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Why Geographical Norway jackets will get you through the winter well

Warm winter jackets. At least now they become the topic. In our Guide to warm winter jackets we have already put together the necessary knowledge of what it takes to dress warmly. Today we're going to take a closer look at the Geographical Norway brand. The company also makes warmly lined winter jackets. This is not only useful in Norway when you sit under a twinkling starry sky at night.

They shouldn't be missing when hiking through our beautiful Germany or through remote areas outside our realms. But the brand not only has winter jackets in its range, but also year-round all-rounders. For small, medium and large. We took a look at the whole thing. - Geographical Norway Top 10

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Geographical Norway Men's Softshell Functional Outdoor Jacket ...Geographical Norway Techno Softshell Jacket Men Hooded ...Geographical Norway Men's Softshell Outdoor Jacket Rainman ...Geographical Norway Ladies Softshell Jackets Tamara, Gr. 42 ...Geographical Norway Vantaa Men's Softshell Jacket Black ...Geographical Norway ABRAHAM men's winter jacket ...Geographical Norway Atlas Men's Winter Jacket Parka Parker ...Geographical Norway Ladies Softshell Functional Outdoor Rain ...Geographical Norway Men's Outdoor Activity Jacket Model ...Geographical Norway Men's Winterjacket Parka Acore ...
Check price78,00€79,90€Check price79,90€79,90€109,90€79,90€79,90€169,90€
Geographical Norway Men’s Softshell Functional ... *Geographical Norway Techno Softshell Jacket Men ... *Geographical Norway Men's Softshell Outdoor Jacket ... *Geographical Norway Ladies Softshell Jackets Tamara, ... *Geographical Norway Vantaa Men's Softshell Jacket ... *Geographical Norway ABRAHAM men's winter jacket ... *Geographical Norway Atlas Men’s Winter Jacket ... *Geographical Norway Ladies Softshell Functional ... *Geographical Norway Men's Outdoor Activity Jacket ... *Geographical Norway Men's Winter Jacket Parka Acore ... *
◼️ N / A◼️ whether in spring, summer or autumn, whether in the city, for ...◼️ 💯 {PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES}: The ROYAL ...◼️ Material: 96% polyester, 4% elastane◼️ ✓ Waterproof (3000), Breathable (5000)◼️ 🔥 {IDEAL TO FEEL GOOD}: The Geographical Norway Parkas ...◼️ Turns out a little bigger, if possible one size smaller ...◼️ 🔥 {IDEAL TO FEEL GOOD}: The DREAMY jackets by ...◼️ Wind, water and cold repellent◼️ 🔥 {IDEAL TO FEEL GOOD}: Geographical Norway Parkas ...
◼️ N / A◼️ modern functional jacket for sporty activities in ...◼️ 🔥 {IDEAL FOR WELL-BEING}: The ROYAUTE Geographical ...◼️ logo◼️ ✓ Turbo Dry Technology◼️ 💯 {PERFECT FOR EVERYDAY LIFE}: Geographical Norway -Parkas ...◼️ N / A◼️ 💯 {PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES}: The REVEUSE ...◼️ 2x side pockets with zip◼️ 💯 {PERFECT FOR EVERYDAY LIFE}: Geographical Norway ...
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Check price78,00€79,90€Check price79,90€79,90€109,90€79,90€79,90€169,90€
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Who is behind Geographical Norway?

Geographically in Norway as a brand, as a company but actually based in France. The label is like a Globetrotter and that can be synonymous. The brand is celebrated in the outdoor market. Stylish clothing for the enterprising. Functional, comfortable and weatherproof, the price stable in the middle. If you value outdoor, but do not want to compromise on appearance or comfort, this is the place for you.

What do you make?

Jackets, parkas, pants, sweaters, coats, shirts, hoodies, long or short sleeves or the jogging dress, for women, for men, for children. First and foremost, the outerwear is the one that catches the eye, but the underwear also sets the trend Geographic Norway away. Softshell is a textile that the label is particularly interested in. Due to its nature, it is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. Warm, but without breaking a sweat.

It protects against wind and water and is still breathable. It can be processed easily and is still hard-wearing. In combination with various other materials, it becomes a robust and creative all-purpose solution that can be used all over the world.

What is softshell?

Softshell is not only the generic term for outdoor clothing, it is above all a textile fabric. This consists of plastic fibers such as polyester, polyamide or polypropylene. The material is processed very finely and is then lined with fleece or other soft materials, a good protection against wind and light drizzle. The softshell is not completely waterproof, but it is particularly light and robust. It can be processed with many other materials and it is very easy to care for.

Another Advantage of softshell is also that it is breathable. The stronger the material, the better it insulates against the cold. Because, unlike hardshell, softshell is not completely waterproof, but only water-repellent.

Tip: Softshell can also be impregnated. The material does not have to be washed constantly, in most cases it is enough to brush it off. Softshell can already be washed by yourself, but depending on the lining, certain instructions must be followed. However, impregnating now and then does not hurt. This is particularly good with an impregnating spray, as it allows you to apply the impregnation evenly.

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What Geographical Norway has to offer

We have already mentioned the jackets. These are in the outdoor version Windproof and water repellent. They have hoods and hoodies that not only make it cozy, but also protect them from the weather. Some models have one Faux fur collar. What they all have in common is the hard-wearing material, which can easily be adapted to the wearer and also to the circumstances. The label works a lot with fleece, either for the inner lining or as a whole jacket.

