Koawach Review: The caffeinated cocoa for an energy start to the day

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Cocoa with caffeine?

Kowach - cocoa with caffeine: Sometimes it is just necessary to start the day full of energy. Since I am one of the people who don't like coffee in the morning, I am always looking for tasty alternatives. A glass of cola this early is very unhealthy in the long run, just drinking green tea is very boring in the long run. When I visited the local drugstore, I discovered it koaguard due to the bright colors and the appealing design. The idea of ​​cocoa with caffeine immediately won me over.

Quick preparation for quick effects

Kowach - cocoa with caffeine

It doesn't take long to wake up in the morning with Koawach. The preparation is similar to a conventional cocoa and is not rocket science. Easy two spoons of powder with a little milk Stir and add the chocolate mixture Pour in more milk. Can be drunk Koawach - hot and cold cocoa with caffeine. Warm, caffeinated cocoa tastes particularly good in the morning. Milk alternatives also do not have a major impact on the taste. It only takes me two minutes in the morning to have a nice warm drink in my cup.

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Taste and effect of Koawach

The taste of Koawach - cocoa with caffeine is due to the many different Varieties very varied. I've already tried a few varieties and am pleasantly surprised how different cocoa can taste.

Kowach - cocoa with caffeine

The varieties of Koawach:

- Classic
- Pure
- caramel + sea salt
- cinnamon + cardamom
- vanilla
- turmeric
- Gingerbread
- Apple strudel
- Sun salutation (lemon)
- Fire and flame (dark chocolate + chilli)

All varieties of Koawach are available Biography and with that Fairtrade seal Mistake. Classic and pure offer a familiar chocolatey taste. The Sun Salutation variation, on the other hand, brings a slightly more fruity note to the cocoa. I especially liked caramel + sea salt and cinnamon + cardamom, because they expand the cocoa in a special way.

Kowach - cocoa with caffeine

One cup of Koawach contains around 50mg caffeine. A small cup of coffee contains roughly the same amount of caffeine. The caffeine in cocoa comes from the guarana plant. With guarana, one hopes that the caffeine will not take effect as quickly, but that it will take longer. If you feel tired after a cup of coffee, Koawach is only really getting started. In any case, this effect can be clearly felt on my body. Even after three or four hours, I still have the feeling that some caffeine is arriving. You will have to try for yourself whether this is the case with you.

Koawach in terms of sustainability

Still not convinced of a caffeine-cocoa? Maybe you like the special focus on the NSustainability of Koawach products. As mentioned above, all products come with the Bio-Siegel and the Fairtrade seal fitted. For the organic seal it is required throughout Manufacture to forego artificial flavors, flavor enhancers and emulsifiersso that the product comes onto the market as natural as possible.

For a Fairtrade label, the products have to be socially, ecologically and economically fair. This means that the farmers in South America also get their fair share of the production.

caffeinated cocoa kowach

Conclusion: Koawach - cocoa with caffeine

I use koaguard for a few weeks now and I look forward to my delicious cocoa every morning. This not only tastes good to me, but also gets me through the morning without any problems. For everyone who doesn't like coffee or is just looking for an alternative, is koaguard best for. In addition, you don't have to worry about the environment when buying, as all products are produced fairly and sustainably.

For children and adults, Koawach is still normal Cocoa here. Cocoa with white chocolate? Koawach has it.

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