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We want to show you clearly and simply the differences between a standard keyboard and a gamer keyboard. We also inform you about how important and functional a gaming keyboard is. You will receive a guide from us that will help you with the purchase. With us you will find exactly the right keyboard for your needs and wishes. Discover the world of gaming keyboard and let yourself be convinced of the advantages of these computer accessories. - Adviser: Gamer keyboard

You want one Buy a gamer keyboard?

Not only the right chair or computer is an important utensil for unlimited fun for a real gamer. One of the most important things that are important for a good score is the keyboard. For many games, the normal and conventional keyboards are not sufficient. Special handles, shapes and buttons are important so that not only is health protected, but also the next move can work perfectly. The idea that a keyboard is the same as a keyboard is very far-fetched here.

Gamer keyboard - comparison

Corsair K55 RGB PRO Wired Membrane Gaming Keyboard ...Razer Ornata V3 X - Flat Membrane Keyboard with Chroma RGB...Gaming Keyboard, TedGem PC Gaming Keyboard PS4 Gaming Keyboard...havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, QWERTZ Wired Keyboard...RedThunder K900 Semi-mechanical Gaming Keyboard [Version 2023],...Orzly Keyboard Mouse Set Gaming RX250 4 in 1 PC Pack Combo - RGB...Lenovo GX30J76024 gaming mechanical keyboard (German layout...Mars Gaming MK1US, PC membrane keyboard, anti-ghosting function,...havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, QWERTZ Wired Keyboard...WisFox Gaming Keyboard, Colorful Rainbow LED Backlit...
€49,00€42,99Check price€39,99€54,49€39,99Check price€11,90€39,99Check price
Corsair K55 RGB PRO Wired...*Razer Ornata V3 X - Flat membrane keyboard with...*Gaming Keyboard, TedGem PC Gaming Keyboard PS4...*havit mechanical gaming keyboard, QWERTZ...*RedThunder K900 semi-mechanical gaming keyboard...*Orzly Keyboard Mouse Set Gaming RX250 4 in 1 PC...*Lenovo GX30J76024 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard ... *Mars Gaming MK1US, PC membrane keyboard,...*havit mechanical gaming keyboard, QWERTZ...*WisFox Gaming Keyboard, Colorful Rainbow LED...*
◼️ Dynamic RGB backlighting: Brighten up your...◼️ Flat keys For an ergonomic gaming experience. Flatter...◼️ ✔【PROFESSIONAL GAMING KEYBOARD】PC gaming keyboard panel...◼️ 【Ideal for gaming and typing】: Mechanical keyboard is ...◼️ 【Semi-mechanical keyboard】 This keyboard uses a...◼️ The RX250 is a 4-in-1 gaming package: it offers a...◼️ Mechanical switch keys for best feedback Anti-ghosting for ...◼️ Optimized playing heart rate, key height, especially for ...◼️ 【Ideal for gaming and typing】: Mechanical keyboard is ...◼️ COLORFUL RAINBOW LED BACKGROUND: Thanks to our new ...
◼️ Six special keys for macros: Activate with just one...◼️ Silent membrane switches For soft, spring-loaded...◼️ ✔【ADJUSTABLE LED BACKLIGHT...◼️ 【Multiple RGB light modes with adjustable brightness】: The...◼️ 【Customizable RGB Backlight】 The keyboard...◼️ Everything you need for PC gaming; Idea for use with:...◼️ Easy to use software change settings and preferences One USB ...◼️ 18-carat gold-plated plug and double-braided nylon cable◼️ 【Multiple RGB light modes with adjustable brightness】: The...◼️ 12 MULTIMEDIA KEYBOARD & 19 NON-CONFLICT KEYS: 12 ...
Amazon PrimeAmazon PrimeAmazon PrimeAmazon PrimeAmazon PrimeAmazon PrimeAmazon PrimeAmazon PrimeAmazon Prime
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€49,00€42,99Check price€39,99€54,49€39,99Check price€11,90€39,99Check price
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What can a gaming keyboard do?

Of course, these keyboards should be able to do a lot more than that standard keyboardsthat can be found on every PC. But what exactly is expected from such a keyboard for gamers? Of course, it is important that it is compatible with all common PCs and operating systems. The software and the drives should be easy to install and operate. It is also important that the keys can be assigned individually. So you can adapt everything exactly to your game and movements. The workmanship and the pressure on the individual keys should be of particularly high quality. Thanks to intensive use, the color should still be present years later.

