Gas stove for the kitchen with oven

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The gas stove for the kitchen with oven - a trend that is steadily increasing in popularity. More and more people are opting for a gas stove with an electric oven instead of the still common electric combination oven. Whether it's a SMEG gas stove or a Gorenje gas stove, a gas-powered stove undeniably offers numerous advantages over an electric stove. Our neighbors in the south, such as the Spaniards, have recognized this for a long time. Read here what you need to consider when using a gas stove.

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A built-in gas stove with an electric oven or would you prefer a gas stove with a gas oven?

While cooking with gas offers many advantages that can be used directly, one is Gas stove for the kitchen with oven First of all, one thing above all: takes getting used to. You first have to get used to other temperatures and baking times and try a lot. Most of the recipes do not specify times for preparation in the gas oven. So you first have to gain your own experience with such an oven.

Therefore, you should only choose the combination of a gas stove and a gas oven if you are prepared to really delve deeper into the matter and also accept one or two “setbacks”. Many of us, on the other hand, are already familiar with cooking with gas from the camping gas stove - and are absolutely thrilled with the advantages it offers.

What technical requirements does the kitchen have to meet for a gas stove and / or a gas oven?

In principle, you do not need a separate connection for a gas stove for the kitchen with an oven. Because a gas stove is usually equipped for a propane gas cylinder. That means, it is simply connected to this gas bottle, which is also used for camping. All you need for this is a gas hose and a suitable pressure reducer, which are usually sold as a set or already supplied with the gas stove.

It should be noted that the gas cylinder must of course also be accommodated. This can be done, for example, in the compartment under the gas stove if no oven is placed there. Alternatively, gas lines can of course also be laid in a wall so that you can place the gas cylinder in another room.

By the way: Almost every gas stove can be operated not only with propane gas, but also optionally with natural gas or liquid gas. Often only a few components have to be replaced for this. In any case, you should have this carried out by a specialist in order to always be on the safe side.      

The gas stove in comparison with the electric stove: The advantages

It is not for nothing that almost all renowned professional chefs use a gas stove for the kitchen with an oven. Because these are ideal for preparing delicious dishes. Compared with conventional hobs, but also with a ceramic hob or an induction cooking zone, a gas stove provides the necessary heat for cooking much faster.

Because thanks to the open gas flame, the required temperature is provided almost immediately. Immediate regulation is possible. If, on the other hand, no more heat is needed, the flame is switched off completely. This reduces the risk of the food being overcooked or even burning. In connection with this, a gas stove is extremely energy efficient. Because if it is used correctly, it actually only heats when it is necessary.

Electric stoves, on the other hand, require a lot of energy to get up to speed, i.e. to heat up to the required temperature. Another advantage: If something breaks on your gas stove, the gas stove replacement parts you need are usually available for years to come. Damage to an electric hob, on the other hand, usually means a total failure, which inevitably ends with the complete replacement of the device.

Maintain the gas stove - but do it properly!

Not only electric hobs, but also gas stoves need to be cleaned. Special cleaners are available in stores for this purpose. Since most of the cooktops on a gas stove are made of heat-resistant steel, they are correspondingly robust and can withstand a lot. So you can hardly cause irreparable damage even with improper cleaning. Nevertheless, it is best to use the cleaning and polishing pastes that are specially offered for gas stoves.

They guarantee a sparkling clean stove and remove even soot and burnt-in material effortlessly and without great effort. The same applies, of course, to a gas stove with an electric oven. Conventional oven cleaners are usually suitable for cleaning the oven's oven.

It is important that when cleaning your gas stove for the kitchen - with an oven or gas oven - you always interrupt the gas supply before you start cleaning. This is the only way to rule out unintentional accidents. For this purpose, the gas lines to the stove are usually provided with an easy-to-use shut-off valve that reliably interrupts the gas supply. After cleaning, open this valve again and everything works as usual.

Is a gas stove really safe for the kitchen with an oven?

Modern gas stoves and gas ovens must meet the highest quality standards. They will be in long Tests tested “thoroughly” and, above all, for compliance with the relevant safety standards. It is therefore just as safe to use a gas stove or oven as their electric counterparts. Of course, all cables must also be laid and connected professionally, but this also applies to an electric stove, as it is operated with high-voltage current.

So there is no need to worry and you can safely choose a gas stove with an electric oven or a complete gas combination of stove and oven. The operation of modern gas stoves is just as easy and safe as you are used to from an electrically operated stove or oven. Fiddling with a lighter to ignite the stove flame has long been a thing of the past.

Because modern gas stoves are usually equipped with so-called piezo ignitions. Similar to an electronic lighter, the ignition spark is generated by means of a low electrical voltage by pressing or turning the gas regulator and is therefore completely safe.

Buy cheap gas stoves - in the version that suits you

You can equip yourself with the right gas stove to match your kitchen and your cooking habits. A gas stove is available free-standing or as a built-in device. Numerous well-known manufacturers offer a wide variety of models, so you can choose, for example, a Gorenje gas stove or an SMEG gas stove. A gas stove comparison is therefore worthwhile.

As a passionate hobby cook, you might be happy if your new gas stove has 5 burners and thus offers one more hob than a conventional electric stove. So you can prepare even more delicious dishes without running out of space on the stove. In addition, you can use pots on such a gas stove, which due to their size are hardly suitable for a conventional stove - simply by using several flames at the same time.

Buy cheap gas stoves now and cook like professionals in the future

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why it pays to buy a gas stove for the kitchen with an oven and an electric oven. The advantages over conventional electrical appliances clearly outweigh the advantages. This makes it easy to clean a gas stove and to maintain the oven and gas stove so that they look like new for longer.

There are also spare parts for almost every gas stove, so that it can be repaired cheaply in the event of a defect. Last but not least, a gas stove can be designed with 5 or even 6 burners. Such a stove offers you even more creative freedom when preparing your dishes.

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