affected. The list of suffering from sedentary lifestyle is long. What mistakes do they make most of the people?

The most Error:

  • Constant sitting
  • long periods of sitting
  • hunched shoulders
  • rigid concentration on the screen
  • Incorrect use of mouse and keyboard and crossed legs when working with a PC.

If you always pay attention to avoiding these mistakes, you will last longer in the workplace and do your body good. Time and again, the consequences of “wrong” sitting are underestimated or the employer neglects the topic. If you're an employee, you even have one Claim on a good office chair as this is an aspect of health care.


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Checklist | How can I avoid back pain?

So that office work does not lead to lost work in the long term, the workplace has to be right and the employee has to take care of himself. The following points supported:

  • an ergonomic chair with a back up to the shoulder blades and armrests
  • a good sitting position and upright posture
  • a height-adjustable table or a combination with a standing desk
  • the correct setting of viewing distance, screen height and font size
  • the use of a document holder
  • the printer in a separate room
  • the change to standing and moving every 45 minutes,
  • Stretching and stretching exercises for the neck and shoulder muscles
  • a walk in the lunch break

An office chair is tax deductibleMany people forget this point. So always remember to keep the invoice.

Always watch out for a healthy one Balance between sitting and standing. There is the rule of thumb 60-30-10, which means that you 60% sit at work, 30% stand and 10% move should be.

What does an ergonomic office chair cost?

Depending on the quality of the materials used and how comfortable it is in terms of settings, whether it is a neck rest, foot rest or automatic, an ergonomic office chair can cost a lot.

Conclusion: ergonomic office chair with headrest

We have now seen what can lead to painful back pain and how it can be prevented, at least in the long term. A correct ergonomic office chair with headrest in the age of the home office is therefore particularly important, especially to protect the lumbar and back areas.

In view of the fact that politics continues to promote digitization, home work will also continue to grow. For this reason, I advise you to consider the criteria described above and to purchase an appropriate office chair. And don't forget, the purchase price is tax deductible.

In summary, healthy work consists of a healthy relationship between sitting and standing.

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