Advantages of the gamer keyboard

  • Quality (higher number of keys pressed and much quieter)
  • Functions (additional keys for commands)
  • Response time (very fast response to the press of a button)
  • press more keys simultaneously than with normal keyboards
  • more keys for additional functions, special keys
  • with macros programmable keys
  • Displays on the keyboard
  • Backlight of the keys
  • different color design
  • other form

If you buy a gaming keyboard, you will quickly notice that the quality is significantly higher than with conventional products in this area. The number of attacks that the device has to withstand is significantly higher here. The buttons are also easy to use and only make small noises. The functions are significantly higher. There are numerous additional keys with which you can execute simple commands with one press.

That makes playing a lot easier for you. Some keys are already pre-assigned and cannot be changed. However, there are numerous possibilities to individually determine further functional places. The response time is also significantly lower. That means the keyboard reacts immediately to the command. Delays are hardly noticeable. But this time can also be adjusted for a gaming keyboard. You often have lighting and customizable shapes on gamer keyboards.

Disadvantages of the gaming keyboard

  • Complex
  • Price

Such a large keyboard can quickly overwhelm newbies. Due to the large number of keys and additional functions, a gamer keyboard is of course much more complex. However, the possibility of individual occupancy allows you to get started quickly and easily. After a few hours you will be able to master the gamer keyboard. The price is of course significantly higher than that of a conventional keyboard. This is due on the one hand to the quality and on the other hand to the numerous additional functions.

Buying a gaming keyboard - the most important terms briefly explained

As with every discipline, there are a large number of terms in the gaming keyboard area that are not always directly understandable. So that you are well informed when you buy, we would like to give you a brief overview.


This process describes the function of several buttons. This means that if two or of the keys are pressed at the same time, the computer or the game executes a command. This is an important function that every gaming keyboard should fulfill, especially with complex and extensive games.

Macro keys

These are keys that can only be found on gaming keyboards. Here you have the option of storing your own commands. It is also possible to use it to open programs. Especially players who like to play role-playing games benefit greatly from this function.

Multimedia keys

These are also additional keys that can only be found on a gaming keyboard. The difference here is in the occupancy. As a rule, these cannot be changed. These keys include, for example, regulating the volume, opening the e-mail inbox or a pocket calculator. Depending on the assignment, these buttons have the corresponding symbols.


Something that is very popular in gamer circles. The keyboard lighting has no functional purpose, it is only used for visual purposes. Many models have different modes. Here it is possible to put different colors behind the keys. The indirect lighting does not interfere with playing and has a beautiful and harmonious effect. Of course, it can also be switched off completely.

