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How to maintain your leather furniture and leather seats in the car to enjoy it for a long time.

Leather Care Top 10

Leather care - getting in, getting out, getting in, getting out, chocolate on the seat - wiping, warm and dry, cold and damp, maybe the hot drink slips away. Car seats go through a lot in the course of their lives. And also like the shoes or the sofa, they need care if they are to be long-lasting and supple. Once cracks are present, they offer a large area of ​​attack. A real crack quickly develops. Especially where you get on and off permanently, there is a natural friction: the driver's seat.

In this Guide we looked at how to keep your leather seats supple. For leather seats in general, for leather sofas and leather couches. Leather is a natural product and like any other natural product, it needs the right care so that you can enjoy it for a long time. – Leather care bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests

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Leather care bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

ARMOR ALL GAA39024GE leather care cloths 24 pcs. For leather seats, luggage, furniture and moreinformationSONAX PREMIUM CLASS leather care set (3x 250 ml) incl. 2x leather cleaner, 1x leather care cream, 1x microfibre cloth, 1x microfibre care pad, 1x intensive cleaning brush | Item No. 02819410informationArmor All 13255L ALL 3in1 leather care silk matt 250 ml GAA13250GE, cleaning, care and refreshment with UV protectioninformationSofolk leather renovation kit 21 colors available: repair + leather paint + varnish for FALSE or mending car seats, chairs, saddlers, jackets, jackets, shoes, etc. (RED - RAL 3028)informationCOLORLOCK smooth leather toning and care set mild color F034 blackinformationDELARA High-quality care balm for leather with jojoba, beeswax and vanilla fragrance, effectively protects leather against dehydration and oxidation and smells good, 500 ml, colorless - Made in GermanyinformationURBAN FOREST leather lotion 500ml for household and car I cleaning agent and upholstery cleaner for sofa couch and car seats I special cleaner and leather care lotion for leather impregnationinformationLEATHER Honey leather care product - premium leather care since 1968 for use on leather clothing, leather goods, furniture, car interiors, shoes, bags, accessoriesinformationBrestol LEATHER BALM Set3 (4X 300 ml + 8X polishing cloth) - leather protection leather seats car seats leather smooth leather faux leather sofa couch leather couchinformationB u E Mega savings set, leather care black: 500 ml black leather oil, 500 ml black leather grease, 500 ml saddle soap with spongeinformation
Contains beeswax for extra protection and a dull appearanceEffective cleaning and intensive care for all smooth leathersCleans and cares for leather to prevent it from drying, fading and crackingKIT CONTENT: Repair paste (liquid leather) + leather color + satin leather lacquer + sandpaperRemoves scratches, abrasions and color loss in the leather✅ REGENERATING LEATHER CARE PRODUCT: This powerful leather lotion was manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and for the highest demands. It cleans, maintains and donates ...POWERFUL LEATHER CONDITIONER: Leather Honey penetrates deep, protecting new leather and regenerating dry old leather. This non-toxic leather care product contains no silicones, solvents...4x 300 ml LEATHER BALM500 ml leather oil black
Fast, easy and clean in useThoroughly and gently removes even stubborn dirt without attacking or leaching the leatherCleans deeply, especially with stubborn stainsALLOW to repair cracks, wear, paint and protect a leather steering wheel or the seat of a car seat or leather sofa.no staining on clothing textiles✅ PROTECTION AGAINST WET AND DIRT: Unlike a leather balm, it can be processed faster on the leather, but also leads to a new shine and protects against drying out. Also the...REPAIR, RENEW & CARE FOR ALL LEATHER TYPES AND COLOURS: The leather conditioner softens leather furniture, provides leather in the car interior with moisture and provides more elasticity ...8x microfiber POLISHING CLOTH blue 40 x 40 cm - laser cut - chain seamless500 ml saddle soap with sponge
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Is leather the same as leather?

Car seats, the leather couch, the leather chair. Smooth leather is best suited for seating. These are easy to clean and maintain. Suede is even more sensitive, the leather most often processed is already trimmed to be “robust” and has been treated accordingly. A layer of paint seals the surface of the leather. Depending on how old the leather is, the care will also change. Leather should be sealed within the first three years. A seal is sufficient, as no re-greasing needs to take place at this age.

