Electric Japanese Teppanyaki griddle for roasting and grilling

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Japanese teppanyaki grill plate

Who does not know the problem: the ladle is too small, the fish smells extremely badly during preparation and the whole kitchen is splattered with oil? I had these problems for a long time until I came across the electric Japanese teppanyaki griddle. This offers a large frying surface and allows grilling and roasting.

The Japanese griddle with 2000 watts is easy to use and can also be used indoors and outdoors.

But how does the grill plate perform in the practical test? I tested them, you can now read about my experiences.

electric Japanese grill plates in comparison

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First impression / handling

First of all: The Japanese Teppanyaki grill plate is in different size available. The dimensions of the electric grill plate are decisive here and the manufacturer differentiates between the sizes S, L, XL and XXL. According to needs, the right size can be purchased.

In my case, I chose that Size L decided there, for example, about 3-4 pieces of meat should fit on it.

Unpacked, you already have the fully assembled grill plate in your hand. It consists only of the plate with a size of 47,5x25,5 inch and the corresponding power plug.

The grill plate itself features small rubber feet, so you can always have one secure and firm footing having. In addition, the Non-stick coated surface for fat and oil free grilling of meat, sausages, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, pancakes and much more.

I think it's great that the record has a small Adrip tray available, thus avoiding contamination of the table.

The handling seems to be super easy, since the device can only be switched on or off completely and the thermostat is self-explanatory. The temperature can be regulated up to 227 °C by simply turning it.

Japanese teppanyaki grill plate

What can I do with the Japanese Teppanyaki griddle?

The electric Japanese Teppanyaki griddle offers a variety of options for indoors and outdoors. A large number of foods can be prepared with it, with functions such as roasting and grilling being possible.

Accordingly, foods such as, Meat, sausages, fish, fried potatoes, gyros, shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables be prepared in a short time.

Especially for the Preparation of fried potatoes and meat I think the plate is great because it is simply enormously larger than a conventional pan. This means that fried potatoes, for example, brown evenly on both sides. In addition, more potatoes can be prepared at the same time.

What I also find particularly pleasant is that the Teppanyaki griddle also used outside can be. All you have to do is plug in the plug and you're good to go. In this way you save yourself a strong smelling kitchen, as well as the cleaning afterwards.

Even those who would like to spontaneously grill a bratwurst and don't want to spend a lot of time on the gas grill or charcoal grill will get their money's worth with this device. The plate quickly reaches the desired temperature and the grilled food is also ready to eat in about 10 minutes. The Japanese Teppanyaki griddle can therefore be used for roasting and grilling.


For whom is the Japanese Teppanyaki grill plate suitable?

The electric griddle is actually suitable for every householdwho would like to spontaneously or extensively roast or grill. The large plate also has the advantage for larger families that more can be prepared at the same time. It can be in size L for example 4 schnitzels at the same time are fried, in my conventional pan there are only 2. This means that all family members can really eat warm at the same time.

In my opinion, the griddle is definitely one Alternatives to the classic electric grill that has to be filled with water. The grill plate is immediately ready for use, without water and preparations. A dash of oil is enough for complete frying and grilling.

The storage is also by standing upright save space and easy. The device can thus be optimally stowed away in the cupboard.

Videos | Teppanyaki XXL grill plate

Bestron electric table grill

Cleaning - Japanese Teppanyaki griddle

The cleaning is the only downside I noticed in the test. The drip tray catches most of the oil and juice, but just like the griddle itself, cleaned by hand will. It is not suitable for the dishwasher and should therefore be rinsed carefully so that the grill plate is not damaged.

However, the remaining fat can be rinsed off quickly and easily. Cleaning the device itself takes time just a few moments and it dries well.

Advantages and disadvantages 

Benefits – Japanese Teppanyaki grill plate

  • Super price segment
  • Easy handling
  • Selectable grill plate sizes
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Secure stand
  • Collection tray for residual liquids available
  • Great taste result

Disadvantages – Japanese Teppanyaki grill plate

  • Power cord a bit short
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher

Japanese teppanyaki cast plates for stove and grill

If you don't want to have an extra electric grill or electric Teppanyaki grill plate, you can use a Teppanyaki cast plate for the stove and grill. You can put these on your stove or grill and use them the same way.

Conclusion: Electric Japanese Teppanyaki griddle

In my test time so far, the electric Japanese teppanyaki grill plate super cropped and I'm really happy considering the price. The processing of the device is limited to the minimum and thus enables a fast and simple roasting and grilling.

The device can be used for inside and outside so that I sometimes use it as an electric grill and now prepare sausages and meat spontaneously much more often. Fried potatoes are simply great and better than in a pan.

In particular, the large grill surface offers space for everyone and almost replaces a classic pan.

With the price of 30,94 euros, I can give a clear buy recommendation.

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