Buying Guide: Soundbar | Sounddeck more sound for your TV

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Soundbar | Sound deck

A sound bar enhances your sound from the TV

Soundbar | Sound deck: More sound! If your TV sounds more like a tin can, you do not feel like watching movies. Also no desire for a headphone or a huge sound system? There's only one thing left to do with your new one 8K TV or yours Surface Fabric want to pimp to a movie theater: a soundbar or a sounddeck.

This buying guide is about sound enjoyment in mini format. To make it big, there are a few things you should consider. We'll explain what these are here. We also clarify the differences between the sound deck vs. Soundbar. Get ready: Buying guide: Soundbar | Best sound for your TV

Soundbar | Sounddeck - in comparison

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What is a Soundbar | sound cover

What are the differences between Soundbar and sound cover? Both are quick and easy to connect. Both will be the sound of yours TV increase enormously. Nevertheless, there are differences:


Soundbar is also called sound projector. A Soundbar is elongated like a "bar". That's why she is also called Klangriegel. In this sound bar several speakers are installed. All the technology of an 5.1 system is housed in this relatively small bolt. This gives you the full surround feeling. The technology makes it possible: The sound is processed electronically and the sound is reflected from your walls.

** Basically, this is not stereo, it just works that way. But human hearing can not distinguish that. **

Be it a calibration system or a multi-channel amplifier: the technology behind it also determines the clean sound. On some models you can also have one external subwoofer to buy. You can either place the soundbar in front of your TV or mount it on the wall below your TV. You have buttons on the front. On the back are the ports that connect the bar to your TV. If that's too much salad for you, the Klangriegel is of course also wireless or wireless soundbar.

Connections Soundbar

You can:

  • TV
  • DVD / BlueRay player
  • CD player
  • HDMI
  • NFC
  • USB


sound cover

Sounddeck Sonos
Sounddeck - Sonos

The sound deck is similar to a soundbar, but has the advantage that most decks are built so sturdy that you can put your TV on it. This takes up less space. Pay attention to the weight! Also, a sound deck works with appropriate technology, where the sound from the television is electronically processed and "thrown" on the wall to reflect the illusion of stereo to produce.

- € 57,95
- € 160,01
Canton DM 60 2.1 Virtual Surround System (200 Watt) black...
Canton DM 60 2.1 Virtual Surround System (200 Watt) black...*
included_components; Soundbar with remote control and user manual
449,00 € - € 160,01 288,99 €

Connections Sounddeck

You can also here:

  • TV
  • DVD / BlueRay player
  • CD player
  • HDMI
  • NFC
  • AUX
  • USB


What you need a soundbar for

Why all this anyway? You can buy cheap devices for 100 €, high quality devices for 1000 €. Whatever your requirements, your device can be found. Often the new televisions also sound quite thin, nothing really fits, and if you turn up the volume on the television, it booms more than it sounds. This can get on my nerves in the long run. Also practical: you don't feel like filling your entire room with lots of boxes. Either for optical reasons or you simply don't have the space.

How much power do you need?

Less the performance is important, more the quality, in which the soundbar with the appropriate technology prepares the acoustics. 50 - 100 watts are sufficient for your normal living room. Do you like listening to music? Then you should rate up to 200 watts. Party? Then 300 watts would be appropriate for you.

Soundbar on the PC or netbook

It does not necessarily have to be the TV. You can also do yours PC or yours Notebook connect to a soundbar. The sound will improve significantly. That may be playing with the XBOX or Playstation not that bad? Make sure that the soundbar is not too long - you have limited space. You can connect the sound bar via your monitor or directly on the computer. Various options are available.

** There are special soundbars that fit right underneath your PC - you can also save space and still have nothing to sacrifice **

# Preview Products Rating Price
1 Trust Arys Soundbar, PC speakers, USB operation, 12 W... Trust Arys Soundbar, PC speakers, USB operation, 12 W...* Currently no reviews 29,99 € 19,99 €Amazon Prime
2 Trust Gaming Stereo Soundbar with RGB Lighting GXT 619 Thorne -... Trust Gaming Stereo Soundbar with RGB lighting GXT 619 Thorne -...* Currently no reviews 52,99 € 35,98 €Amazon Prime

Soundbars for your PC necessarily fit lengthwise under your screen. You are allowed, as far as the performance is concerned, to paddling instead of smudging. Because sometimes online videos or the like are somehow too quiet. So the bar has to catch that and make it loud enough for you to rock through the booth.

Soundbar for your screen

If you have created a movie theater at home, the right sound should not be missed. This is especially a soundbar: if you bring the sound behind the screen, this is particularly relaxing for you. Because your brain no longer has a picture-sound contradiction. What you need, however, is a screen that is acoustically transparent. Otherwise the sound will be "stifled".

** What you should pay attention to with a projector and the appropriate screen, you will learn in Canvas Guide**

How to Build a Soundbar Sounddeck

The more square a room is, the better the sound sounds. Remember that the sound has to be reflected off of your room walls. This is best achieved when the sofa is in the middle and not directly on the wall. Your seating position is also crucial. A room that is elongated gives the sound waves too much space - in the worst case, you perceive the sound as being delayed or consumed. The soundbar should not be on the floor.

