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Hair color remover

Wrong colour? Greenish tint? This will give you the color out of your hair.

Perhaps you're tired of your old hair color. It just looks boring and "always". The result of the coloring is not what one imagined. No matter the reason, the old hair color has to go. ASAP as possible. At home, if possible, on the side, without having to cancel the home loan and savings contract.

So what to do? You can at least remove most of the hair color with home remedies. With other products, special shampoos, too. Which are they? There are many ways to iron out your mistakes. Or to wash away. Removing hair color made easy - with our hair color remover Guide. – Hair color remover bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests

Hair color remover bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

Goldwell Elumen Return Color Remover, Ammonia-Free, Pack of 1 (1x...Schwarzkopf SK Igora Technical Kit Col. Remover, 250 ml (Pack of 1...LOréal Paris Colorista Champú Borrador Del Color Fader 200MlGoldwell Elumen hair color YY @ ALL 200 ml hair color in yellowElkaderm Keraphlex Concentrate Set, 1er Pack, (1x 2 Piece)Colovista Color Remover, 3er Pack (3 x 1 Piece)M: C Color Remover C 1000 ml Color Remover Contour Cleaner ...King Dy-Zoff Pads for Hair Color Remover from the Skin, 80 padsL'Oréal Efassor Special Coloriste Color Proof, { 28 g × 12...Wella Care Service paint remover, 150 ml
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Goldwell Elumen Return Color Remover,...*Schwarzkopf Sk Igora Technical Kit Col. Remover,...*LOréal Paris Colorista Champú Borrador Del Color...*Goldwell Elumen Hair Color YY @ ALL 200 ml Hair Color ... *Elkaderm Keraphlex Concentrate Set, 1 pack, (1x ... *Colovista Color Remover, pack of 3 (3 x 1 piece) *M: C Color Remover C 1000 ml color remover ... *King Dy-Zoff pads for hair color remover from the...*L'Oréal Efassor Special Coloriste color proof, {...*Wella Care Service color remover, 150 ml *
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price historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice historyprice history
20,43 €19,20 €Check price20,23 €31,90 €10,99 €19,57 €10,71 €Check priceCheck price
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Color and its properties

Color is not just color. Tint, dye with partly aggressive ingredients or henna. Not only do different laws apply to the various manufacturers, even to hair color itself. The hair is naturally straight with lots of small scales attached to it. If the natural protective layer is missing, these small scales stand up. The hair looks dull, it dries out, it knots faster. Aggressive dyes break this structure up (if still present) and stick to it. Over time, the hair becomes significantly worse.

Even the hair that grows back is attacked, as the chemistry naturally also acts on the scalp and can even attack the hair roots. It is not for nothing that pregnant women are advised not to dye their hair in the first place. Anyone who wants to bleach their hair has more to do, depending on the hair color. A tint is the least toxic to the hair as the hair color just wraps around the hair. It is best to remove it and bring the hair back to its original state. Anyone who has colored their hair needs a little more patience. The color has penetrated the hair. Caution is advised here, depending on the hair structure, the hair may look blotchy or very uneven after trying to remove the hair color.

Bright colors

Brightening bright colors is usually easy and uncomplicated, as not much color needs to be removed from the hair. A shade lighter is usually more than unproblematic and will not attack the hair strongly.

Medium colors

These take longer, but sometimes only 2-3 applications are needed to achieve the desired results. Here is more cautious to deal with the mane. The more artificially altered the hair and its structure, the more sensitive they become.

Dark colours

Who wants to lighten his hair more than 4 shades and possibly has dyed hair, should consider whether he does not do this by a barber. There are Blondiermittel for the home, but these are very aggressive and not infrequently it comes to allergic reactions.

Whether to prepare another hair color, perhaps red, or simply to restore or underline the natural look. The closer you stay to the original state, the more gentle it will be to your hair and the easier the transformation will be.

Remove hair color with home remedies

Who wants to remove his hair color at home and as gently as possible, can try it with tried-and-tested home remedies. This works well if the hair is tinted or if the hair has its actual color. For dyed hair, the result can sometimes be very irregular, since the hair may be damaged by the coloring. Who is tempted to lighten his hair because the hair only regrow gray and he wants to prevent a strong heel, for this home remedy - method is equally suitable.


