Love swing - Sex swing - Top 10


Love swing - the element of air for pleasure

Love swing - sex swing - top 10

Love swing, sex wing, sex swing or love swing. It has many names, it was created for one thing: to set new limits to love play and to put an end to gravity. Man & Man, Woman & Woman, Woman & Man, Man & Woman. Less effort for significantly more enjoyment, one reads. Well, everyone who is interested in the element of air for pleasure cannot avoid a love swing. What do you have to consider when buying? Who are the swings particularly suitable for and what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a love swing? Are there any qualitative differences? What material are they made of? And how many kilos can they withstand? In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about loading, attachment and the various functions. - Love swing - Sex swing - Top 10 ------------------------------------------- ------------------------

Love swing - Sex swing - Top 10 - in comparison

DDCHY premium sex swing for the ceiling loadable to 150 kg - love swing sex toys (without bracket), couplesinformationSXOVO Love Swings SM Bondage Kit Sex Sling Loveswing Sex Toy Toys for Men and Women (Red)informationYou2Toys love swing - sex swing for couples, love swing for the ceiling, erotic swing, loadable up to 120 kg, various sex positions, blackinformationHOT DREAMS® Premium sex swing pairs for the ceiling up to 150 kg - THE WINNER at VERGLEICH.ORG - love swing sex toys (without bracket), also works with a door frame frame sex rocking chairinformationJoydivision 15103 Loveswing - The love swing Multi Vario blackinformationLove Swing Sex Sex Swing For Couples For The Blanket - Complete Sex Swings Set Bdsm Sm Sex Toys For Couples With Extra Wide Pads And All Accessories, Resilient Up To 362kg (Black)informationYou2Toys Hot Rockin SwinginformationUtimi Loveswing Sex Swing Love Swing SM Set SM Bondage Set Sex ToysinformationHOT DREAMS® Love Swing Door With Seat, Extremely Robust Sex Swing For Couples, Door Swing Loads Up To 120 Kg (including E-Book)informationBad Kitty Swing - erotic love swing for freestyle sex with your partner, sex swing including whip and eye mask, seductive bondage games, resilient up to approx. 100 kg, blackinformation
It is made of high quality nylon fabric, is lightweight, soft and comfortable, durable, safe and non-toxic and does not cause skin damage.Increase sex life lust, and the item are very suitable for sex bondage lovers SM gamesMaterial: love swing made of 100% polyester, tear-resistant material, installation under the ceiling, without installation accessories❤️ DO YOU HAVE LIVE TO CLOUD 7 CLOUD? Trust yourself - with this love swing (known among other things from YouTube "Total Versext") makes sex even more fun, even more butterflies in the stomach ...JOYDIVISION love swing Multi Vario is supplied complete with a special spring (loadable up to 150kg)Made of high quality nylon material, non-toxic, odorless, safe to use.Comfortable love swingMade of nylon, thickened material, safe and non-toxic, durable.THE BEST ALTERNATIVE TO A BLANK MOUNTED SEX BOAT! Experience pure adrenalin with many new positions. Very sturdy BDSMS sex toy for couples with comfortable fit resilient to 120 ...Material: chain, frame: metal, straps: polyester, padding and eye mask: foam, whip: split leather, rubber strap: polyamide
Adjustable design, suitable for most people, easy to put on and take off, safe and comfortable, no friction on the skin, small size, easy to hide, can be worn at any time ...The extra wide straps and fluffy soft bands provide adjustable and comfortable harnesses for both arms and legsApplication: sex swing for couples, varied positions are possible, more intense stimulation❤️ SURPRISE YOUR PARTNER TODAY: This fluffy sex swing for the blanket (without frame) is height adjustable, can be rotated 360 °, can be loaded up to 150 kg (with large cushions: 70cm X ...Easily adjust the positions and meet your wishes for different positions.Softly padded seatNovelty for SM game by hanging on the door.THE SMALL METAL TUBES THROUGH THE DOOR HANGERS AND DOOR CLOSE GOOD. Sit on the seat, feet and hands in the loops, legs spread and the fun can begin. The...Application: sex swing with padded and adjustable loops, seductive positions in the sex swing, intensive stimulation
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What is a love swing?

A love swing consists of several straps and ribbons, sometimes a seat pad. Slings for the hands and the legs or feet complement the whole toy. It is suitable for hanging in different positions in it. The swing is then hung on a rack or on the ceiling. Now the swing floats freely in the room and is ready for its use. Nylon and metal provide flexible stability. Soft material such as plush is perfect for a certain comfort. The material mix and also the processing of the different materials together make this Lovetoy a high-quality apparatus of pleasure. Thus, different positions are possible, the far away from gravity for the pleasure and also the relaxation.

What material is it made of?

The material must be hard-wearing. It is also good if it is easy to clean. For this reason, nylon is often used, leather is also possible. Some models have pads that are easy to clean in a washing machine. Leather, on the other hand, should only be wiped off, and occasionally a leather care is also suitable.

