Flying ants in the house

Ants - the secret world power

I have flying ants in the house I met them as a child on my parents' property, so we sometimes had these little animals in the house. Contrary to what is generally assumed, flying ants are not an ant species of their own in the house. These are sexually mature males and females on their wedding flight.

From the month of May and into the middle of summer, the animals acquire wings and take to the skies to mate in order to find a suitable partner. The black garden ant is one of the most common species in our European latitudes. But other species of ants also temporarily become flying ants during the mating season.

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They do not need to fight flying ants with poison

After a short time, flying ants in the house will disappear on their own. However, it makes sense to keep flying ants away from the house, apartment and garden. Open windows and doors offer ideal access here, when flying ants find suitable food they send fragrances to the nest and more ants follow. Therefore, please keep doors and windows closed, especially in the dark, because insects are particularly attracted to the light. If you sit on the balcony or terrace, it is advisable to set up scented candles.

Secure windows, doors and balcony doors

Attaching mosquito nets to windows or balcony doors has proven itself, you can get these inexpensively in the trade. Such fly screens are usually equipped with self-adhesive tapes. This makes it easy for everyone to assemble the grilles themselves. Simply peel off the protective film at the ends and stick it in the window fold. Make sure that the adhesive tape is firmly in place; if necessary, clean the window frame beforehand to ensure that the adhesive tape is properly held. There are custom-made fly screens for most windows and balcony doors. The advantage is that you no longer have to cut them.

You should especially make sure that food and drinks are not left open, that would attract the little pests even more. If you have house plants, make sure that they are not attacked by aphids, as this attracts the ants to milk the aphids following their natural instinct.

Milking is actually the wrong word, the ants eat the aphid excretion which is rich in sugar. The so-called honeydew attracts the ants, they eat it from the leaves or directly from the back of the aphids. In this way, the ant also protects the aphid from its natural predator, the ladybird.


When the ants are already in the house

With all the precautionary measures taken, it can happen that the ants find a way into the house, apartment or garden. Find the nest and block all entrances, remove any apparent sources of food. To ward off the flying ants, you can set up fragrance lamps with lavender oil, for example, incense sticks have also proven themselves here. The insects are very sensitive to some smells (lemon, garlic) and stay away from the smell. Lavender bushes and rosemary in the garden or on the terrace serve the same purpose.

In the apartment you can seal all cracks with silicone. The silicone smells slightly of vinegar, this fact alone scares off the ants. Pay particular attention to the edge strips in the floor area. The ants' walkways are often hidden there. Gaps to the floor can be easily closed with silicone. The silicone can easily be removed later if necessary.

If none of this works, however, you have to resort to harder means to get rid of the insects before major damage occurs. I've been using this for a long time Neudorff Permanent VerminSpray, with great success. As nasty as it sounds, it absolutely gets the job done. Animals and nests can easily be eliminated.

It drives away unpleasant insects in and around the house. The attached dosing tube allows the remedy to get into the most remote corners and cracks. It works too against other crawling and flying insects. Also suitable for combating ticks, mites and fleas in small animal husbandry, spray the lying and sleeping places of the animals and that's it.

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