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DEERC 300E & 302E RC Offroad Drift 4WD Car 1:18 +60 km/h buy & test | testimonial


Here you can read our experience and test about DEERC 300E & 302E RC Offroad Drift 4WD Car in Part 1.

Popcorn loop

popcorn loop | How to make your own cinema popcorn


As popcorn connoisseurs and lovers, you will be won over by the popcorn loop. When buying a popcorn loop you can try several mixes for popcorn. The inconspicuous help to make popcorn in a pot looks more like a bathing cap.

Buy a snowboard

How beginners can easily buy a snowboard with 5 tips


Here you can find out what beginners should look out for when buying a snowboard.

DIY Christmas gift idea for do-it-yourself

DIY Christmas gift idea for do-it-yourself


Here you will find a small Christmas gift idea to make yourself. The gift idea is with a wine bottle, elf and LED fairy lights. Take about 30 minutes for this. Have fun reading and tinkering :)

Christmas: 5 DIY Deco DIY ideas

Christmas: 5 DIY Advent arrangement ideas for DIY


Advent arrangement ideas for the Christmas season Hello dears, here you have a few suggestions for the most beautiful season of the year. Where ...

build a small pallet sofa

Build a small pallet sofa: Build a 2-seater pallet sofa with armrests yourself | DIY project


DIY: Build a small pallet sofa for 2 people or as a 1 person pallet armchair to lie on and chill out;) Step by step to the pallet sofa


Test: Abox laminator OL381 | 5 in 1 lamination set

Dirk Re.

The laminator is called, among other things, very user-friendly. I asked myself whether the device was worth the money, was it worth buying and I tested the device including the laminating foils.


Test: TonieBox by Tonies | Music & radio plays for children

Dirk Re.

With the TonieBox, children can playfully set up and hear different hearing figures for different stories. Here is my test

3T6B drone (KF609)

Test: 3T6B drone KF609 (Tenga Mini Drone) under 100 euros from Amazon


The 3T6B drone KF609 is a very light, small drone for in between.