Vegetables - preparation, preparation, storage

Vegetables - preparation, preparation, storage. In addition to fruit, vegetables are the most important source of vitamins. To cover our daily energy needs, it is advisable to consume energy-rich foods such as meat and potatoes with vegetables. So that the vitamins can be supplied to the human body with as little loss as possible, the following tips about storing, preparing and preparing vegetables are worth considering.

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Keep vegetables

The valuable vitamins in vegetables are only really fully utilized when they are fresh on the table. Valuable nutrients are lost, especially through light and heat. For this reason vegetables should be stored in a cool and dark place. You can also cover leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce or kale with a damp cloth. This increases the shelf life considerably and the leafy vegetables still look fresh even after a few days.

Clean vegetables

Vegetables should always be washed whole. Only then is it shredded to the appropriate size. Keep shredded Vegetables do not dissolve in water, as this creates valuable ingredients from lye. During short-term storage, please cover chopped vegetables with a damp cloth so that they cannot dry out.

Cook vegetables

When preparing vegetables, potatoes and vegetables are always prepared with hot water and steamed or steamed (see Steaming and Steaming). Please stick to the prescribed cooking times as closely as possible. Most vegetables take around 20 minutes to cook.Please keep pots closed when cooking. Avoid unnecessary stirring. Instead, you can shake the pot a little. Vegetables and potatoes should be placed on the plate and eaten immediately after cooking. Keeping or reheating vegetables has a detrimental effect on the ingredients.

Vegetables are more digestible if they are not thickened with roux, but only slightly over-controlled with flour about 6-7 minutes before the end of the cooking time. The time for adding flour must be observed, otherwise the vegetables will be too soft or taste mealy. As an alternative, you can thicken the vegetables with sour cream.

Vegetable tips

Prepare cauliflower. Because of its delicate cell structure, cauliflower is one of the most digestible cabbage vegetables. You can remove the thick central stem for cooking (can, but does not have to). The tender stalk parts are not peeled off fresh cauliflower so that too many ingredients are not lost during cooking. To keep the cauliflower nice and white, add a tablespoon of milk to the cooking water.

Prepare chicory. The slightly bitter taste of the inside of the chicory can be softened by boiling the chicory in milk for a short time before cooking. Of course, it is up to you whether you simply remove the inner stem of the chicory.

Canned cucumber. If you put a piece of horseradish in an open pickle jar, the remaining pickles will stay crisp for a long time.

Kohlrabi. In addition to vitamin C, the delicate kohlrabi leaves contain the mineral calcium, which is important for the body. To preserve this ingredient as much as possible, add the chopped raw leaves to the steamed vegetables just before consumption. This vegetable preparation of the tender leaves preserves the ingredients.

Keeping parsley fresh

Parsley will keep its fresh appearance for a long time if you put it in a plastic bag after washing and put it in the refrigerator. However, with the length of the storage time, vitamins are lost.

Green salad, lettuce

Lettuce is very rich in vitamin A. 100 g of lettuce contains 1500 mg of vitamin A. That is a little more than we need each day. Green salad can be served with a little oil before serving; the oil helps ensure that vitamin A can take effect. Use not only the yellow heart of the lettuce, but also the green outer leaves. Withered green lettuce looks fresh again if you put it in lukewarm water for a while. However, it is then extremely low in vitamins.

Salsify is rich in protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. To prevent them from turning brown while cooking, add a dash of vinegar or a tablespoon of flour to the water.

Vegetables - preparation - cook spinach

Since some of the vitamins contained in the spinach are lost through cooking, you should give the finished spinach about a fifth of the total amount raw. Spinach has a lovely taste if you add a little milk to the finished dish.

Vegetables - preparation - onions for cooking

If raw onions are salted, they will boil completely. If the food is only salted while it is cooking, the onion slices or pieces are retained. Knives are freed from the onion odor if you pull them through a raw carrot. The onion smell disappears from your hands when you rub your hands together with a little table salt. If your breath smells like onion, you can stop it with a glass of milk.

Roast the onion slices. Roasted onion slices improve the taste and appearance of a meat broth. They brown faster if they are dusted with a little flour. Onions get particularly crispy if you scald them before frying them. If you are one of those people who constantly have problems chopping onions because they tear their eyes. Then my tip is to cut your onions in a bowl under water in the future, then there will be no more tears.

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