Lemon and also the vitamin C powder (from the health food store or the pharmacy) consist of ascorbic acid. This acid is able to bleach, especially with the help of the sun. Just take some lemon juice or a small portion of ascorbic acid, mix it with water (1 / 3 is sufficient) and put it in a small spray bottle. Now just spray the desired hair and leave to dry in the sun (bleach).


Camomile puts a wonderful warm-yellow tone on the hair. Boil a pint of water with 4 sachets of chamomile tea and rinse your hair after washing it. Or you can fill the strong tea in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair at will. Here, too, the sun helps to lighten the hair.


Honey contains a hint of bleach. Here is best a honey - rinse. All you need is about 200 ml of water, a teaspoon of honey and some apple cider vinegar (if possible organic). Dissolve the honey in slightly warmed water and add a dash of apple cider vinegar. After washing the hair with mild shampoo (warm water opens the hair structure, cold water closes it), simply apply the honey conditioner over your hair and let it act for 5 minutes. Then simply rinse with lukewarm water again.

bicarbonate of soda

Soda is not only a popular means of removing stubborn stains in the household. You can also use it to wash your hair. Simply dissolve (depending on hair length) a teaspoon (possibly a little more) in lukewarm water, about 200 ml, and massage the mixture onto the hair and head. Let this mixture work for a few minutes and then rinse the hair thoroughly afterwards. If you like, you can join Apple Cider Vinegar - Rinse with water. This gives the hair an extra portion of shine and makes it easy to comb.

Attention : Natron can be too much for a sensitive scalp that is prone to dryness and may cause unpleasant itching!

Remove hair color with other products

If you don't feel like using home remedies or simply don't have the time, you can also try it "on the side" with your daily hair care.


There are special shampoos on the market that gently, gradually remove the color from your hair. Sometimes the information is written directly on the packaging, while in others you have to look on the back. The note “not suitable for colored hair” should make you sit up and take notice, as these shampoos simply wash out the unnatural (chemical) hair color little by little (and faster than the natural process).

Bleaching aka bleaching

Those who suffer from sensitive scalp, should refrain from these products. Who has dyed his hair, maybe even gray over dyed, should also take care. These little chemical bombs make no difference. They pull everything out of their hair, what they find.


If nothing else helps, only the walk to the barber helps. This can bleach or bleach the hair with special means. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the aftercare. Bleached hair and the scalp are very sensitive and it will take some time for them to recover from the strain.

Less is more

Our hair is often malnourished and damaged due to our diet and lifestyle. Excessive styling, blow-drying, straightening, washing, coloring, spays... If used too much or too aggressively, all of this damages not only the existing hair, but also the scalp. People often forget that the new hair grows under the scalp and that caring for this skin is at least as demanding a job. You usually only notice it when it's too late. Therefore: after any chemical/aggressive work on your hair, give it and your scalp a break and ensure a supply of good “hair food”. It will be noticeable throughout the hair structure.

Conclusion: hair color remover

Making your hair a little lighter because the color has become too dark or because you want to spice up your own hair color is also possible with home remedies and is always gentler than with other products. Sometimes the only thing that helps is a trip to the hairdresser, especially when you want to turn black into white. This doesn't work with home remedies. Otherwise you can find everything you need in the supermarket that makes things a little “lighter”. Lemons, honey, chamomile and baking soda. The sun is free!

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling hair color remover products 2024 on Ehrliche Tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect hair color remover product for your needs now!

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Colourb4 Hair Color Remover Extra - For Removing Dark...
Colourb4 Hair Color Remover Extra - For Removing Dark...*
Without ammonia and peroxides; Detailed instructions for use can be found as a PDF in the product descriptions
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KOAHDE Silver Gray Natural Hair Color Cream, Gray Hair...
KOAHDE Silver Gray Natural Hair Color Cream, Gray Hair...*
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Goldwell Elumen Return Color Remover, Ammonia-Free, Pack of 1 (1x 250 ml)

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Colourb4 Hair Color Remover Extra - For Removing Dark...
Colourb4 Hair Color Remover Extra - For Removing Dark...*
Without ammonia and peroxides; Detailed instructions for use can be found as a PDF in the product descriptions
12,99 € - € 4,00 8,99 € Amazon Prime

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