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Dance pole | Pole dance pole for home

Here comes our Poledance rod guide! You can even build them in the living room. - Or in the basement. The training builds muscle (including the grin muscles on the face), burns excess fat and catapults you into the surprise effect. We'll explain what's important.

Base tablets Top 10

What pill tablets are, what they use and if they may hurt. Acids and bases, minerals and detoxify the body. What's in it for us?

Chaga mushroom - a health miracle?

What Chaga is, what its effects are, what its ingredients are, what its preparation looks like, whether there are any side effects and where to buy the Chaga tea is best explored in this guide. It is best to put on hot water, because this mushroom has the potential to march to the very front.

Counselor: Learn to meditate | Tips for beginners

This little guide is about meditation. In a few words, we'll give you a little entry and explain what it's about. Also, what is not. Meditation is as old as humanity and heals. And really, meditation is not boring. But on the contrary. Really? Really.

Guide: Coriander | Spice and medicinal herb

What can you use coriander for? Use in the kitchen? To add to your health? What should you look for when buying cilantro? And does anyone have a recipe?

Anti-Snoring Agent Top 10

First, we ask ourselves how the snoring comes about at all, and then to go into the various solutions. At the end there are a few more tips. On a quiet night!

Bolero beverage powder - never buy bottles again!

Inform yourself before buying and compare top sellers in Bolero Beverage Powder - Never buy bottles again! | Opinions and reviews from other buyers will help you.

Electric massage mat Top 10

The little cure at home can be a massage mat. We looked at this once. What a massage does, what options there are for whom a mat is not suitable, where the pros and cons are and where you can buy a massage mat best.

Peanut butter from Argentina | without palm oil | no added sugar

If you like peanut butter or peanut butter, I have a tip for you. There are many varieties from many countries, but here I would like to bring my peanut butter from Argentina closer.

Probiotics Top 10 | Buy health

Probiotics is important for optimal functioning of the intestine. The gut is considered the seat of health, is now known. Due to improper diet, medications such as antibiotics or even stress and other diseases, the intestine can be severely affected.