Different models

Different manufacturers have launched different models on the market, which differ not only in appearance, in the type of attachment but also in the load. We summarized where the clear differences lie.

load : an average love swing can easily carry 100 kg. If that's not enough, 300 kg payload is also available. Here you can also be in a swing for two. Much more options are possible in lovemaking.

Materials The scaffolding has to be stable and at the same time it can not weigh tons. For this reason, metal is used for the skeleton and / or the chains. The loops for arms and legs are made of durable nylon. Plush or other pads provide an extra comfortable grip so that the material can not cut.

Loops and fasteners : not only loops for the arms and legs can be used. There are also seat mats for comfortable sitting and wider straps for the abdomen or the back. When buying, make sure that you have enough accessories for your lovemaking or you may be able to buy it.

The length of the straps are all adjustable in length. You can hire them as you feel like doing. Absolute flexibility is possible and desirable.

Functions of a sex swing

In a sex swing, you can perform different positions without the partner's breath away. Hanging, sitting or lying, the partner can be pampered. The hands remain free and it can be completely relaxed. Many positions that you can discover with a love swing are not possible without this toy. According to the gravity already not. The sexes do not care, even if at the beginning of the era of this swing, just this was often used only by homosexuals, it is said. Perfect relaxation and absolute letting are promised, which should lead to more intense orgasms.

What you should consider when buying a sex swing

As with all products, a few things should be considered in advance. In addition to the attachment and the type of model, there are other points that should be considered. This includes:

  • How much money do I want to spend on the toy?
  • What type of attachment is possible in my living conditions?
  • which material should the swing have?
  • is it easy to clean the material?
  • what weight must and should the swing (and thus the attachment) carry?
  • how many loops and possibilities do I want to use?
  • how big should the dimensions be?
  • can I buy additional accessories?
  • how heavy and tall can she be?

You should of course also pay attention to high quality, that all seams are well processed, that the material is flexible but also firm. There must be no sharp edges on the swing. One can inquire wonderfully about the object of desire on the net. The numerous opinions of the users are valuable, especially the customers from the Internet are very critical. That's good, good for you, because nothing is talked into you. In addition, good bargains can be found on the Internet every now and then. -------------------------------------------------- -----------------

Love swing: the attachment

About the type of attachment you should already worry in advance. Not everyone can screw something into the ceiling or is sure that the swing will withstand the stresses at this point. Basically there are three ways for Indoor to fix them.

On the ceiling

A strong attachment is needed here. It needs a stable ceiling. You have to drill a hole in the ceiling, a Harken attached to it, which is attached to a spring. The swing is hung in this spring. This is the variant that brings the most fun, as it floats freely in the room and the freedom of movement is not limited. Again, the swing itself can be removed again. You can hang a seat for normal everyday life, so you can double use attachment. The spring remains in the ceiling. Please pay attention to stability in this type of attachment and clarify the hole in the ceiling before mounting possibly with the landlord, not every blanket is suitable.

On the rack

If you are afraid that the ceiling will not hold or that it should be difficult to fix something in the ceiling, you can also use a frame. That does not even have to be an extra order. Do you know these racks where you can also hang a basket? So a whole normal frame for the garden or for a swinging basket can also be used as a suspension. However, these frames also have a different load capacity. For this reason, pay attention to the information provided by the manufacturer. This option is not very space-saving and permanent. The swing itself can be suspended, but the frame usually has to remain standing.

At a door

For people who have little space and would like to quickly put back the swing and frame, products that can be attached to the door are suitable. For this purpose, two straps are placed over the door and then closed. The straps rake in between the door and frame and are thus securely wedged. The downside, of course, the swing does not swing, someone always has the door in the back. But the whole model can be quickly and easily removed and stowed away.

Pros and cons of a sex swing

Sure, if you want to explore new terrain for your love life, you will not get around a Sex Wing sooner or later. Many new possibilities are now open again. Nevertheless, you should be aware of the pros and cons, so it does not come to a bad buy.

Benefits Sex swing

➶ three attachments of the swing are possible

➶ different loops and seats

➶ does not have to be expensive

➶ different payloads and versions

➶ good to order on the internet

➶ many new ways to spoil the partner

➶ suitable for every height

➶ to 300 kg load capacity

Disadvantages sex swing

➴ some models are very space-intensive

➴ quality models can cost a lot more

➴ Some models are difficult to clean

➴ and stow away (if necessary


A sex swing enriches the love life, that much is clear. You can explore many more positions and positions that would not be possible under normal conditions. A partner can relax completely, this leads to a greater desire and should also lead to a more intense orgasm. The other partner does not need much strength in lovemaking. If you have minor problems, for example a broken back, you will be twice as happy. So the game can go much longer, with no limits to your imagination. The different suspensions, loops, seats and materials make it possible that basically everyone can feel comfortable in a sex swing. Discover something new and do it in a way that is extremely energy-saving - let yourself be pampered comfortably. With a love swing, no longer an issue at all.

