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Our beloved four-legged friends are also getting on in years. If the dog can no longer do this, and often does not want to, the vet may soberly diagnose osteoarthritis or hip dysplasia. The animals do not die of this, but a symptom-free or pain-free life is hardly possible any more. Often it is innate, and sometimes stress (like us humans) is to blame. Some animals also ingest toxins from the wrong or inappropriate food. And like us humans, a dog's body can become acidic. The age wear is added. In this guide we take a look at what's in the joint tablets for dogs, what they can help against and whether they can be a substitute for medical pain therapy. - Joint tablets for dogs Top 10

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16,95€50,00€24,95€25,00€44,99€91,91€24,00€Check price13,90€Check price
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What are jointed tablets for dogs?

The joint capsules for dogs are specially designed to make the tendons, cartilage and ligaments of your dog's joints supple and thus pain-free. Osteoarthritis is a common disease of the dog, actually every pet and also of humans. The food often does not contain everything that an animal (or human) can keep healthy. Not all Nahrungsergänzungsmittel are wrong or wrong. It depends on whether and how much the body can utilize - and wants and also whether the different ingredients can be linked together. Balanced should always be. But often can not. That's why joint capsules can be important.

Ingredients Joint Tablets

What should a good dog tablet contain? If we assume that the diet of the four-legged friends has changed greatly in the last few years, the real answer is: everything. In the wild, they would tear a whole animal. They would have to eat their way through the fur and skin, feasting on the giblets, eating muscle and fat, and finally sucking the marrow out of their bones. Well, a pug can not kill a cow and that's undesirable in most cases anyway. But we can still do something to help the dog get all the nutrients he needs.


Glucosamine is actually formed in the body itself. With age, however, this works worse and worse. The result: the joints suffer and hurt your animal. As with humans, the body gradually loses its ability to regenerate. It's a good thing that certain substances supplied from outside can help to buffer this natural "decay". Glucosamine is an important part of the tendons and cartilage. If it is missing, it leads to an incomplete suppleness. Movements become rigid and painful.


This is the best friend of collagen. Together, they make the tendons and cartilage, ligaments and joints strong. Make sure that Chondrotin is also in the Nahrungsergänzungsmittel for dogs.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C (especially in combination with zinc) is immensely important and involved in all processes of the body. For this reason, vitamin C is often contained in the supplementary feed. If our dog were still a wolf, he would eat the rumen of the animals, still fresh and in which (in addition to a bunch of other vitamins, minerals and trace elements) the vitamin C is what your dog needs. The veterinarian often prescribes pain relievers. This is not fundamentally wrong. However, it would make more sense to combine them. Talk to your vet about this.

Differences to humans

Can I also feed glucosamine for humans to my dog? People also suffer from osteoarthritis and they are also given glucosamine. It's basically the same stuff. In dogs, however, he is better absorbed.

Possibilities of the dosage form

Tablets or capsules? Or liquid? Or combined preparations? The ingredients are indeed different from manufacturer to manufacturer, basically it's just about that. Not like. The dosage form is also dependent on how easily the dog swallows the pills.

The weight of the animal is very important when feeding. The manufacturers have created corresponding lists of how much of which ingredient should be administered per kg of dog weight.
This may vary depending on the product.


In the capsules is either in liquid or in granulated (ie dried) form of the ingredient to be supplemented. Those who do not have a sip-happy monster at home, may also resort to tricks. A capsule squeezed into a piece of cheese, is usually accepted gladly. Some capsules can also be opened. The content can then be well in the feed or in a bit of yogurt.

dogs tablets

With the tablets, it sometimes looks similarly hopeless to make them tasty to the dog. Again, a trick can help. If your pet does not want to, you can also rub the tablet in a mortar and then the powder under the Feed Mix. But make sure that on the one hand always something active in the mortar if you use it for your food, wash it thoroughly and wash it thoroughly.


Instead of grinding awkward tablets in a mortar, you can also buy the same powder. The powder is more practical if you need to mix it into your pet's food, but also to dose it more cumbersome - although you can not overdose it quickly and thus produce a harmful effect.

Combination preparations

You can buy not only glucosamine alone, but entire combination products. They contain not only the two main components against joint wear, but also a lot of vitamins, trace elements and extracts from other animal sources, such as mussels. Not all supplements are wrong or bad. It depends on whether and how much the body can - and wants - and also whether the various ingredients can be linked. Should always be balanced. But often can not. That is why joint capsules can be important.

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What to consider when buying joint tablets for dogs

Quality goes before quantity. Especially when it comes to health. Of course, also with your animal.
The joint tablets should:

  • protect the joints of your animal from further degradation
  • relieve the pain and
  • improve the lubrication of the joints as well as the mobility

If you decide on a preparation, make sure you get one that is as free of chemistry as possible. It should be as natural as possible. glucosamine we made in the industry from chitin. Chitin, in turn, derived from meat and animal waste and crustaceans. Chrondroitin is extracted in a similar way, namely from the cartilage tissue of pigs, cattle and also sharks.
If possible, buy something that combines both substances, chrondroitin and glucosamine.

Vitamins and trace elements are also helpful, important and useful. Especially vitamin C, E, A, D, B1 - B12, iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, manganese and zinc. Older dogs are just humans, so it is not surprising that the recommendations for both species are similarly high in age. Mussels also contain these ingredients of dog tablets. If you don't want meat products, you can also buy mussel powder. This often contains gelatin and yeast. Both are important ingredients that are responsible for skin and hair as well as claws, joints and tendons.


