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In the drugstore like Dm or pharmacies you will find milking fat in body care products. This is largely made up of beeswax and nourishing oils and additives. - Milking fat Dm Top 10

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EUTRA 1518 milking fat - can, 1000 ml *
  • For better milk quality in dairy farming
  • For better efficiency in dairy farming
  • For natural care of teats and udders
  • The real Swiss milking fat
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Balea milking fat marigold, protects against ... *
  • Cares for dry, stressed or cracked skin
  • Protects against the weather and moisture loss
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
  • Scope of application: body Skin type: normal / any skin type, ...

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What is milk fat anyway?


Milk fat is a very fatty care cream that was initially invented to protect the teats of dairy cows. The milking fat is usually made of petroleum jelly, paraffins and additives to prevent skin irritation. It cares for the dermis and has beneficial effects. You shouldn't wear milking fat on your skin for more than a few hours, as it restricts body function and temperature compensation.

The surface of the skin is our largest sensory organ and, as the outer shell of our body, is exposed to various influences. Tiny lesions that happen quickly at work, gardening or around the house, along with pimples, redness and nasty rashes, can be treated with milk fat.

Traditional milking fat is made from paraffins such as vaseline fabricated. This makes it tricky from an ecological point of view, because the oil industry is partly responsible for the extinction of species, environmental pollution and global warming. It is often emphasized that ordinary milking fat should only be used for animals. Nevertheless, many interested parties swear by treating their own skin. We advise you to pay attention to the ingredients when buying milking fat and to avoid long-term treatments on areas of skin with petroleum-based milking fat.

Attention: The insulating effect of the milking fat has the side effect of clogging the skin pores. Therefore, the cream should be removed from the skin after a long winter stroll or sledding. This works best with mild cleaning foam and clear water. Then a natural one moisturizing day cream Apply.

Attention: Milking fat sounds like an inexpensive substitute for lubricant. However, you should use fats that are based on paraffins, not with condoms use. These can make various condom materials such as latex brittle and then no longer reliably protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Top 10 - Melkfett Dm

Topseller 1
Milking fat Eutra Tetina 250 ml
35 Reviews
- € 3,80Topseller 2
Care cream milking fat marigold, 250 ml *
  • Scope of application: body
  • Skin type: normal / all skin type, dry / very dry
  • Produkteigenschaften: Ohne Alkohol, Ohne Aluminiumsalze, Ohne...
  • Texture / consistency / application: cream / mousse

Current savings offers

- € 3,80Offer
Nursing Cream Melkfett marigold, 250 ml
Care cream milking fat marigold, 250 ml *
Scope of application: body; Skin Type: Normal / All Skin Type, Dry / Very Dry; Texture / consistency / application: cream / mousse
6,70€ - € 3,80 2,90€
Topseller 3
Milking fat Eutra Tetina 250 ml
35 Reviews
Topseller 4
Eutra Tetina 1010500 Milking Fat 500ml *
  • For better milk quality in dairy farming
  • For better efficiency in dairy farming
  • For natural care of teats and udders
  • The real Swiss milking fat
Topseller 5
EPP Milking Fat Sennerin 500 ml
20 Reviews
EPP Milking Fat Sennerin 500 ml *
  • rough skin
  • cracked skin
  • Relief from eczema
  • cracks
Topseller 6
2 cans / jar of Milking Fat Soft with sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E ...
19 Reviews
2 cans / jar of Milking Fat Soft with sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E ... *
  • Melkfett - Soft with sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E.
  • The ideal and versatile skin care product for cracked and ...
  • Active ingredients such as sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E protect against cold and ...
  • The protection and care product that has been tried and tested for several generations ...
Topseller 7
Balea milking fat marigold, pack of 2 (2 x 250 ml) *
  • especially for dry, stressed or cracked skin with ...
- € 0,97Topseller 8
4 cans / jar of Milking Fat Soft with sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E ...
3 Reviews
Topseller 9
HAKA Udder Care Special I 2x200 ml I Moisturizing Cream ...
2.422 Reviews
HAKA Udder Care Special I 2x200 ml I Moisturizing Cream ... *
  • ENVIRONMENTAL & SKIN FRIENDLY: HAKA stands for environmentally friendly and ...
  • SKIN CARE: With the moisturizing cream you get a gentle ...
  • USE: The cream can be used both as a hand cream and ...
  • AREAS OF APPLICATION: The skin care cream cares for rough and chapped skin ...
Topseller 10
Sanct Bernhard milking grease with marigold oil 500 ml
27 Reviews
Sanct Bernhard milking fat with marigold oil 500 ml *
  • Melkfett according to original recipe according to well-tried farmer recipe
  • Protection and care for every skin
  • With valuable marigold oil

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Melkfett Dm - Kaufberater

EPP Milking Fat Sennerin 500 ml
We have one for you List of purchase criteria created. It protects you from mishaps and possible annoyance in the year 2021. Get your knowledge from buyers, friends and the internet. Before you have products on the topic Milking fat Dm want to buy, be smart about these and be well prepared. on Honest tests you can find some tests (including pool, Fitness, Home & garden) & How-To (including Smart Home, Beauty, craft) who can help you further.

