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Glückstoff - storage box made of fabric
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Glückstoff - storage box made of fabric: Storing fruit or vegetables is sometimes not easy as moisture should not be collected in bulk. Glückstoff - storage box made of fabric is a storage bag for all kinds of things. Here things can be stored dry and dark and in an attractive vintage | Country style look that many women are sure to like in the kitchen or household.

Details about Glückstoff - storage box made of fabric

Lucky stuff issues the storage bags themselves Jute and cotton here. The jute fiber is great for food. They stay fresh longer because of jute breathable and can store moisture. One for groceries certified black lining keeps the contents dark and protects from the sun. The bags can be opened and closed easily with cords. With a coated Velcro sticker you can use the storage bags in different ways or label them yourself in a variety of ways.

I have 3 sizes (small, medium, large) for different things. 3 printed Velcro stickers are “potatoes”, “onions” and “bread”. 3x blank stickers are available for self-labeling to wipe off again. Unfortunately, a suitable pen is not included.

Glückstoff - storage box made of fabric
image | Storage box

The set is available in the colors: Natural and dark gray
My set of 3 is dark gray and fits well into my household 🙂 and 1x large bread bag in natural color.

Glückstoff - storage box made of fabric
1x blank was wrongly printed, but was delivered immediately! Thank you very much!

Exact size information:
Large - L: 22 x 23 cm (Volume: 9L)
Medium - M: 17 x 18 cm (volume: 4L)
Small - S: 13 x 12 cm (volume: 1,5L)

Design and first impression

If you are looking for storage in a vintage look or country house style, this set immediately catches your eye and therefore a purchase decision for some people. Not everyone likes BOXES or plastic containers in the kitchen, and certainly not when it should be open. Here you can simply leave potatoes, bread and much more in the kitchen with “Glückstoff”. It looks very decorative. - Glückstoff - storage box made of fabric

How do I use the Glückstoff storage bags?

A bread basket often takes up a little more space on the breakfast table and so I occasionally use a Glückstoff storage bag, as it can be stacked upwards and it still looks good on the table.

I also keep the bread in a bag and always have it to hand when I need it. I keep onions and garlic together in a bag.

The fabric boxes can of course also be used for other purposes, not just for groceries! Whether children's toys, crayons, dog snacks, dog toys, office equipment or decorative embellishment of things.

With the cords you can hang the storage bags in the kitchen, I think it's very successful!

At the end... I think the Glückstoff - storage boxes made of fabric (fabric bags for storage) are very successful, they have a wide range of uses and also look very good in the household. Also suitable for giving away, because you could pack something nice here 🙂 Your Jule

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