Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Playstation Controller | Tips for PS 3 & PS 4

Where are the differences in the controllers? This guide is only for you as a gamer to the two controllers of Sony ©. We'll show you what you should look for when buying the gamepad and whether you can use Controller for PS for your new generation gaming console.

Dance pole | Pole dance pole for home

Here comes our Poledance rod guide! You can even build them in the living room. - Or in the basement. The training builds muscle (including the grin muscles on the face), burns excess fat and catapults you into the surprise effect. We'll explain what's important.

Buying Guide: BCD - Buoyancy Jacket | dive better

This guidebook revolves around a part of your scuba gear, the vest. In order to choose the right buoyancy compensator, you need to know what options you have and what you should look out for when buying.

How to become a diver | Which diving equipment

Are you looking for a new hobby? Or do you want to expand your knowledge? Diving is a really cool thing and this guide is about what you should know and pay attention to when you want to go under the water.

Buying Guide: Buy Binoculars | Lots of technology in binoculars

In the following guide we take a closer look at the binoculars. What you should look out for when buying, what new technical possibilities binoculars have today and what your children might have. Advantages of a binoculars? How does it work and what do all the numbers and statements mean? Unimagined opportunities for young and old explorers.

Roller Trainer - Indoor bike training with Zwift

This guide is about your bike and what options you have when you can not or do not want to go outside. We'll tell you what to look for when buying a roller trainer, where the pros and cons are and what is Zwift.

Guide: Electric golf trolley

Such a golf trolley gets really crowded. Golf clubs, tees, balls, pitchfork, ball markers, gloves, bat cloth, drink, snack, rangefinder, a rain cover, ... you've got a few pounds together. To keep the weight down, you can actually take fewer clubs with you. An adequate solution is an electric golf trolley. He drives independently and drags alone.

Tuning e-bikes: e-bike or pedelec tuning tips

Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha have tuning kits on offer. From the manufacturer himself, this will be clear, you think. - And are wrong. We clarify in the guidebook. What is allowed, what not, what consequences it can have, if you can and what you can still do. - Tuning e-bikes

Bicycle dog trailer - traveling with dog.

Here you can read about what you should look for when buying a bicycle dog trailer, for whom such a trailer is suitable. Where are the differences, the pros and cons and where the legal licensing regulations are.

Electric Skateboard - Longboard for a lot of fun

We are writing the year 2019 and electric skateboard are coming. What differences there are. Where the law sets the framework and what features are waiting for you.