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Recommended sex swing - top 10 top seller list

The Most Popular Sex Swing Products Sex swing offers with discount to save

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Topseller 1
FHzytg swing attachment set, swing suspension, hammock attachment with 2 heavy-duty carabiners and tree protection D-rings, hammocks ...
  • 【Perfect set】: A total of 7 pieces. 2 pieces of tree protection mats (each 79 cm long and 10 cm wide); 2 carabiners with screw lock; 2 pieces...
  • 【Premium Quality】: FHzytg's hammock suspensions are made of industrial and durable nylon material, water-repellent and ...
  • 【Tree protection】: FHzytg swing hanging kits do not damage beautiful trees. They are equipped with a tree protection net so that the shoulder straps ...
Topseller 2
Metalon - Professional ceiling hook / heavy duty hook with a capacity of 450kg for hanging chair - punching bag - hammock (180 degree swing) ...
42 Reviews
Metalon - Professional ceiling hook / heavy duty hook with a capacity of 450kg for hanging chair - punching bag - hammock (180 degree swing) ...
  • ✔️SAFE-Thanks to our special safety carabiner with an extra strong screw cap, everything is 100% bombproof.!
  • ✔️STABIL- The high-quality 7,5cm long screws and dowels made of rustproof S304 stainless steel hold bombproof in both wood and steel!
  • ✔️ VERSATILE- Our 180 degree swing hook is perfect as a holder for punching bags, hanging chairs, swings and much more!
Topseller 3
Type II
  • Audio CD - audiobook
  • Rocket Recordings / Cargo (Editor)
Topseller 4
Topseller 5
Sex swing
3 Reviews
Topseller 6
Air Yoga Swing, Yoga Hammock Swing, Trapeze Yoga Kit, 2 Extension Straps and 6 Handles, Wide Flying Yoga Inversion Tool, ...
  • Protect yourself: the yoga hammock is made of high quality 210T nylon parachute fabric, which is soft, quick drying, lightweight, breathable and ...
  • Padded handles: The yoga hammock has thickly padded foam handles that provide the ultimate hand feeling and optimal ...
  • Perfect for training: the yoga hammock is good for your health. You can reduce your back pain and muscle soreness and ...
Topseller 7
Topseller 8
EKKONG ceiling hook hanging chair, stainless steel heavy duty ceiling hook swing hook punching bag bracket love swing sling trainer hammock ...
  • All parts of the swing hanger are made of SUS304, rust protection, durable
  • Perfect for hammock chair, hanging lamp, swing, love swing, hammock, punching bag, sling trainer, yoga towel, awning, sling trainer, hanging chair, ...
  • Heavy duty commercial quality swing hangers are rated for use by children and adults, and for living areas with a 450KG ...
Topseller 9
Ulikey Professional 500KG Capacity 360 ° Rotate Ceiling Hook Swing, Removable, Swing Hook made of Stainless Steel, with 4 Screw for Concrete Wood ...
  • 【360 ° WITHOUT TURNING】 Hook Mount around 360 ° Freely rotatable with pull buckle that can be easily opened, Innovative and patented design. The...
  • 【HIGH-RESISTANCE STEEL WITH CORROSION PROTECTION】 Use SUS 304 stainless steel, firmer quality, corrosion resistance. Without significant stretching or ...
  • 【ROBUST BRACKET】 500 KG TRAGLAST - Super mount for attachment to a concrete pavement and does not stoop even when used solidly.
Topseller 10
SUNGYIN ceiling hook hanging chair premium stainless steel holder up to 400KG for hanging chair hammock punching bag sling trainer yoga towel sun sail ...
  • Material: Thanks to the corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the bracket is suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. This suspension is made ...
  • SUNGYIN stainless steel professional ceiling mount Perfect for hanging chairs, hanging lamps, swing, love swing, hammock, punching bag, sling trainer, ...
  • Ceiling Mount Diameter: 90mm, Package weight: approx. 430g, load capacity up to 400Kg
You save 26,35 €Check these top 1
AMAZONAS Stylish hammock chair frame made of steel Luna RockStone height-adjustable for living room and garden 120 x 200-240 x 145 cm to 120 kg
AMAZONAS hanging chair company height adjustable up to 120 kg; Powder-coated steel (color: RockStone) can be assembled quickly and easily without tools
165,00€ -26,35 € 138,65€
You save 26,35 €
AMAZONAS Stylish hammock chair frame made of steel Luna RockStone height-adjustable for living room and garden 120 x 200-240 x 145 cm to 120 kg
AMAZONAS hanging chair company height adjustable up to 120 kg; Powder-coated steel (color: RockStone) can be assembled quickly and easily without tools
165,00€ -26,35 € 138,65€

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