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The Kigima brand has been on the market under this name since 2015. The freezer and fresh food boxes have been available since 2012. A clear advantage of the Kigima cans is that they are available in the right size for every need. Whether for portioning and freezing meals or for storing various ingredients, customers can find the right Kigima can right here. The smaller cans with 0,1L or 0,2L are ideal for snacks.

But even chopped herbs or onions can stay fresh for a long time until they are used. That is why customers should always buy different sizes of Kigima cans so that they are always well equipped. The Kigima cans have many other advantages, for example, they can be used to store odorous foods in the refrigerator without the smell being able to spread. And if you mix spices yourself, you can use the Kigima spice jars for this.

Kigima Mini Freezer Box Rectangular 5x5x4 cm 0,08L (12 PCS)informationKigima mini freezer box, 0,25L, rectangular (12 PCS), multi-coloredinformationKigima food storage box Freezer 10x 0,125l round blue and greeninformationKigima Tiny Boxes Mini Freezer Cans Snack Cans Food Containers 14 STK in large 3l containerinformationinformationMepal - Cirqula multi-bowl set 3-piece round Nordic Green - 500, 1000 and 2000 ml - Can be used as a storage jar, refrigerator jar, freezer jar, microwave dishes & serving bowl with lidinformation
You get 12 rectangular mini-freezer boxes, each box has its own blue lid.You get 12 rectangular mini freezer jars with 250ml, each jar is transparent. 3 lids each in turquoise, green, pink and red. Combine our different variants with each other.You get 10 round fridge and freezer containers with colorful lids. Cover colors randomly mixed in blue and green.Hardly any mini box is that versatile. Whether baby food, herbs, spices, sauces, sweets or hair clips, chains, rings or modeling clay - everything is safely stowed in the tiny boxes.MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Cirqula food container is a multifunctional kitchen bowl. It can be used as a kitchen storage box, transport box and tableware
Small but powerful - these mini freezer boxes are a useful kitchen helper for freezing small quantities. Not only for the freezer, but also for storing in the fridge...Small but powerful - these mini food storage containers are a useful kitchen aid for transporting small quantities or keeping them fresh. Give your children snacks or take some yourself...The round lid keeps 100% tight. Ideal for refrigerator storage and dry storage.14 boxes with a capacity of 70 to 100ml. 7 different designs, each included 2x per set. Delivery in a transparent 3l container - so the cans are quick when not in use ...COMPONENTS: The leak-proof storage and transport boxes have a fully removable lid with a viewing window. This way you can easily see what is in the container
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The Kigima freezer boxes have many advantages

Anyone who works full-time knows that there is not always much time left to cook. It is therefore worth freezing sauces, stews or other dishes that are cooked in large quantities, for example. That is why the Kigima freezer boxes are available in many sizes so that the right portion can be frozen for just one person or the extended family. If you like to make ice cream or sorbet yourself in summer, you can also store it in the freezer jars. The use of the cans also offers the possibility of buying vegetables in larger quantities and then freezing them in portions. But of course you can not only Buy Kigima cansto use it for freezing. Because, even if you want to use up food within a few days, the cans can be used to store the food in the refrigerator. For working people, it is also worthwhile to buy the Kigima cans so that they can take food with them for their lunch break.

There are many possibilities with the Kigima mini freezer box

Large amounts of food are not always left over, but of course not everyone wants to throw away smaller leftovers. For these cases you should buy the mini freezer boxes from Kigima. Small amounts of food can be stored in these well before they are used again. Thanks to the cans, even larger quantities of herbs can be hooked and then frozen until the next use. But even those who would like to take small snacks such as nuts, dried fruits or sweets with them will appreciate the Kigima Mini freezer boxes. These simply fit in your handbag or backpack. So they can also be given to the children in school. Since all Kigima cans are safe, they can also be filled with yogurts or other liquid foods without anything leaking during transport. That's why it's always worth owning some of the Kigima mini freezers.

Kigima spice jars are ideal for home cooks

Those who like to experiment while cooking will often mix and test the spices to make a meal even more exotic. But you don't always get the same result, so it's worth mixing and storing a large amount of spices right away. This gives the spices the opportunity to develop their aromas and you can be sure to achieve an identical taste experience with each use. The Kigima spice jars are ideal for storage. These are available in different sizes and thanks to the practical opening in the lid, the spices can always be removed as desired. Due to the clear container, you can no longer reach for the wrong spice, but see directly what is inside. Sorting the spices with the Kegima spice jars is also much easier, as they all have the same shape and create a harmonious image on the shelf.

Kigima freezer cans have many uses

Even if you don't have a freezer, it is worth buying some Kigima freezer boxes because they are always useful. Whether you want to take fresh fruit to work or pack your children for school, these cans are ideal. You can also use it to store leftover food in the refrigerator for the next day. And if you don't want to see plastic packaging, you can also store things like sausage and cheese in the Kigima freezer jars. There are now even health food stores that can do without packaging at all. Here you can buy Kigima cans and take them there to go shopping. This is not only environmentally conscious, but also practical because everything can be stored in the refrigerator and cupboards. Ultimately, it is also worth buying the Kigima cans if you like to make dips, because the dips can not only be mixed in them, but also served and later stored in the refrigerator.

If you want to discover even more, you should also take a look at the Kigima drinking cups

Anyone who has already bought Kigima cans should also take a look at the other products of these household helpers, because the Kigima drinking cups are also very useful. These colorful drinking cups are ideal, for example, for garden parties, birthday parties or just to have a drink in between. The Kigima drinking cups are particularly popular with children due to the different colors. But adults will also appreciate these cups as an alternative to normal glasses. Those who like to eat ice cream or mix their own yoghurt can also use the cups for these purposes. Like the Kigima cans, the Kigima drinking cups can be cleaned in the dishwasher and are not damaged in the process. That is why it is always worthwhile to discover the entire Kigima product range.

Kigima cans make everyday life easier

As it turns out, the Kigima cans can not only be used to freeze food. They can also be used for many other things. Available in many sizes, customers can always buy the right Kigima cans for themselves. This is particularly advantageous because you can only buy one size at a time as required. It is also good that the cans are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning easier and not all cans of this type. Therefore, customers who are still looking for high-quality household jars should stop looking and buy the Kigima jars. This gives you high quality and has countless possibilities to use it every day. In the long run, this means that a lot of time is saved when cooking.

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