Your questions that you should ask yourself to find your suitable product.

  • What budget do I have to buy?
  • What do I want to do exactly with the product?
  • Where can I find milking fat Dm for a good price?
  • Which milking fat Dm products do other people recommend?
  • How do I best use Melkfett Dm, are there any hints on the internet?
  • What is the quality of milking fat Dm?
  • How To Use Milking Fat Dm Correctly!
  • What are the special features of this product that I really want to have?
  • Are there often problems with milking fat Dm products?
  • What is the shelf life of the product?
  • Can you find solutions to the problem?
  • Do you find milk fat Dm tests or Milking fat Dm comparisons?

How many people recommended or rated Milking Fat Dm in 2021?

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It must be said that a product like Milkfett Dm can be rated very well and badly. You should always not only look at the top reviews of Melkfett Dm favorites. From many positive reviews alone, one can say that, in quantitative terms, Milkfett Dm is a good, high-quality product that is gladly recommended. Always look at the number of different reviews.

The more customers the product Melkfett Dm has, the safer the opinions and information about it.

Few reviews doesn't always mean that your chosen product is necessarily bad. It may just not have been on the market long enough and has therefore been rated too seldom. Here you just have to look and research for Melkfett Dm. * offers many different possibilities to analyze the product Milk fat Dm well. Milking fat Dm Tests or milking fat Dm comparisons.

What can a good product like milking fat DM cost?

You always want the most popular top product at the best possible price, and that also applies to your purchase of Milking Fat Dm. Everything should always have a cheap price and no additional costs. We want that too. But quality now also has its price. Those who buy cheaply often buy twice or three times again. Therefore, it is important to give you the different prices for the respective product on the way. Spend a little more money and enjoy the recommended Milkfat Dm product in the long term. Buying proven brands and their quality will delight you more in the long run than cheap bargains.

Gift Idea, Birthday gifts or Christmas gifts should never be cheap products, do not give away anything in terms of quality that you would not use yourself.

How was Melkfett Dm rated?

The various customer opinions offer us important experiences about Milking Fat Dm. If buyers or users rate the product poorly at first, this means that they did not like something about the Dm milking fat, such as the size, cut or color did not suit them. Often these so-called 1-star ratings only contain the frustration that the user had. Maybe he just made a bad buy and Melkfett Dm just didn't fit his ideas. To prevent this from happening, we always recommend that you get the Read reviews carefully.
Otherwise, go to a shop around the corner that also offers Milkfat Dm. There you can take a closer look and form your own opinion. Follow our advice. Also have a look at the Top reviews on Amazon * an. There are also many here for very good quality at Melkfett Dm 4 or 5 star ratings.

4 or 5 star ratings are a sign that people are happy with Melkfett Dm. These customer reviews also say something about the quality of the product.

Look for good and current milking fat dm tests on the internet

In addition to various ratings for the Milkfett Dm product, there are Melkfett Dm Tests 2021 and Milking fat Dm comparisons To be found on the Internet in 2021.

Do you have questions about Melkfett Dm?

Before you buy Melkfett Dm, you should do many clarify open questions beforehand, we have shown you a list above. Opinions from other buyers will always help you. Are there any other things to consider with the noted product details? If the color is right winter jacketas you can see in the small picture in the online shop? How do the sizes of one fall quilted pants off, very important! Always pay attention to size information. How does the product behave when exposed to the cold? These are all questions that you, as a consumer, are sure to ask yourself. The manufacturers naturally also want to achieve high sales with their products. The bigger the brand is, the better the products are. But of course there are also many small, unknown brands that offer good quality. Here you have to pay attention to further purchase criteria. Finally, of course, the price is crucial for you. If the price is simply not in relation to the quality, we recommend you to buy another product.

Conclusion about milking fat Dm experiences, reviews, comparisons and buying guide

It is not always easy to buy a good quality product at a reasonable price. If you adhere to a few purchase criteria and customer ratings, nothing stands in the way of your purchase in 2021.

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