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Make your own honey | Become a beekeeper

Without bees - no life. Do it yourself honey: Slowly people have understood this and the knowledge of cause and effect is seeping through. Actively doing something - something that is meaningful and sustainable. In addition to collecting rubbish and providing fields and meadows, you can also become a beekeeper. Beekeeping is suitable as a hobby. You have to bring some knowledge with you, you don't need to be afraid of stings - unless you are allergic.

Here you can find out what you need to bring as a beekeeper and what options are available to you. Flowers and bees, rich honey and contributing to sustainability. - Make your own honey | Become a beekeeper

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155,00€26,99€32,66€Check priceCheck price29,90€25,99€30,18€45,00€8,90€
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What does a beekeeper do?

The aim of beekeeping is the harvest of honey. At least secondary. The beekeeper primarily helps nature, because almost all plants are dependent on pollination. The bees need to be looked after throughout the year. To the care belongs:

  • In winter, you take care of the maintenance and care of the hive and may need to feed your bees
  • In spring, your bees wake up slowly. See if they have enough food, if the cane is ok, and if all the bees survived the winter well
  • In summer you have to check, repair and harvest the beehive again and again!
  • In the fall, the bees slowly retire. Now it is time to make the winter preparations

You have to deal with the bee colonies all year long. Of course not daily, but already regularly. Some peoples get sick and die.

You are welcome to deal with expertise! In particular, the winter months are suitable, there you have time and then can start next spring, make yourself honey.

What does a beekeeper need?

What do you need on accessories if you want to become a beekeeper? A few things are already necessary and in the following list you will find out what they are.

** Note: In some areas, towns and communities, there are regulations that describe where a hive may be placed. First, ask about the facts! **


A hive, also called magazine prey, is of course the first requirement. Basically, it is a wooden box with thrusts in which the bees apply the honeycomb and also the honey. This is traditionally made of wood and has a top lid. So you can always look in the stick and feed if necessary. Some beekeepers swear by another material: foam. That should better insulate.

** Plastic material should be painted with UV resistant paint. The bees love it in the truest sense of the word "stock dark"! **


Which bee folk is the best? There are different breeds and slightly different genera. Of course, you need a queen for a real people! A bee colony consists of a queen, hundreds of working drones (male animals) and thousands of female workers (female bees). The food is crucial. Depending on what the little beekeepers get to eat, they develop.

** Young people will be rebuilt in May and June **

protective suit

A protective suit is a body suit, in which gloves must not be missing. Experienced beekeepers know their bees and do not necessarily wear a suit. If you're just starting, you should get one. Bees are wild animals that can be soothed, but also have a bad mood. Imprudent movements are sometimes enough to make them aggressive.


The soothing measures include a special blend that is smoked as tobacco. The smell makes it softer. But you do not have to start smoking now (although the picture of a pipe smoker is very romantic), you can also burn the tobacco as an incense.

stock chisel

A stick chisel is a tool that you will often need. It included several tools for cutting and separating in one. This is what you need at the latest if you want to get serious about your first own honey.


In order for your honey to come out of the honeycomb, you need a good sling. The riders are placed in the slingshot and with the aid of centrifugal force, the honey collects in the slingshot. This works much like a salad spinner!


Some use it, others do not. A broom is a special broom that does not hurt bees or honeycombs. This will sweep the honeycombs clean, so that no bees get into the slingshot.


Sometimes your bees get sick. It does not necessarily have to be a death sentence. With your beekeeper club you can inquire more exactly what you need exactly for what.

** There are already so-called beekeeper starter sets to buy. Sometimes these are cheaper **

Harvest honey

How do you get the delicious honey? Since building the peoples with all the extra material you need is not necessarily cheap, you might be thinking of selling the honey. The honey is ready when the bees feel it finished! This means that as soon as they begin to close the honeycomb, the honey is storable. He must not be too liquid, otherwise he spoils. Too tight too - trust your bees, they'll tell you!

When the time comes, the lattices from the hive, where the honeycomb and honey are located, are removed and thrown out. It is again filtered, there are no foreign bodies in the honey and can be stored and stirred for some time. You can do that if the honey is still too liquid for you.
Otherwise? Is the honey ready?

** In order to actually sell the honey legally, training is needed. The Association of German beekeepers will help you accordingly. He offers various training courses and also serves as a guarantor for genuine quality goods **

How do bees make honey?

Bees pick up the nectar from the plants and swallow it - there is a honey blister in their belly. That is where the honey process begins. Secretions begin to act already in the tummy of the bee. Later, the bee gives the juice to another bee in the cane. This in turn gives him to another. This goes on and on each time more and more water is removed from the sap. If it is thick enough, this juice comes into the honeycomb and is closed. The honey is durable.

** what you see on the hind legs of the bees are pollen. They serve as food **

What you should be aware of when beekeepers

Not only the theoretical knowledge, but also your nature are important to become a good beekeeper.

  • Remember that you have to take care of your bees throughout the year - less in winter but they need you
  • You need a suitable place to set up your poles
  • You should acquire a lot of knowledge and also attend training courses
  • You need to familiarize yourself with the diseases, the multiplication and the handling
  • Know that bees are semi-wild insects. They can sting, but do so only in extreme emergency
  • Do you want to sell the honey? Then you need extra training and your beekeepers club
  • You will have to spend a lot of time in nature
  • Do you have an allergy to bee stings? Then the hobby is not necessarily for you

** The running costs in the year are approximately at 170€, You should take that into account. **

What bees do not like

Some things you should also note:


Scientists agree that planned 5G network poses a threat not only to humans, but also to the bees. The net weakens their immune system and disturbs the orientation of small important insects.

Bee deaths >> http://www.umweltbuero-lichtenberg.de/umweltbewusst/archiv/artenschutz/468-mobilfunk-eine-wesentliche-ursache-fuer-das-weltweite-bienensterben.html

food sources

Genetically Modified Plants, Monoculture of Humans and Pests: If the bees do not find healthy food and healthy natural pollen and nectar, they will go down miserably. Weakened bees that are malnourished are a predator for parasites.


Climate change ensures longer, warmer winters. What we humans like is not so intoxicating for nature. Because the long periods of non-weather feed on the forces of the bees. Increasingly, mortality is observed.

Pros and cons beekeepers

Do you still want to become a beekeeper? Finally, we would like to give you a list of advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide wholeheartedly for your new hobby.

Benefits beekeepers

✔ You can do something for the preservation of the species
✔ You can harvest and sell your own honey
✔ You have a very beautiful nature-related hobby
✔ You are always out in nature
✔ You can breed new peoples yourself

Cons beekeeper

✘ The initial costs are higher at the beginning
✘ If you have an allergy, the hobby is more out of your reach
✘ You need a suitable place for your hive
✘ The bees and the cane need regular care throughout the year

** Reading tip: Maybe you want too Become a recreational diver?

Conclusion - make honey yourself | Become a beekeeper

If you do not necessarily have an allergy, the hobby beekeeper can be a very beautiful, natural and healthy addition to your life. You do not have to be afraid of the bees. They sting only in an emergency and you will not dispute your cake, unlike the wasps. But first check with your church or town if and how the putting up of a stick can and should take place. You can join a beekeeper association that advises you in every situation.

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