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Probably every amateur cook owns a vegetable slicer. This smart helper is almost indispensable in the kitchen, especially when chopping and chopping vegetables. The vegetable slicer is very valuable for serving salads, for small vegetable slices for topping bread or for preparing a meal.

There are small, subtle differences in this category of kitchen gadgets that relate to use, handling, cleaning and the structure of a vegetable slicer.

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The different types of vegetable slicers

Everyone probably knows the commercial grater or square grater that you can buy in well-stocked supermarkets. Most of these models have a simple structure, have a flat body - the square grater is a square, tapered structure - and bumps over which the vegetables can be sliced.

The flat grater is mostly oval bumps that have a sharp edge so that the vegetables can be processed accordingly. But there are also models that have a rough side with many bumps and are best suited for grating potatoes.

Some variants also have an integrated knife that can cut the vegetables into fine slices.

A commercial grater is available for a few euros. The body is made of plastic or metal, the cutting edge or the elevations are usually made of stainless steel. The square grater has four different sides that can be used to slice, grate and pinch the vegetables. On the upper part there is usually a handle so that the grater can be held.

Basically, the models can be divided into simple variants, mechanical models and electric vegetable slicers. The grater and square grater belong to the simple models.

An innovative invention

Thanks to zoodles (thin strips of zucchini that are used as a pasta substitute as part of a low-carb diet) and technical innovations, there are always innovative inventions in vegetable slicers that are intended to simplify use. The so-called spiral cutters have a container in which the Vegetables can be inserted.

A device can then be used to rotate and cut the vegetables into fine strands that resemble spaghetti. Elongated vegetables such as carrots or zucchini are best suited for this. The spiral cutter is available for 10 to 20 euros.

Another variant is a kind of bowl with an attachment. Inside this hard plastic or glass bowl there are knife blades. A wide variety of vegetables can be added through an opening in the upper part. Over a

By turning a lever in the lid, the knives inside can be moved. The vegetables are chopped up and sliced. This variant of the vegetable slicer is available for around 15 to 25 euros.

Various essays

The model of the vegetable slicer, which also has a drip tray, comes with a hinged lid. Various attachments for different cut vegetable shapes can be attached under this. The drip tray is rectangular in this case. The vegetables are placed on the cutting surface and the lid is folded down. Depending on the design, accessories and size, these vegetable slicers are available for 25 to 70 euros.

The last type of vegetable slicer is also the most comfortable. This is the tried and tested kitchen appliance. Such a device is ideal for slices, cubes, pens or pureeing. Insertion discs with integrated knives and elevations ensure that the vegetables are chopped up.

This vegetable slicer is operated electrically. The individual parts as well as the usually very large container can be removed separately and can thus be ideally cleaned. These kitchen machines are priced between 60 and 150 euros.


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Conclusion on the vegetable slicers

The simple grater or square grater can be used if you do not want to use them often. For smaller households with a few people, this utensil is sufficient to grate potatoes for potato pancakes, delicious cucumber slices for bread and other vegetable specialties. The spiral cutter is recommended if you want to steer your diet away from carbohydrates and towards increased protein consumption.

The spiral cutter proves to be extremely practical. Especially if you are on a low-carb diet and want to create a suitable substitute for pasta. The spiral cutter prepares the vegetable noodles from carrots or zucchini without much effort. Cleaning usually has to be done by hand, as not all devices of this variant are suitable for the dishwasher.

The manual vegetable slicer with a twist is ideal for the family. The handling is child's play, so that even the little family members can help without any problems. The vegetables are placed through the opening and can be turned until the slices are of the desired thickness. There are also different colors and shapes, with something for every taste.

The folding vegetable slicer is ideally suited for fewer people due to its smaller collecting tray. Otherwise you have to empty the bowl more often in order to be able to slice new vegetables. The ease of use speaks for this device. Salads and side vegetables can be created without any problems.

The food processor or the electric vegetable slicer is for the whole family. Sometimes the devices are quite noisy, but have a large container that can be filled enough. This fine grinding device is particularly suitable for cucumber salads, potato pancakes, casseroles and pestos for an ideal result. This device is the most versatile in the kitchen. The electric vegetable slicer is perfect especially if you often arrange salads and garnishes for festive platters.

Cleaning the vegetable slicer

In the kitchen in particular, hygiene is the be-all and end-all. That is why it is all the more important that you wash your dishes after preparation and clean the utensils you have used. With conventional graters, it is ideal to soak them briefly in warm soapy water after use. This allows the vegetable scraps to come off the cutting edges without the need for extensive scrubbing afterwards.

The vegetable slicers with collecting trays can be dismantled into their individual parts to a certain extent. If noted, these separate parts can be put in the dishwasher. Especially when it comes to rust-free stainless steel, this can usually be given to the machine. Then dry everything well and put it back in the cupboard.

The situation is similar with the food processor or the electric vegetable slicer. Most of the time you still have a kind of slider with you, with which you can press down the shrinking vegetables. The individual parts are usually made of sturdy plastic, which can often also be put in the dishwasher. Even if it doesn't, washing these large individual parts by hand is also effortless. You only have to be careful with the individual knives and the insert discs with the elevations.

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