Fleece keeps you wonderfully warm and is also breathable. Together with the softshell, it protects against the wind from the outside, keeps you warm and still allows the skin to breathe. The Cargo pants are particularly robust, also easy to wash and are resistant. The many pockets and the convenience leave nothing to be desired. Everything that is important can stay “on the man” and you don't lose it. You don't have to rummage through your backpack. The way the bags are attached with their size, they are not a hindrance when hiking. The good quality and the neat seams ensure that it stays that way.

For underneath there are t-shirts and shirts made of cotton. Cotton is particularly skin-friendly and soaks up sweat without it having a strange smell. Cotton also has the advantage that it does not produce extra sweat, as is unfortunately often the case with other synthetic materials. Of course, it also looks good: equipped with high-quality embroidery and pads, in different colors and patterns, they are more than just “functional food” for the body. They are also something to look at.

Speaking of the eye: women also benefit from dresses that the label produces. Also made of cotton, the touch is maritime to Marilyn. An eye-catcher that is comfortable, different, but not too intrusive. Would you like a little more? Swimming trunks or a shirt? The new ski clothes? A simple hooded sweater? Everything is available in the shop.

Value for money

Those who expect a lot usually also expect to have to dig deep into their pockets. That is not the case here. Of course, jackets aren't thrown after you, they don't even need to. You can definitely pay more for proper pants in the store. For a shirt or sweater that is less resolute, too. Since the brand also offers shorts and even jogging pants, you hardly have to look around.

It is definitely more expensive with other brands, but you can certainly get good quality here. The pants and tops and the other items of clothing have also remained loyal to the label. Quality at a price that is fun to equip yourself, to experience an adventure and to feel safe and protected from the weather.

Conclusion: Geographical Norway

Obviously, Norway and the French species are very well connected, and Geographical Norway did a great job of doing that. The price-performance ratio is right. The jackets fit. The pants are trendy, practical and durable. The style should please everyone and the different combinations make an adventure possible that looks confident in every way. Softshell is easy to care for and waterproof. It is robust and stable. As consistent as the brand is likely to be, which is increasingly enjoying ever-increasing popularity.

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Topseller 1
Geographical Norway Techno Softshell Jacket Men, Detachable ...
39 Reviews
Geographical Norway Techno Softshell Jacket Men, Detachable ... *
  • 🔥 {IDEAL TO FEEL GOOD}: TECHNO Geographical Norway ...
  • ⭐ {A MULTIFUNCTIONAL JACKET}: This jacket was developed ...
Topseller 2
Geographical Norway warm winter jacket designer men winter ...
676 Reviews
Geographical Norway warm winter jacket designer men winter ... *
  • Beautiful synthetic leather look inserts on the shoulder and ...
  • Two side pockets with zip. Zippers with ...
  • Please note the dimension table as shown in the picture !!!
  • On offer is an original men's winter quilted jacket from the brand ...
Topseller 3
Geographical Norway Vantaa Men's Softshell Jacket Black ...
1.490 Reviews
Topseller 4
Geographical Norway Atlas Men's Winter Jacket Parka Parker ...
1.238 Reviews
Topseller 5
Geographical Norway 25F13 Belucha Men Parka Black Gr. L.
200 Reviews
Geographical Norway 25F13 Belucha Men Parka Black Gr. L *
  • ✓ Very comfortable to wear
  • ✓ Windproof, waterproof and breathable
  • ✓ Detachable hood and faux fur
  • ✓ Sleeves with rib cuffs
Topseller 6
Geographical Norway Upaline women's fleece jacket M Black
20 Reviews
Geographical Norway Upaline Ladies Fleece Jacket M Black *
  • Upaline women's fleece jacket with full zip.
  • Elegant, very comfortable and ideal for hiking, running and other ...
  • Feels very soft.
  • High collar for maximum protection.
- € 5,00Topseller 7
Geographical Norway TEXAS men's fleece jacket fleece jacket ...
389 Reviews
Geographical Norway TEXAS men's fleece jacket fleece jacket ... *
  • beautiful and functional men's fleece jacket from ...
  • The jacket is optically thanks to the modern cut and ...
  • But not only visually but also functionally is the ...
  • The jacket is available in many colors, whether classic in ...
Topseller 8
Geographical Norway Nallo Texas Men 224 Men's Fleece Jacket ...
369 Reviews
Geographical Norway Nallo Texas Men 224 Men's Fleece Jacket ... *
  • ✓ Two side pockets with zippers
  • ✓ Drawstring in the hip area and in the collar
  • ✓ Rain hood built into the collar
  • ✓ Inside mesh in the back area, embroidered logo paches
Topseller 9
Geographical Norway Men's Outdoor Activity Jacket Model ...
415 Reviews
Geographical Norway Men's Outdoor Activity Jacket Model ... *
  • Wind, water and cold repellent
  • Hood with elastic
  • Pleasant wearing comfort
  • Removable hood
Topseller 10
Geographical Norway, beautiful parka, for women, ...
1.068 Reviews
Geographical Norway, beautiful parka, for women, ... *
  • Women's down jacket with a fixed hood. Detachable faux fur
  • Double opening in the middle with zipper. 2 ...
  • PVC badge on the sleeve. Waist belt in the back area
  • Protects against cold and rain. 100% polyester. By hand...

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