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Artificial eyelashes of Catrice

Hey dear ones, I want to show you how to make my eyelashes. I have been using these eyelashes for some time, on the recommendation of a good friend. I tried some brands before and I have to say that they are the best for me. These eyelashes (3 at one point) by Catrice can be individually stuck between your own eyelashes. Thanks to the different sizes (S / M / L), these can be adapted and glued much better to the own eyelashes. The result is very natural.

Package Contents: Catrice eyelashes

  • Eyelashes different sizes
  • Glue

glue and care for additional accessories for eyelashes

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There is a mini-glue in each pack to glue the eyelashes as good as possible. I use a stainless steel tweezers to insert the eyelashes. These tweezers are beautiful pointed and can absorb the little hair much better for insertion. Here, caution is advised not to sting.

Application of the Catrice eyelashes

I start to remove the old artificial eyelashes with an eye make-up cleaner. I remove the artificial eyelashes carefully. Remove the glue residue and clean the real eyelashes. Then I dye my own eyelashes black. Because it looks even fuller with the artificial eyelashes of Catrice.

I make a small point of the eyelash glue on a pad. With a single lash size L I start and stick from outside to inside, while I'm getting smaller with the artificial eyelashes. Finally I brush my finished artificial eyelashes after 2-3 minutes drying time with an eyelash brush, as seen in the photo again. It separates and defines the catrice eyelashes and removes excess lumps.

How to care for the artificial eyelashes of Catrice

I use the Lash Shampoo for this - the shampoo for the eyelashes. The Lash Shampoo from Augenmanufaktur by Adam & Eve is cruelty-free, has very high-quality ingredients and no silicone. Cares for your eye area and provides moisture.

Product description: Lash Shampoo - 50ml

  • Cleans and cares for artificial eyelashes
  • Removes eye make-up
  • Gives volume and shine
  • Oil and silicone free
  • moisturizing
  • Has a degreasing effect
  • skin regenerating
  • Free from animal experiments
  • Made in Germany
  • Vegan
  • Eyelash brush / cleaning brush

Application of Lash Shampoo

You use these products as listed above for your eyelash care. I decided on the mild lash shampoo / eye make-up remover from Augenmanufaktur by Adam & Eve. The mild eyelash shampoo for your eyelash extensions cares for and cleanses them at the same time. Provides a good wearing comfort and gives you volume and shine. I do eyelash care in the morning and in the evening.

To do this, I take 1-2 strokes on my cleaning brush and massage it gently onto my artificial eyelashes. It doesn't sting the eye area either, it's really very mild. You can put the lotion on a damp cotton pad as you like. Then I rinsed my artificial eyelashes from Catrice with clear water. After rinsing out my eyelash extensions, I go through my eyelashes again with the eyelash brush and have a fresh, relaxed feeling around my eyes.

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Conclusion - How to glue and care for your eyelashes from Catrice

I've been using Catrice's artificial eyelashes, lash shampoo and eyelashes brushes for a long time. The artificial eyelashes of Catrice hold with me about 3 weeks. The Lash Shampoo from the Adam & Eve eye manufacturer do not burn on my eyes lot and the eyelash brush / cleansing brush massages it nicely. I am very satisfied with the products and I can only recommend them.

I wish you all the best with these products. Have you already tried these products and are you getting along well? I would appreciate your feedback.

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