How do I plan a house party - theme party?


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How do I plan a house party - theme party?

House party - theme party

How do I plan a house party - theme party?

House party - theme party: You will dream of having one of your own Hausparty to throw, but have no idea where to start and get them up on your own? Are you still missing ideas and suggestions for food, music or entertainment? Or do you want your boys and girls to be a particularly unusual one this time Party invite that puts your previous ones in the shade?

Then we have the perfect starting point for yours Party! We help you plan your big evening step by step and provide you with the right suggestions and incentives for every topic Hausparty to make it as perfect as possible. How do I plan a house party - themed party?

The invitation

Once you have checked your calendar and found a suitable day, the first thing you can do is to invite your friends and acquaintances. Sounds simple, but there are already many possibilities here. Classically by letter that you send or hand over personally or by circular mail is still popular despite the media. Here, however, the question of clarity arises, since everyone answers separately.

It is better to create an event on social networks like Facebook or WhatsApp and add all the people. Then you write your invitation text with time and place and give everyone the opportunity to quit if they cannot attend. You can also cancel or accept a Facebook event with one click - so you can keep track of your guests. If questions arise, they can be answered directly and visibly for all guests and do not have to be answered multiple times.

Another idea is to ask in the invitation which drinks or music the guests want; so you already have points in the later planning that you can pay attention to and shop accordingly. Of course, you can also express your wishes in the invitation or point out things before the big evening so that the evening goes smoothly (e.g. the bedroom is taboo, the bell is broken at the moment, etc.).

The motto

Once the invitations have been sent, planning can begin. Which type Party did you imagine Should it be Theme party will? The bring-along party is currently popular. You take care of the premises and the entertainment, the rest brings food and / or alcohol. But if you don't like to leave anything to chance or enjoy preparing everything yourself, there are other options. Celebrating with a specific color is a popular motto, for example 'blue'. All guests come dressed in blue colors if possible and the decoration is also coordinated accordingly.

This is not only something to look at, but also gives great photos in the end. Is there a special event like a bachelorette party or do you want yours to celebrate birthday, everything can be geared towards it. Other possible mottos include stripes or dots. New Year's Eve parties are also very popular and they can be a bit shrill and blatant.

The food

The right food is another important point for your evening. At some point everyone gets hungry.
Look at your number of guests and decide accordingly how much food you need so that everyone is full. If you have a very large group, it is always an option to order pizza so you don't spend hours in the kitchen.
You can still provide small snacks: The classics are chips, flips and pretzel sticks.

Do you want to offer something else as a snack? No problem. Small cut vegetable strips such as cucumber or carrots can be served with a sour cream dip and are not only healthy, but also taste delicious! Alternatively, it is always a good idea to have baguettes and herb butter ready.

Is a guest a vegetarian or a vegan? You should also pay attention to this in order to be able to take every taste into account.
At bring-along parties, you are not solely responsible for the food, everyone brings something different so that there is enough for everyone later and you don't have to worry about it alone. If you are responsible for the catering yourself, salads are available House parties Welcome. Lasagna and burgers also taste good and make almost all guests happy.

In order to do justice to everyone, we recommend that you prepare the ingredients for burgers ready-made, but give the guests the opportunity to top them up as they wish. Pizza and hot dogs are still very popular. Pizza rolls are also made quickly.

The drink

What would your celebration be without the right drinks? Here, too, attention must be paid to the different tastes of the guests. Does someone want to drink something specific and are you ready to buy that drink too?
Men should buy some beer, and there should be enough of it for women too. However, both real beer and mixed beer should be bought here. Sparkling wine can also be offered depending on the occasion or event.
Shots are also particularly popular at parties, so you should buy them in packs of hundreds to be on the safe side.

To fill the shots, the harder drinks must of course not be missing: vodka, rum, schnapps, liqueur. These can also be used for self-mixed drinks. In order to offer your guests the greatest variety of drinks, you can chill UN alcoholic drinks such as Fanta, Sprite, Cola, etc. so that everyone can mix their favorite drink individually.

The drinking games

The selection of drinking games is huge. The most popular one is currently 'I never', also known as 'I have never'. The I never app can be used on the smartphone for this or you can make up the statements yourself. There are no limits to creativity when thinking it up yourself.

Other popular games are Piccolo, which can also be played via an app, or card games such as Kings Cup. Alternatively, you can play drinking games with dice or, if you don't like one, search for ('drinking game apps) on your smartphone. A wide variety of entertaining games are displayed.

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The music

Every host hopes for a wildly dancing party crowd from their evening. To do this, you need the right music. For this purpose, a playlist should first be created via Youtube, iTunes or Spotify.
As already mentioned, music requests can be queried in order to have suitable music ready for all guests. Multiple bluetooth boxes like that UE boomboxes or Storm box are also great for a party.

Even if you have your to celebrate birthday you have to like it too, of course. The current charts are always available, and 90s hits are often played late at night. If a song is particularly well received, it should be placed at the end of the playlist and played again later.


The decoration should be kept simple so that it doesn't look too crowded or cheesy. A few balloons, streamers on the tables or light strips do their job perfectly. If possible, the light should not be too bright, but rather subdued and come almost exclusively from a disco ball or party lights in order to ensure the optimal atmosphere. At a Theme party the decoration should match the colors or the other motto


Your guests should have a good time and you want to do something or make something available to make sure that is the case. But how? A camera is a highlight on everyone Hausparty. So everyone can capture and hold moments and the next day everyone can look at them. Glasses / hats or wigs also make for funny photos and are also a funny and entertaining idea to offer your guests a variety of options. Another option would be classic party games such as limbo or balloon dancing, at the latest towards the end of the evening everyone will get involved and enjoy them - whether with alcohol or without

What else do you need for your party? **

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Have fun at your house party - theme party!

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