- € 23,011. Top seller Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro - Compact optical RGB gaming keyboard, ...
Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro - Compact Optical RGB Gaming Keyboard,...*
  • The award-winning Vulcan redesigned in a tenkeyless format
  • Titan Switch Optical offers a mechanical feel with lightning-fast triggering and long durability of 100 million keystrokes
  • The keyboard takes up less space on the desk, allowing for greater freedom of movement for the mouse and an extremely flat design...
Amazon Prime
- € 22,092. Top seller SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - The...
SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – The...*
  • The world's fastest keyboard - thanks to OmniPoint 2.0 faster than any other mechanical keyboard: 11 x faster response, 10 x ...
  • Customize every keypress – The distance to trigger can be set from 0,2mm to 3,8mm in 0,1mm increments
  • Dual Key - Two actions, one key: press lightly to move forward, press fully to sprint
Amazon Prime
3. Top seller Fnatic Gear | miniSTREAK | mechanical gaming keyboard with LED...
Fnatic Gear | miniSTREAK | mechanical gaming keyboard with LED...*
  • Premium Cherry MX Silent Red Switches: Our Cherry MX Silent Red switches are the best silent switches in the industry, made with German...
  • Full RGB backlighting: The miniSTREAK mechanical keyboard's LED RGB backlighting has 8 easy-to-adjust ...
  • Compact, Numpadless and Portable: The TKL or Numpadless design of the miniSTREAK has everything you need for professional...
Amazon Prime
4. Top seller Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard (Multi-Color RGB Lighting,...
Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard (multi-color RGB lighting,...*
  • Dynamic three-zone RGB backlight with 10x effects
  • Six programmable macro buttons
  • Dedicated control for volume and media playback
Amazon Prime
- € 10,005. Top seller RedThunder K10 gaming keyboard and mouse set, QWERTZ DE layout,...
RedThunder K10 gaming keyboard and mouse set, QWERTZ DE layout,...*
  • 【High Performance Keyboard and Mouse】 Are you looking for a keyboard and mouse combo that can perfectly balance work and play?...
  • 【Customizable RGB backlight】 The gaming keyboard adopts the latest lighting effect solution, just switch dozens of ...
  • 【Durable ergonomic keyboard and mouse】 The keys have a lifespan of 10.000.000 keystrokes, so you can use them for the next ...
Amazon Prime
6. Top seller Diyeeni One-handed Mechanical Keyboard, RGB Gaming Keyboard 35...
Diyeeni One-handed mechanical keyboard, RGB gaming keyboard 35...*
  • 【35 key layout】 One-handed keyboard for games the size of a palm, high and low keyboard designs to prevent accidental ...
  • 【5 backlight modes】 The wired gaming keyboard has 5 backlight modes, each blue, red, yellow, ...
  • 【Extra Large Palm Rest】Our one-handed mechanical keyboard has a larger palm rest than other palm rests. The...
7. Top seller TECURS Gaming Keyboard, Mechanical Keyboard 60% TKL QWERTZ Blue...
TECURS Gaming Keyboard, Mechanical Keyboard 60% TKL QWERTZ Blue...*
  • 60% Compact and Portable Keyboard: This 60% gaming keyboard has only 61 keys, the mini size can save more space on the desk, ...
  • An essential accessory for gamers: This gaming keyboard uses blue switches for stronger pressure and clearer sound, as well as 19 cool ...
  • Ergonomic mechanical keyboard: The angle of the Tecurs mechanical keyboard is adjustable, and the scientifically graded ...
Amazon Prime
8. Top seller Redragon K556 PRO Enhanced Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard,...
Redragon K556 PRO Enhanced Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard,...*
  • 3-mode connection - Equipped with Redragon's innovative tri-mode connection technology, USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0 & 2.4Ghz...
  • YES! TRUE HOT-SWAP - The transformative innovation with 99,8%+ switches compatible free-mod hot swappable Redragon keyboard is now available....
  • Original Aluminum Cases - The updated K556 PRO version continues to use the same armor-resistant aluminum metal liner material,...
Amazon Prime
- € 8,949. Top seller Sharkoon PureWriter RGB Mechanical Low Profile Keyboard (RGB...
Sharkoon PureWriter RGB Mechanical Low Profile Keyboard (RGB...*
  • Mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB lighting
  • Improved Low Profile Switches (Kailh)
  • Aluminum alloy surface
Amazon Prime
- € 8,5510. Top seller TECURS Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Wireless RGB Gamer Illuminated...
TECURS Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Wireless RGB Gamer Illuminated...*
  • Mechanical multi-device keyboard: The gaming keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth // 2.4G / cable type C, can also be switched between 5 channels ...
  • Mac/Windows Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Compatible with Mac OS, Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista and Windows XP. Ideal keyboard for Apple MacBook,...
  • TKL German QWERTZ layout: Small form factor mini 65% layout with 68 keys, splash-proof and dustproof to prevent accidental ...
Amazon Prime

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Buy a gamer keyboard - the best care tips

At first glance, a keyboard may still look very clean after being used for a while. Inside and especially behind the keys, however, dust and more collects very quickly. Especially if you like to eat chips or a sandwich while playing, the crumbs get inside quickly.

Important: turn off the computer and disconnect the keyboard from the computer before cleaning.

The surfaces can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. If you also want to clean the inside, there are a few tricks. Some manufacturers supply extra pliers. These allow you to loosen the buttons and clean the inside as well. At Amazon or other online retailers you can see exactly whether such pliers are included or not.

A Another possibility would be compressed air. These are already available in small bottles. A small hose pushed between the keys simply blows the crumbs and dust out of the gaming keyboard.

You can remove the roughest by turning the keyboard upside down and tapping it lightly. If you disassemble the entire keyboard, it is advisable to to take a picture beforehand. You then know exactly where which key belongs and you won't have any problems using it.

It is also important that you do this process only about every 3 months. Frequent loosening of the keys means that they no longer hold and fall off permanently. In this case only a new keyboard will help. Continue to refrain from using aggressive or harsh cleaning agents. This can attack the plastic and the color on the keys. Even then, a new keyboard would be required.

Gamer keyboard only for games?

No, you can use the gaming keyboard for any area, for example text, image editing or video editing. You can determine for yourself how the gamer keyboard can give you advantages in your area through the programmable keys.