  • Soundbars and sound decks lend themselves to square spaces
  • Put the technology in the middle
  • Not on the ground
  • Don't hide the soundbar - it swallows the sound
  • Fix or fix it, otherwise it will vibrate in the background
  • An HDMI connection ensures synchronicity

If you have an external subwoofer, you have to make sure that it is not too present. But the main thing is not to put it too close to a wall. Slide it back and forth, the bass and the low tones are also influenced a little by your interior. An HDMI connection is the safest and best way to connect your sound bar. It is even better if there are several HDMI connections. Does your TV not have an HDMI connection? Then you need an optical or coaxial audio input to get a stable sound.

** Film fans watch out: Dolby Atmos decoders radiate part of the sound to the ceiling. The sound trickles down on you. **

What you should buy at Soundbar Sounddeck

You can not go wrong with the Soundbar. The plugs are all given, so that the connection will not cause you a headache. Whether it's going to be a sound deck or a sound bar is up to you and your needs. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some points. Which of these are we have briefly listed here in this list:

  • The longer the deck or the soundbar, the better its sound
  • With or without external subwoofer?
  • What connections does the TV and sound deck or soundbar have?
  • Where should the device be mounted?
  • Or should the TV stand on it?
  • What do you want to play everything with it?
  • How much should the technology cost?

What are soundbar systems?

Whole Soundbar systems not only come with the bar itself, but also bring external boxes such as subwoofers and speakers. Most work wirelessly. This also has advantages and disadvantages. Good: your whole cinema room looks and is tidy and you can mount the speakers wonderfully on the walls. The whole thing then works with Bluetooth 4.0, Of course, the systems can also be controlled via an app or a remote control. This is particularly suitable for your cinema screen.

# Preview Products Rating Price
1 ULTIMEA 5.1 Surround Soundbar, 3D Surround Sound System, Soundbar... ULTIMEA 5.1 Surround Soundbar, 3D Surround Sound System, Soundbar...* Currently no reviews 199,99 € 129,99 €Amazon Prime
2 ULTIMEA 2.2-channel soundbar for TV devices, divisible 2-in-1... ULTIMEA 2.2-channel soundbar for TV devices, divisible 2-in-1...* Currently no reviews 109,99 €Amazon Prime
3 Hisense HS2100 2.1 Soundbar Home Theater System with Wireless... Hisense HS2100 2.1 Soundbar Home Theater System with wireless...* Currently no reviews 149,00 € 119,00 €Amazon Prime

Pros and Cons Soundbar Sounddeck

What advantages and disadvantages do the small amplifiers have? They are a bit different, that's why they were separated from us here.
Their overall advantage, however, is obvious based on their size. The decks and bars are compact.


You can mount a soundbar wonderfully on the wall under your TV

Advantages Soundbar

✔ very suitable for TV's hanging on the wall

✔ Many bars have a dress-up display

Cons soundbar

✘ You can put them badly in front of the TV because they hide the control eye there

✘ You need space for an external subwoofer

sound cover

A sound deck saves space:

Advantages sound deck

✔ You can put your TV on the deck - this saves space

✔ Good and rich sound through integrated mid and bass tones

Disadvantages sounddeck

✘ Watch the weight of the TV if you want to put it on the deck

✘ If you want an external subwoofer, it needs extra space

As you can see, your personal needs are very important in deciding which system is right for you.

Conclusion - Soundbar | Sounddeck more sound for your TV

For your television, for your screen or for your computer: a soundbar or sounddeck can give you real sound pleasure. Gone are the days when it sounds like it comes from a tin can or from the parallel universe. The new devices have built in brilliant technology that picks up the signal, processes it and "throws" it against your wall - so you are literally exposed to sound.

The important thing is how you set up your new box and also how the room is created. Now you just have to sit in the middle in front of it so that everything is nice and even. It's not necessarily expensive, but worth a lot. You can buy cheap models for around 100 euros. 100, 200 or 300 watts? Which service is right for you depends on your needs.

Discover the top 10 best and best-selling soundbar products in 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect soundbar product for your needs now!

Top 10🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
- € 50,90Services
Sony HT-SF150 2-channel soundbar (connection via HDMI, Bluetooth...
Sony HT-SF150 2-channel soundbar (connection via HDMI, Bluetooth...*
Powerful surround sound thanks to S-Force Surround and Bass Reflex unit; Easy connection to your TV...
149,90 € - € 50,90 99,00 € Amazon Prime
- € 15,95Services
- € 30,00Services
Hisense HS2100 2.1 Soundbar Home Theater System with Wireless...
Hisense HS2100 2.1 Soundbar Home Theater System with wireless...*
Subwoofer dimensions (L x H x D) 11 x 30 x 35 cm; Soundbar dimensions (L x H x D) 80 x 6 x 9 cm
149,00 € - € 30,00 119,00 € Amazon Prime
- € 57,95Services

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