This is particularly useful for new cars with leather seats, because sometimes the leather still gives off its color. Especially when getting in and out. For this reason, it is advisable to clean and seal the driver's seat about once a quarter. The other seats, which are used far less, usually reach every 6 months. A closed car is also something different than a convertible, for example. This is even more exposed to the sun. So also pay attention to the UV protection in leather care.

What a good leather care must bring

Leather is not to be confused with a living skin. Without care, it becomes cracked and brittle or hard, but it works differently than living skin. Dead skin is about the preservation of collagen, i.e. the protein, its protection and sealing. Good leather care is therefore special care. Some manufacturers offer an entire range of products. From cleaning to sealing. If you have decided on a product, stay with this manufacturer, the series is then well coordinated.

Who his Maintain car seats who wants or has to, can also look for UV protection. This helps to avoid bleached spots even in summer. The care substances must dry thoroughly before you can get back on. Otherwise you run the risk of being colored. If you have an emergency, you can put a towel on the seat as protection. Look at the customer reviews to see what experiences have been made with the individual products. A good product is characterized by absolute care; the care must be easy to process. It must not smear, must protect the leather and must also fit in the price-performance ratio.

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Clean and care for leather

Leather is an animal skin and it consists mostly of collagen. Tannins prevent collagen from disintegrating and they also protect the aging process through regreasing. There is also a little fat as well as dyes and pigments and also moisture. Leather on which you sit is smooth in most cases. If it still has a protective layer, it can be cleaned very quickly and easily. In most cases, a soft cloth and lukewarm water are suitable. This has already tackled dust and light soiling.

Afterwards, care is ideal to make minor scratches disappear and ensure that the tension is maintained. The care product must definitely be rubbed off after the leather has absorbed it, otherwise you will have the residue in your clothes. If you have to care for very “thirsty” leather, you can of course do double care.

The leather will take what it needs. If it is saturated, the film remains on the surface and can be rubbed off. Of course, young leather does not need as much care as older leather, which is used a lot. The first thing to do is always to clean gently. There are special leather cleaners for this, if it is only lightly soiled, a damp, soft cloth with clear water is sufficient. If there is dirt on the seams, a soft brush is also allowed. - Use a brush that you can tolerate well on the skin. That won't hurt the leather either. If there is mold, you can simply use water mixed with vinegar essence. The vinegar kills mold and also the smell. The care comes after the cleaning. Pay attention to a warm temperature.

On the one hand, it takes time to incorporate the care, on the other hand, it is better absorbed into the leather. Less is more. It is better to care twice in a row, instead of applying once cm thick. After the care has been absorbed, you should wipe again with a soft cloth. Always wipe or rub with the direction of the seam, this will smooth the structure again instead of rubbing it unnecessarily. In the end you can seal the leather - but that doesn't mean impregnating! A seal protects everything without sticking like with an impregnation. Impregnations are important if the leather shoes have to be waterproof. The leather seat doesn't have to be, it has to be soft, supple and robust. The products must be dry and in between each step.

What do I have to pay attention to when it comes to the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Pay attention to honest tests of leather care?

There is not much, the principles of good care are logical. Anyone who is careful with the leather, does not push sharp objects back and forth on the seats and also puts the Fiffi on a blanket, who regularly cleans and cares for the leather, has no problems. Customer opinions are important, if you want to buy online and have no idea what you have to buy, you can either inquire in advance at a retail store and do some research afterwards and also look for bargains, or you can stick to the many customer reviews.

Voices are important and useful, especially on the Internet. This is easy with leather care for black car seats - but not with very valuable animal skin that has special requirements. The leather couch can be equated with the care, as for the car leather or the leather seats. Clean stains immediately and maintain and seal every 3 months. Then she forgives the 400th chocolate stain and stays cuddly for a long time.


You will not get the typical leather smell again, at most for a short time. A leather care must still be, otherwise the leather is dry, brittle, cracked and you have to buy new or throw away. Depending on the age of the leather, different steps are necessary. With the appropriate leather care products but also very old and hard leather can still be maintained.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling leather care products in 2024 on Ehrliche Tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect leather care product for your needs now!

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