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DIY torches | Do it yourself torches | OIL or Wax?

Which DIY torches burn longer? Which DIY torch burns nicer? What are the differences and advantages of a DIY torch made of wax and a DIY torch made of OIL or toilet paper and kitchen roll? We tested it and here you will find our experience and tips for making torches yourself.

Carrera RC - The world of Carrera RC

In this guide we dive into the fascinating world of Carrera RC cars. After a brief outline of the story, here's an overview of all the models or categories, looking for what age groups they are and where to buy the models. Various special features are also included. Let's go. On, into the world of miniature racing!

DIY Christmas gift idea for do-it-yourself

Here you will find a small Christmas gift idea to make yourself. The gift idea is with a wine bottle, elf and LED fairy lights. Take about 30 minutes for this. Have fun reading and tinkering :)

Christmas: 5 DIY Advent arrangement ideas for DIY

Advent arrangement ideas for the Christmas season Hello everyone, here are some suggestions for the most beautiful season of the year. Where we deco queens really ...

Oasser P1S electric air pump with battery test

Oasser P1S - Outdoor Battery Air Pump with Mini-Compressor to 8,25 Bar for on the way. We looked at the mini-air compressor. What can he do? How do you use it and what should you pay attention to? - Oasser P1S electric air pump with battery in the test

Watercolor pencils - top 10

To this day, thousands of fantastic artists have resorted to the color, the watercolor crayons, and have enriched the art with ... yes ... with a kind of water color. Watercolor has its own magic. Which is what crayons are best, what you can do with them, and where the benefits are. We sketched it outright.

How to become a diver | Which diving equipment

Are you looking for a new hobby? Or do you want to expand your knowledge? Diving is a really cool thing and this guide is about what you should know and pay attention to when you want to go under the water.

Buying Guide: Buy Binoculars | Lots of technology in binoculars

In the following guide we take a closer look at the binoculars. What you should look out for when buying, what new technical possibilities binoculars have today and what your children might have. Advantages of a binoculars? How does it work and what do all the numbers and statements mean? Unimagined opportunities for young and old explorers.

Magic box for adults top 10

Magically it is in this guide. Here we will look at the different possibilities for sorcery in suitcase form for adults.

Test: love balls with remote control - Vibroei with remote control

Tested: The BeQool love balls - with remote control as a lay-on vibrator. Ladies and dear couples, I have tested these love balls with remote control and can ...