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Menstrual cup - good alternative? How do you use them correctly!

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Hygienic, practical and without garbage. The menstrual cup is designed to ensure that nothing goes wrong. It saves costs and protects the environment. The period cup collects the menstrual blood directly inside the body and should be simple, effective and safe. Nevertheless, opinions differ on this subject. Some find it disgusting, others become fans. We have inquired. What exactly a menu cup is, what material it is made of, how to handle it, where to buy it and where its advantages and disadvantages are. - Buy menstrual cup

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Intimina Ziggy Cup - Extra-Thin Reusable ...Intimina Lily Cup One Foldable Menstrual Cup for ...Fun Factory FUN CUP Size B - Ergonomic ...Intimina Lily Cup Compact size A - Collapsible ...QUEEN CUP menstrual cup made of 100% medical silicone ...Merula Cup strawberry (pink) - One size menstrual cup ...Merula Cup XL strawberry (pink) - The menstrual cup ...Lunette menstrual cup - purple - model 2 for normal ...
Intimina Ziggy Cup - Extra-thin ... *Intimina Lily Cup One Foldable Menstrual Cup ... *Fun Factory FUN CUP Size B - Ergonomic ... *Intimina Lily Cup Compact size A -... *QUEEN CUP menstrual cup made of 100% ... *Merula Cup strawberry (pink) - One size ... *Merula Cup XL strawberry (pink) - The ... *Lunette Menstrual Cup - Purple - Model 2 for ... *
◼️ Thanks to its revolutionary flat fit, Ziggy is not too ...◼️ Lily Cup One makes the transition to beginners ...◼️ The reusable Fun Factory menstrual cup -...◼️ The collapsible little menstrual cup is so flat ...◼️ ✔ HIGHEST QUALITY (Not a cheap China product!) ▶ The ...◼️ Awarded "VERY GOOD" by ÖKO-Test (issue 04/2020)◼️ The modern type of monthly hygiene and the reliable ...◼️ Better for your body, better for the environment. Bezel ...◼️ ◼️
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What is a menstrual cup?

A period cup is a vessel similar to a cup, but without a handle. Instead of a handle, it has a small tip at the bottom. It is open at the top. In most cases it is made of medical grade silicone. Available in different colors and sizes, they also differ in price and material from manufacturer to manufacturer. Medical silicone is soft, conformable and sterile. Very few people really cannot take it.

It can be boiled without any problems, which is an unbeatable advantage for hygienic reasons. Some women are allergic to latex, which sometimes limits its use. In the case of other plastics, you should inquire in advance whether there are any allergic indications. The menstrual cups are now also available in organic quality. They are also 100% recyclable.

Menstrual cups are inserted into the vagina, where they are gently sucked into place, preventing blood from leaking out. They can stay in the body for up to 12 hours, unlike a tampon, for example, which has to be removed after just a few hours. Although the American Leona Chalmers submitted the idea to the patent office in 1937, the Cup has only really conquered the market in recent years. As a disposable model but also as a long-lasting solution that can be reused for up to 15 years in addition to sanitary towels, tampons, etc.

How do you use a menstrual cup?

Instructions for use are enclosed with each model. And every woman may have her own trick that makes it easier for her to introduce. Here too, since every body is different, you have to feel your way around a little. The principle is always the same. The cup has long been folded and inserted upwards. If you let go of it in the vagina, the edge will open up again and lie around the cervix.

A kind of vacuum is created so that the menstrual cup cannot slip.
To release the vacuum, you press the lower end of the cup, the air in the cup escapes upwards, the vacuum is released and you can remove it from the vagina by pulling on the small tip at the lower end of the cup. Now you simply pour the contents into the toilet, rinse the cup and use it again. After menstruation has ended, it should be boiled. If you have problems inserting it, you can try a little lubricant.

Advantages and disadvantages of a menstrual cup

Even if it takes a bit of effort at the beginning, as the cup may appear relatively large, it is still worthwhile to deal with it (at least in your mind). Sanitary towels and tampons can contain a lot of chemicals from the manufacturing process. This is not the case with the cup. The costs, even if they are a bit higher at the beginning due to the purchase of the cup itself, have been canceled after six months at the latest, from then on you write plus.

