Bicycle pump with CO2 pumps in seconds

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Bicycle pump with CO2 (CO2 inflators) pwrap a bicycle tire in seconds.

Bicycle pump with CO2 - recommendation from Ehrlich Tests 

Small and compact is the bicycle pump with CO2 cartridge, through the small size it can be stowed away easily for on the go. Do you need a quick and easy solution for inflating your tires? Whether you are a professional cyclist, weekend biker or bicycle commuter, they know how difficult it can be to inflate air or not to lug the air pump along or not to have one at hand. With the bicycle pump with CO2 you have your little helper in each small bag with you

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The air pump with CO2 is very easy to handle, screw in the cartridge and
The bicycle pump with CO2 screwed onto the valve, now you can slowly open the pump and the

Fahrradschlauch to fill. Beware the cartridge will get very cold soon. Protect yourself from freezer burns on your hands Fahrradhandschuhe or Work gloves are very useful. Cold protectant can also be a rag that you wrap around the cartridge, otherwise burn blisters will occur. Good bicycle pumps with CO2 have a protective covers lying down.

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The cartridge size is usually 12-16gr per cartridge. Depending on the tire size or the loss of compressed air, 1-2 cartridges are sufficient for a fully inflated tire. If you have a flat tire, the bicycle pump with CO2 is very helpful. Long and strenuous pumping is completely eliminated here. Tires can be inflated to approx. 2,5 to 3 bar. As a rule, up to 8 bar should be possible for tires with a smaller cross-section.


The bicycle pumps with C02 often have smaller dimensionslike normal air pumps and can be very good in Bicycle bags, Bags, backpack or trouser pockets are stowed. The most are made of aluminium manufactured and thus have one lightweight construction with low weight.


Make sure you only buy a bicycle pump with CO2, which you screw on the valve. more practical and safer. Knobs are to be preferredHow push buttons because you can regulate better here. Are you done with the filling, always close the valve before unscrewing the pump, Cartridges should only be unscrewed from the bicycle pump with CO2 when they are completely empty.

valve types

Before making a purchase make sure they are Bicycle valves or car valves on the bike to have. Different valve attachments for bicycle pumps are useful if you need both.

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product suggestions

You can find more bicycle pumps and cartridges in our Top 10 bicycle pumps with CO2

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