Helmet camera mount for action cameras

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How to securely attach your action camera to your helmet

Helmet camera mount for actioncams

Helmet camera mount - Witness someone else's adventures. Let others share in your own adventures. The best way to do this is through moving images, video. Thanks to today's technology, this even goes to the end of the world. Everyone who has to wear a helmet asks themselves at some point: “What is the best way to attach my action camera to my helmet?” And if I don’t wear one, what then?”

There are manufacturers who have asked the same question about their products and have come up with solutions. Solutions that we will present here and today. It is clear that the brackets must be of high quality. How expensive is it all? Which are the best for me? Let's latch onto the world of action cameras. - Helmet camera holder for action cameras

Helmet camera mount for action cameras - in comparison

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10,90 €Check price12,99 €Check price38,99 €7,98 €Check price12,61 €
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What is an action camera?

The name says it all. A Action camera endures and that is usually water, wind, vibrations. Thanks to its integrated image stabilizer and its wide-angle lens with a fixed focal length and a good image sensor, it is particularly popular with surfers, skiers, parachutists, divers and cyclists. You don't have to worry about the camera, it is specially protected.

Many cameras film in HD or 4K, which makes editing and cutting much easier afterwards thanks to the additional information in the video and image. If that is not enough for you, you can look out for WLAN support that enables control via smartphone or tablet / notebook or for cameras with a screen. They are all light, compact and usually easy to use and also have a microphone on board.

Which possibilities of a helmet camera mount do I have?

Ideally, to get the best videos and documentary content, when you need to get your hands free and wear a helmet at your favorite activity, you need a helmet camera mount that sits neatly. For the helmet there are three systems that have proven themselves. You can still decide from which perspective you want to record. From the front, from the side or from the top. This also has to be considered in the selection of the mounting option in advance.


The most flexible solution right from the start. The head strap can be used with and without a helmet. He has a clip on which the cam holder can be attached. It can be put on a helmet just like a hat, a diving suit or just over the head. This is practical for people who like to do everything: biking, climbing, hiking, riding, surfing, swimming ... The head strap that goes with everything is completely flexible. The only disadvantage: the perspective is limited, the camera sits on the forehead and it stays there.

adhesive pads

Especially the helmet at the point where the adhesive pad should hold, the better it sticks, of course. More edition, more security. Clear. Therefore, look at the beginning, whether this mounting option is suitable for your helmet. Now only (there is also a set) the base holder stuck to the pad, done. This makes the action camera safe and easy to put on and take off again. Is suitable for many different models and is often to connect with different systems. More detailed information can be found in the information provided by the manufacturer.

When attaching the adhesive pads, make sure that the helmet is as level as possible. Before sticking the pad, the spot must be completely clean and free of grease, usually it is sufficient to wash off the desired area with rinse aid and to dry with a clean cloth. It's best to wait around 24 hours for the glue to develop its full adhesion.

Disadvantages: Getting the pad off the helmet again should prove difficult and you shouldn't use it a second time.

Attachment to ventilation slots

If you have many vents on your helmet, you may find it hard to find a suitable location for a pad. Luckily there are straps for it. These are also in possession of the matching clip closure. That makes it easy again: pull the tape through the ventilation slots, lash down, camera on it, done. The advantage over the pads is that the entire belt can be removed easily and yet rock solid with the helmet in connection.

Advantages and disadvantages of a helmet camera mount for action cameras

Each product comes with its own smaller advantages and disadvantages and it depends a lot on the requirements of the athlete which helmet camera mount he wants to buy. The more action-packed the sport, the better the camera has to be, of course. The more movement, the tighter the bracket needs to be. Therefore, make sure that the quality is very good, even if the action cameras go through a lot, at some point their limits are reached. Various discussions and comments in forums and online shops make it possible to tailor oneself specifically to one's needs.

The pads

have the disadvantage that they are not interchangeable, but the advantage that sit the brackets bombing. You need a good liability that must be as grade and dirt or fat-free.

The belt

is totally flexible and can be strapped back and forth. It is best for helmets that have a ventilation slot and where you can work less or not at all with the pads.

The head strap

is completely flexible and is also suitable for rider helmets and if you are not just riding a bike, but also like to hike.


Once you have found and appropriate the right helmet camera mount for action cameras, nothing stands in the way of the adventure that you can share with others or use for your personal evaluation. Thanks to the three possibilities that make it possible to attach it to and on every helmet, it is very easy to secure your cam. From totally flexible to firm - on a few little things you should of course pay attention.

The mounting options must be of high quality and adapted to personal needs. Expensive is not all that, on average 10 Euro costs a good holder.
If you still have the right gimmicks, you will get his videos and his imagery

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