Grumpy rubbish is also a thing of the past. The menstrual cup is a relief for those who travel a lot and for a long time and are not permanently surrounded by toilets. Tip it out, either rinse it or simply clean it with a cloth and it is ready for use again. Sport is not a problem either. An absolute advantage for women with sensitive mucous membranes, the cup does not suck everything dry. This also protects against TSS (toxic shock syndrome). We have briefly summarized the advantages for you below.

The advantages:

Geeignet suitable for almost all women

▴the cup does not destroy the natural moisture film of the vagina

TragLong gestation times

▴no chemistry in the body

▴Sport Easily possible

Weniger less costs in the long run

Vielvery much less garbage

▴ absolutely hygienic

▴ easy to clean

▴many different models and sizes

▴Independence of purchased products (also an invaluable advantage for world tours and backpack tours)

The disadvantages:

In the beginning, the cup looks a bit scary and you may have to overcome it first

▾To secure handling, it may take a while

▾a slightly higher purchase price

▾Difficulties finding the right model

Women who may have some reservations may find it more difficult to befriend them

What size do I need?

What size do I need anyway? Basically, this is not rocket technology. Roughly as a guideline one can say that women who have already given birth and / or have a heavier bleeding should choose a slightly larger cup. Sporty and petite women get along well with a smaller cup. However, these are really just rough guidelines, every god is thankfully different and may need to try two or three models before finding what they feel comfortable with.

Where can you best buy a period cup?

The cups are available in pharmacies, on the Internet or sometimes in drugstores. In the net you will find a lot of information from other users and also buy recommendations. It will help you not to go down just at the beginning, with all the information about each model.


A menstrual cup is definitely worth it for all women who pay attention to themselves and to the environment, or want to pay attention. Hygienically, it is absolutely harmless, it is with practice a lot more than practical, also or just because you can easily avoid the annoying buying of other hygiene products times. Even though she may seem a bit creepy at the beginning and one certainly has some reservations in the first time, after half a year at the latest the cup was not only cost-technically worthwhile, but the way she and his own body are treated Taken for granted.

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Merula Cup strawberry (pink) - One size menstrual cup ... *
  • Awarded "VERY GOOD" by ÖKO-Test (issue 04/2020)
  • One size: only one size - can fit every woman - no ...
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Merula Cup strawberry (pink) - One size menstrual cup ...
Merula Cup strawberry (pink) - One size menstrual cup ... *
Awarded "VERY GOOD" by ÖKO-Test (issue 04/2020); One size: Only one size - can fit every woman - no need to determine the size
17,85€ - € 2,56 15,29€
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OrganiCup Menstrual Cup - Size A / Small - Winner ... *
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Selenacup menstrual cup / menstrual cup for the ...
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Selenacup menstrual cup / menstrual cup for the ... *
  • Made of medical silicone, protects your health, dries the ...
  • Perfect, modern monthly protection, harder material for the ...
  • Reduced risk of TSS vs. other feminine hygiene articles
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
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Flextime® menstrual cup PREMIUM for periods off ...
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Flextime® menstrual cup PREMIUM for periods off ... *
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Always Cup menstrual cup for medium periods, ...
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Always Cup menstrual cup for medium periods, ... *
  • Reusable menstrual cup made from 100 percent ...
  • Comfort fit protection, for day and night
  • Menstrual cup developed with a gynecologist
  • Adapted to the body shape so as not to slip and reduce the pressure ...
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Lunette menstrual cup - purple - model 1 for light ...
1.544 Reviews
Lunette menstrual cup - purple - Model 1 for light ... *
  • Meet your vagina's new best friend. Bezel ...
  • Lunette menstrual caps are a zero waste alternative to ...
  • Our model 1 cap is made of soft, medical grade silicone ...
  • Easy to use and popular with teenagers, boys ...
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Fun Factory FUN CUP Explore Kit - Ergonomic ...
381 Reviews
Fun Factory FUN CUP Explore Kit - Ergonomic ... *
  • The reusable Fun Factory menstrual cup - Maximum ...
  • Perfect fit: period cup adapts through its ...
  • Holds 4-6x as much liquid as the alternative tampon or ...
  • Highest quality standards: 100% medical silicone - Made ...
- € 1,04Topseller 10
Merula Cup XL strawberry (pink) - The menstrual cup ...
1.024 Reviews
Merula Cup XL strawberry (pink) - The menstrual cup ... *
  • The modern type of monthly hygiene and the reliable companion ...
  • Heavy flow: The menstrual cup for very heavy days ...
  • Made of medically certified silicone without harmful substances, "made ...
  • Hygienic: leaves no residue in the body / none ...