As far as no side effects are known. However, it may cause mild discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract. In most cases, this can be remedied by mixing the capsules (or the contents) with the feed. So the stomach acid has a balance.
If that's too much, you can spread the dose to many small portions and then distribute them throughout the day. Some older dogs have problems picking up nutrients.

Advantages and disadvantages

Can there be disadvantages for something that does no harm but can help to 80 percent? The dietary supplements for dogs will not tear a hole in your purse. "Vui huift Vui!" Is not necessary. What is important is good quality and the balance of the product itself.


➶ The food supplement does not cost much

➶ is added to about 80 percent of the dog's body

➶ is also a supplement to the medical therapy

➶ helps the dog to regenerate itself

➶ to move better

➶ restore the general mobility

➶ available with vitamins and trace elements

➶ available as a powder, capsule or tablet

➶ or vegan, with shell, beef or pork


Pill tablets vegan

Although dogs are inherently carnivores, an animal may develop intolerance. Pill tablets for dogs are also available Vegan and also contain collagen and vitamins.

Shells or pig?

Dogs have (usually) a good instinct for what they tolerate and what they do not and they should not impose an idea on them. Follow what your dog likes to eat. In most cases, this is a good indication of how he tolerates it and can therefore metabolize it.

Mix dietary supplements for dogs?

Basically it is possible to supplement certain preparations. But please pay attention to the quantities of the ingredients. If necessary, you have to figure out how much of each where exists. If you are unsure please ask someone who knows it well.

Dog gets painkillers

This will make life easier for him and will not interfere with the intake of joint capsules. Painkillers, however, burden the other organs. Say, if you want a change, first talk to your vet about a change.

How long does it take for joint capsules to work?

You have to plan about 4 - 6 weeks until you realize after regular administration of the tablets an improvement of the condition of your dog. But some animals are faster!

Conclusion - joint tablets for dogs

Joint capsules for dogs in the form of dietary supplements for dogs can be useful, but they do not replace medical pain therapy, but are useful for completing the necessary supplements. The diet and lifestyle of our dogs have changed a lot in the past few decades, which may necessitate the addition of minerals, collagen, vitamins glucosamine and chondrotin. Side effects, with the exception of slight intolerance in older dogs, which can be managed by division, are not known. You can't harm your four-legged friend with it. And he benefits from the administration even more than humans.

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Top 10 - joint capsules for dogs

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Joint tablets for dogs - with green-lipped mussel, MSM and ...
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maxxiflex + joint tablets for dogs - devil's claw, ...
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maxxiflex + joint tablets for dogs - devil's claw, ... *
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AniForte joint tablets dog AgilityVet 120 pieces -...
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AniForte joint tablets dog AgilityVet 120 pieces -... *
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Vicupets joint fit for dogs | Joint tablets for dogs | ...
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AniForte green lipped mussel capsules dog 300 pieces -...
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Nutrani joint tablets for dogs and cats | 120 pieces ...
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Nutrani joint tablets for dogs and cats | 120 pieces ... *
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CaniMove motion maxi - 100 joint tablets (340 g) for ...
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Joint Acute Globules for Pets | radionically informed | ...
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Joint tablets for dogs - with green-lipped mussel, MSM and devil's claw - High acceptance by the dog as there are no capsules - 100 tablets for up to 6 months - Supplementary food made in Germany
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Few reviews doesn't always mean that your chosen product is necessarily bad. It may just not have been on the market long enough and has therefore been rated too seldom. Here you just have to look and research for joint tablets for dogs. * offers many different possibilities to analyze the product joint tablets for dogs well. There are also joint tablets for dogs Tests or joint tablets for dogs.

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You always want the most popular top product at the best possible price, this also applies to your purchase of joint tablets for dogs. Everything should always have a cheap price and no additional costs. We want that too. But quality now also has its price. Those who buy cheaply often buy twice or three times again. Therefore, it is important to give you the different prices for the respective product on the way. Spend a little more money and enjoy the recommended joint tablets for dogs product in the long term. Buying proven brands and their quality will delight you more in the long run than cheap bargains.

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The various customer opinions offer us important experiences about joint tablets for dogs. If buyers or users rate the product poorly at first, it means that they did not like something about the joint tablets for dogs, such as the size, cut or color did not suit them. Often these so-called 1-star ratings only contain the frustration that the user had. Maybe he just made a bad buy and joint tablets for dogs just didn't fit his ideas. To prevent this from happening, we always recommend that you get the Read reviews carefully.
Otherwise, go to a shop around the corner that also offers joint tablets for dogs. There you can take a closer look and form your own opinion. Follow our advice. Also have a look at the Top reviews on Amazon * an. There are also many here for very good quality joint tablets for dogs 4 or 5 star ratings.

4 or 5 star buyer ratings are a sign that people are happy with joint tablets for dogs. These customer reviews also say something about the quality of the product.

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In addition to various reviews for the joint tablets for dogs product, there are joint tablets for dogs Tests 2021 and Joint tablets for dogs comparisons To be found on the Internet in 2021.

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Before you buy dog ​​joint tablets, there should be plenty clarify open questions beforehand, we have shown you a list above. Opinions from other buyers will always help you. Are there any other things to consider with the noted product details? If the color is right winter jacketas you can see in the small picture in the online shop? How do the sizes of one fall quilted pants off, very important! Always pay attention to size information. How does the product behave when exposed to the cold? These are all questions that you, as a consumer, are sure to ask yourself. The manufacturers naturally also want to achieve high sales with their products. The bigger the brand is, the better the products are. But of course there are also many small, unknown brands that offer good quality. Here you have to pay attention to further purchase criteria. Finally, of course, the price is crucial for you. If the price is simply not in relation to the quality, we recommend you to buy another product.

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