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Buying Guide: Buy Binoculars | Lots of technology in binoculars

In the following guide we take a closer look at the binoculars. What you should look out for when buying, what new technical possibilities binoculars have today and what your children might have. Advantages of a binoculars? How does it work and what do all the numbers and statements mean? Unimagined opportunities for young and old explorers.

Magic box for adults top 10

Magically it is in this guide. Here we will look at the different possibilities for sorcery in suitcase form for adults.

Terraristics - Do you want to buy a terrarium?

In the following guide we give you an all-round view and useful nutritional value about the most important things. Also, where and how to best buy these living spaces.

3D printer | What you should consider when buying a 3D printer

With the 3D printer you can do almost everything yourself. How does a 3D printer work? What do you need for that? Where does the printer get its information from? And how expensive is the piece of the Eigenprint brand in the end? Do you still have to follow up? Exciting, such a 3D printer! Let's take a look at your new hobby.

Die Cutting Machine - Top 10

We have put together here what you should pay attention to when buying punching machines, what different options there are and where the limits are.

Sell ​​stamps - stamp collection

Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​selling his stamp collection will wonder where. And how. And if there is anyone else who recognizes the value. We have investigated once.

Petsfit | Dog backpack

I was very dissatisfied with my previous dog carrier and have therefore hardly ever used it. I ordered the Petsfit backpack and took a closer look at it.

Buying Guide: BCD - Buoyancy Jacket | dive better

This guidebook revolves around a part of your scuba gear, the vest. In order to choose the right buoyancy compensator, you need to know what options you have and what you should look out for when buying.

Honey do it yourself | Become a beekeeper

Beekeeping is suitable as a hobby. You have to bring some knowledge with you, you don't need to be afraid of stings - unless you are allergic. What you need to bring as a beekeeper and what options are available to you, you can find out here with us.

Playstation Controller | Tips for PS 3 & PS 4

Where are the differences in the controllers? This guide is only for you as a gamer to the two controllers of Sony ©. We'll show you what you should look for when buying the gamepad and whether you can use Controller for PS for your new generation gaming console.