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The hotfix applicator - design made easy

Strass. A must for many women. Everything that glitters and shines contains glamour. The good thing is that you are no longer dependent on retailers and their ideas; the DYO possibilities are growing day by day. This is also the case with the Hotfix applicator, which you can use to add rhinestones to your own T-shirts. You can also decorate and glue sneakers and other items of clothing wonderfully; you can make your own patterns. Rhinestone patterns however and where you like it. In this guide we explain what a hotfix applicator is, what you can do with it, what you use it for, where it is best to buy it and what the advantages and disadvantages are. – Hotfix applicator bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

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Hotfix applicator bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

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What is a hotfix applicator?

Basically, a hotfix applicator is something like a hot glue gun. It is powered by electricity. A heating rod melts the special adhesive and releases it again through the tip. Different attachments ensure that different stones and applications can be easily and securely attached to clothing or to what you want to decorate. The adhesive is simply pressed under the stone, which prevents "adhesive smear" on the material that is being processed. The possibilities for tinkering and embellishing are very versatile. It's great fun to let your creativity run wild. The device itself consists of a piston and various attachments, which are usually included in the scope of delivery. Cheap devices do not have an ON / OFF switch.

What can you stick with it?

Most appliances come from scratch with different attachments, which are easy to handle

  • rhinestones
  • rivet
  • Nailheads
  • Rhinestones
  • rhinestuds

and much more can be pasted and pasted.

  • cork
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • some plastics
  • Cotton or too
  • Manager

can be glued so easily.
You need a bit of accessories. Tweezers are important, you have to buy the glue and, of course, decide on the different stones and variants. In addition there would be storage boxes for just these small stones and special tools like pliers, a positioner or transfer foil. For people who are unsure about the pattern, there are different templates after you can glue the stones.
Important: A hotfix applicator will naturally be very warm. Do not leave children unattended with it alone and make sure that you do not burn yourself.

Was kann man damit machen?

There are many crafting tutorials on the net that provide endless creative potential. So you can make old clothes with a little love completely new. Also cards, picture frames, sneakers, bags. In fact, everything can be glued and embellished, where the adhesive holds. This can also be cork and paper as well as wood. The different stones with beautiful colors enable a further creative boost. Every favorite color is available. There are waste tips for the hotfix applicators, which cover every size of the stones.
Many different templates allow for clean glueing.

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

Tips for designing

If you have a device without an ON / OFF switch, you have to think carefully about what you want to glue, because the applicator gets hot very quickly. Once this is done, you can pick up the pebbles lying flat side down with the applicator and glue them immediately. It becomes difficult when you need different sizes. Here you can either stick in different phases or you unscrew the hot attachment with a pair of pliers and then the cool new essay very quickly back to it. Attention, risk of injury, because the heat goes very fast to the top of the applicator!
Larger stones also means more glue, which in turn means the device takes a little longer to liquefy the glue. It is important that the complete glue is liquid, otherwise the stones will not stick properly and this will be unnecessary extra work and annoying if they should fall off.
Of course you can also wash the newly designed clothes. Best with 30 degrees and in an extra laundry bag. If you want to put on new clothes or t-shirts, it's best to wash first. So excess paint or chemistry can be removed and does not interfere with the adhesive's job. Even ironing can be very helpful, then the fabric is smooth.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hotfix applicator

If you make your own, you do not need the ideas of others. That and you can stick his old clothes like tShirts with rhinestones. Doing his patterns yourself. Wherever and in whatever color you want to have it. The whole system is not so expensive, the stones also cost. There are a lot of accessories and possibilities.
You can also stick to other things, like cards or picture frames. His handbag or the shoes. Sometimes you need to gradually, if you do so often and like to do a lot of accessories, but then it has long since become a hobby.
Patience and time as well as tact are also important when working with it.

Where can you buy it best?

On the Internet, the choice and pricing is huge. Anyone who wants to inquire about the various options, but will also find in retail. Here one also has direct contact persons who can offer assistance if necessary. In craft shops you have the various accessories also in your hands. From about 20 Euro the devices are already available. The stones themselves are very cheap and you can buy them cheaply almost anywhere.


Another way to creatively create your own life. It can not only be a nice hobby but it can also give your friends and family a real pleasure. Since you can stick to everything, there are no limits to creativity. There are enough accessories and possibilities, of course, the prices are strongly depending on the requirements. If you pay a little attention to safety and see that the applicator suits your needs, then you can enjoy many ideas and materials in retail and online. Anyone who has started with it and who likes the new hobby, can enjoy a rich but also relatively inexpensive hobby.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling hotfix applicator products in 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect hotfix applicator product for your needs now!

Top 10🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
- € 6,01Services
- € 1,40Services
Hotfix applicator - quick heating rhinestone applicator,...
Hotfix applicator - quick heating rhinestone applicator,...*
🟣【Size Packaging】1 x Hot Fix Applicator Wand, 1 x Holder, 7 x Tips
15,99 € - € 1,40 14,59 € Amazon Prime
- € 1,00Services
- € 1,02Services
CFH rhinestone applicator set SA 920 52920
CFH rhinestone applicator set SA 920 52920*
It comes with 500 rhinestones (300 transparent + 200 mixed colors).
21,31 € - € 1,02 20,29 € Amazon Prime
- € 0,80Services
Luxoria Pack of 10 Swarovski® Hotfix Crystals, Color Crystal,...
Luxoria Pack of 10 Swarovski® Hotfix Crystals, Color Crystal,...*
Size: SS34 (Ø approx. 7,1 mm); Color: Crystal (Clear, Colorless); Flat mirrored back with hot glue (Hotfix)
15,95 €
Jollin Hotfix Flat Back Crystal Stones...
Jollin Hotfix Flat Back Crystal Stones...*
Quantity: 2880pcs, SS16 size 4,0mm, your cost-effective choice.; Start your DIY life with sparkling rhinestones.
13,99 € Amazon Prime
Rhinestone Genie Hotfix Rhinestones, Professional...
Rhinestone Genie Hotfix rhinestones, professional...*
Professional Korean Glass Rhinestones; Highly reflective, bright and colorful
20,85 €
Luxoria Pack of 50 Swarovski® Hotfix Crystals, Color Crystal,...
Luxoria Pack of 50 Swarovski® Hotfix Crystals, Color Crystal,...*
Size: SS12 (Ø approx. 3,2 mm); Color: Crystal (Clear, Colorless); Flat mirrored back with hot glue (Hotfix)
16,45 €

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