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Rowing machine_Sportstech_RSX500_Test-c4d32a07

Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine review | 16 programs for the perfect back training

Dirk Re.

Would you like to strengthen your back and are you considering buying a rowing machine for your home? Then I can help with this review of the Sportstech RSX500 rowing machine.

Beurer UB 68 XXL

Test: Beurer UB 68 XXL double heated blanket | Buy thermal blanket


My research led me to the Beurer UB 68 XXL double heated blanket with the dimensions 1,50 x 1,60 m. This is a double heated blanket for two people, you can read more in my test.

Bluefin_Fitnessplatte_Rüttelplatte_Vibrationsplatte_Amazon_Ebay_Test_Vergleich_Top10 (4)-d7e3c098

Bluefin vibration plate: lose weight at home

Dirk Re.

I have tested the Bluefin vibration plate and report on my experiences. Read here the best way to lose weight and keep fit.


Massage gun - help against back pain

Dirk Re.

Massage guns are the trend for the home. The massagers relieve back pain and can be used by anyone at home. How good are they really?

Spice Advent Glamor of-Gewürze02

Advent calendar with spices


Today I introduce to you the advent calendar of Spell of Spices. An advent calendar with spices is a nice gift idea

Test: Tea in a glass by Auresa | The delicious tea test

Test: Tea in a glass by Auresa | The delicious tea test


6 testers took the tea in the glass from Auresa. What they tasted and how they judged, you can read here in the following tea test


Advice: The right sun protection - what do I have to pay attention to? | How do I best protect myself?

Dirk Re.

Who does not know that? After spring, you especially look forward to summer and the sun. The light is good for our soul and one immediately feels more alert and active. But how do I optimally protect myself from sunburn?

Braun fever thermometer buy_Amazon_Ohr-172b010d

Test: Braun ThermoScan 7 | Ear thermometer with infrared

Dirk Re.

I came across this clinical thermometer, which is even used in hospitals. I've tested it and you can read my experience here.

Buy Songmics X Bike-5b28104f

Test: Songmics X Bike - fitness bike | Exercise bike

Dirk Re.

Alternative to active cycling? I have tested this fitness bike and point out its strengths and weaknesses.

Test: On Cloudflyer Waterproof running shoe


I have been using the shoe intensively for a few months. Here you can read my review of the On Cloudflyer Waterproof.