Dog terrified with ultrasound

Dog terrified with ultrasound

Dog terrified with ultrasound

Always trouble in the garden from stray dogs and apparently nothing helps? Your own dog is almost unteachable and all attempts to train fail? Many more or less desperate to annoyed people feel compelled to use more dramatic methods. An ultrasound dog fright for the garden to chase away and keep away, for dog defense, or for training in the form of a collar or a pipe. Does that bring anything at all? Ultrasound for dog defense is inaudible for most people. But for many animals. We have put together here how high the prognosis of the desired result is, how ultrasound works, which options are available where and where you can best buy a dog defense. - Ultrasound dog fright

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How ultrasound works

Ultrasound is a frequency that is emitted outside of human hearing. Man hears sounds between 20 Hertz and 20 kHz. Dogs between 15 and 50.000 Hz, some races also up to 100.000 Hertz. If they do not necessarily hear it, then they perceive it. Send dog whistles at 16.000 - 22.000 Hz. So who has a good ear, can still hear a beep. Depending on the sensitivity of the dog such an ultrasound is uncomfortable at best, in the worst case it hurts. It sounds like a terribly shrill sound to the dog. People who tend to tinnitus will distort the face at this point.

What is ultrasound used for dog defense?

On the one hand, there are devices that should not only help against dogs, but also against cats, martens and mice. It can be set up in the garden or installed as a marten terrier in the car. The experiences are shared. Some find this helpful, others can not find any appreciably positive change in their problem. Maybe it's the device, maybe some animals are just hard of hearing or it does not bother them anymore.
Dog collars that work with ultrasound are deeply controversial, but in no case belong in ignorant hands.

Ultrasound dog fright - product comparison

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Ultrasound in the education of dogs

When nothing comes up from education. - Some dog owners despair of the behavior of their four-legged friends and eventually give up in exasperation. Constant barking or limitless behavior can drive you crazy or bring disturbed neighbors followed by authorities. More or less quickly you look for another solution, sometimes the ultrasound collar for an education. An anti-bell collar. In many places, the dog starts barking when you, as the dog owner, just don't notice it.

Educational collars are comparatively cheap. These are just as heavy or big as normal collars and are available in different sizes. The sensor detects by monitoring the larynx if Lumpi yaps too loud or persistently. Some sensors are equipped with a microphone. Most collars do not respond immediately, but only when a certain limit is exceeded. Only then they send a tone in the frequency that is very unpleasant or annoying for the dog, but mostly not audible to humans. The goal is to get rid of the unwanted behavior by disgusting the dog.
Whatever needs to be considered, dogs never bark for no reason. Anxiety, stress, boredom or a task of waxing. Some "talk" throughout the day. The collars should not be too tight. Their function must also be thoroughly checked. By coughing you can find out how sensitive the microphone is. This is important to prevent the sensor from reacting when a book falls out of the neighbor's hand and the collar then sounds. The first time the dog wears such a thing outside of a secured property, it should be secured as a precautionary measure. Some dogs panic and run away.
Lastly, not every dog ​​is impressed by it when it buzzes or beeps. Depending on the character, he is the boss.

Dog save in the garden

Stray dogs digging in garbage cans, digging holes in the garden, dropping feces and urine - pretty much nobody needs them. Instead of poison or chemicals is a dog scare, which is probably the better alternative to distribute with ultrasound. Not always can the appropriate fences attach, these are usually very expensive. A motion sensor detects if a dog (or other animal) is approaching and the ultrasonic sound is heard. The sound is therefore not permanent, but temporary. This defense works even in absolute darkness and thus against the "animals of the night". Unless you turn it off. The frequencies can be adjusted and there are different correction levels to prevent a learning effect. Attention, even your own dog or cat stays away from the sonicated area. The radius of these devices is about 20 meters with good equipment and thus covers a range of about 200 sqm. When attaching you should make sure that it takes about knee high and free of green. If the device must be higher, you can correct by a corresponding inclination angle.

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Advantages and disadvantages of an ultrasound dog fright

The advantages include:

  • you do not have to be present to correct unwanted behavior, such as entering or barking
  • the devices work mostly sparingly so that you need little energy
  • they have a good range
  • Dogs or other animals can be expelled from the garden without having to use chemicals or poisons
  • The devices are not audible to most people and thus suitable for people with children
  • Ultrasound works in the different frequencies and can be adjusted

The disadvantages are almost the result of the advantages themselves:

  • no control while one is absent. Thus, the technique may fail or malfunction, which may result in damage to the animal
  • The ultrasound may also be audible to other animals and or dogs
  • some people can hear the frequency
  • you have to pay close attention to the settings and also that they do not pretend. Regular checks are necessary
  • A training collar is not recommended for inexperienced dog owners
  • not every animal is kept away


You can work with ultrasound, but you have to be sure how. The various devices can be bought cheaply on the Internet, a prior consultation by trained staff and training, but is especially advisable to dog owners. For the garden, the devices may have their expediency, to what extent they actually work, but also depends on the quality and also the attachment.

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