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Find the best & best-selling gaming keyboard products of 2022 in the Top🔟 Honest Tests

Great🔟🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
- € 50,871. Top seller
Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED TKL Tenkeyless cordless mechanical ...
845 Reviews
Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED TKL Tenkeyless wireless mechanical...*
  • LIGHTSPEED PRO-GRADE WIRELESS: Professional performance with a report rate of just 1 millisecond. Clean, wireless aesthetics for the...
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB: Next-gen RGB lighting syncs lighting with your gaming and entertainment content. Personalize...
  • LOW-PROFILE SWITCHES: The speed, precision and performance of a mechanical switch - but only half the height
- € 7,002. Top seller
Corsair K55 RGB PRO Wired Membrane Gaming Keyboard ... *
  • Dynamic RGB Backlighting: Brighten up your desktop with six built-in lighting effects, assign each lighting zone...
  • Six special keys for macros: Activate functions, shortcuts or keystrokes with just one keystroke with six dedicated ...
  • Dust and splash-proof design: Thanks to the IP42 protection class, you don't have to fear accidents and can continue your gameplay without interruption...
- € 7,003. Top seller
Roccat Magma - Membrane RGB Gaming Keyboard with RGB lighting...*
  • AIMO lighting system, RGBA lighting with 5 zones, 10 LEDs and 16,8 million colors
  • Semi-transparent top
  • Precise, responsive typing with whisper-quiet membrane keys and advanced anti-ghosting technology
- € 70,004. Top seller
Razer BlackWidow V3 (Green Switch) - Gaming keyboard with...*
  • MECHANICAL RAZER GREEN SWITCHES For precise triggering with a clicking, tactile touch: With every keystroke, the rich feedback to...
  • TRANSPARENT SWITCH BODY For even brighter Razer Chroma RGB lighting: The completely see-through design shows the true brilliance of...
  • DOUBLESHOT ABS KEYCAPS For even more durability: Thanks to a double-shot molding process, the lettering can never wear out and...
- € 81,675. Top seller
Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Tactile...*
  • Best performance: Logitech Orion Spectrum is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards in the world with tactile Romer G switches for up to...
  • The lighting of the Logitech gaming keyboard can be easily adjusted: A RGB color palette of over 16 million colors is available
  • Flexible: The Logitech G910 gaming keyboard can be used with the Arx Control app and smartphone dock, allowing access to...
6. Top seller
Hoopond Mechanical Keyboard, AK33 8 kinds of white...
2.364 Reviews
Hoopond Mechanical Keyboard, AK33 8 kinds of white...*
  • 【Meccanica keyboard compatta a 82 tasti】 Questa mini-meccanica keyboard presenta un design molto semplificato che riduce le dimensioni a 12,2...
  • 【Interruttore rosso】 Lo speciale interruttore rosso modificato offer un tocco, una sensibilità e una risposta eccellenti. 50 millions of test...
  • 【Tastiera da gioco retroilluminata bianca】 La tastiera meccanica retroilluminata bianca offer una visione cristallina. Realizzata in ABS di...
7. Top seller
RGB Metallic Gaming Keyboard, 104 bright and quiet keys with...
1 Reviews
RGB Metallic Gaming Keyboard,104 bright and quiet keys with...*
  • 【STRONG RGB BACKLIGHT】 Seven zones of dynamic RGB backlight with 4 backlight modes and 7 ...
  • 【UNIQUE METAL FRAME DESIGN】 The design of the metal plate construction characterizes this metallic keyboard as extremely durable, and ...
  • 【25 ANTI-Ghosting Keys】 This gaming keyboard has 25 conflict-free keys (n-key rollover), which allows multiple keys at the same time ...
- € 96,658. Top seller
Logitech G815 mechanical gaming keyboard, tactile ... *
  • Low Profile Mechanical Switches: The new high-performance gaming switches offer the speed, precision and performance of a...
  • LIGHTSYNC RGB: Next-gen RGB lighting syncs lighting with your gaming and entertainment content. Personalize...
  • Premium AL-MG Construction: The G815 keyboard is beautifully crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum for incredible...
9. Top seller
Snpurdiri 60% Percent Gaming Keyboard, Ergonomic Small Mini...
198 Reviews
Snpurdiri 60% Percent Gaming Keyboard, Ergonomic Small Mini...*
  • ✅ Portable mini keyboard with 60% - the small Snpurdiri k60 gaming keyboard has all the functions of a standard keyboard and saves ...
  • ✅ RGB rainbow LED backlight - This RGB keyboard offers 8 backlight colors and multiple ...
  • ✅Keyboard with mechanical feel - This membrane keyboard has a mechanical feel comparable to a mechanical keyboard, ...
- € 30,0010. Top seller
Roccat Vulcan 121 - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, AIMO LED ... *
  • ROCCAT Titan Switches - innovative, mechanical switches, tactile, quiet and smooth-running, unique design with reduced keycaps,...
  • Aimo lighting - RGB single key lighting with configurable LED light effects in 16 million colors and adjustable AIMO effect...
  • High-quality and durable design - Robust materials and dust-resistant switch, anodized black aluminum surface
- € 50,87Packages
- € 7,00Packages
- € 70,00Packages
- € 81,67Packages

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