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Menstruation Cup - Purchase Advisor

The menstrual cup: everything you need to know about alternative monthly hygiene
We have one for you List of purchase criteria created. It protects you from mishaps and possible annoyance in the year 2021. Get your knowledge from buyers, friends and the internet. Before you have products on the topic menstrual cup want to buy, be smart about these and be well prepared. on Honest tests you can find some tests (including pool, Fitness, Home & garden) & How-To (including Smart Home, Beauty, craft) who can help you further.

Your questions that you should ask yourself to find your suitable product.

  • What budget do I have to buy?
  • What do I want to do exactly with the product?
  • Where can I find a menstrual cup for a good price?
  • Which menstrual cup products do other people recommend?
  • How do I use menstrual cup the best, are there any hints on the internet?
  • What is the quality of menstrual cup?
  • How To Use Menstrual Cup Properly!
  • What are the special features of this product that I really want to have?
  • Are there any problems with menstrual cup products?
  • What is the shelf life of the product?
  • Can you find solutions to the problem?
  • Can you find menstrual cup tests or on the internet Menstrual cup comparisons?

How many people recommended or rated menstrual cup in 2021?

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It must be said that a product like menstrual cup can be rated very well and badly. You should always not only look at the top ratings of menstrual cup favorites. From many positive reviews alone, one can say that, in quantitative terms, menstrual cups are a good and high-quality product that is gladly recommended. Always look at the number of different reviews.

The more reviews the product Menstrual Cup has, the safer the opinions and informations are about it.

Few reviews doesn't always mean that your chosen product is necessarily bad. It may just not have been on the market long enough and has therefore been rated too seldom. Here you just have to look and research for menstrual cups. * offers many different possibilities to analyze the product menstrual cup well. Menstrual cups are also available Tests or menstrual cup comparisons.

What can a good product like a menstrual cup cost?

You always want the most popular top product at the best possible price, this also applies to your menstrual cup purchase. Everything should always have a cheap price and no additional costs. We want that too. But quality now also has its price. Those who buy cheaply often buy twice or three times again. Therefore, it is important to give you the different prices for the respective product on the way. Spend a little more money and enjoy the recommended menstrual cup product in the long term. Buying proven brands and their quality will delight you more in the long run than cheap bargains.

Gift Idea, Birthday gifts or Christmas gifts should never be cheap products, do not give away anything in terms of quality that you would not use yourself.

How was menstrual cup rated?

The various customer opinions offer us important experiences about menstrual cups. If buyers or users rate the product poorly at first, it means that they did not like something on the menstrual cup, such as the size, cut or color did not suit them. Often these so-called 1-star ratings only contain the frustration that the user had. Maybe he just made a bad buy and the menstrual cup just didn't fit his ideas. To prevent this from happening, we always recommend that you get the Read reviews carefully.
Otherwise, go to a shop around the corner that also offers the menstrual cup. There you can take a closer look and form your own opinion. Follow our advice. Also have a look at the Top reviews on Amazon * an. There are also many for very good quality menstrual cups here 4 or 5 star ratings.

4 or 5 star ratings are a sign that people are satisfied with menstrual cup. These customer reviews also say something about the quality of the product.

Search for good and current menstrual cup tests on the internet

In addition to various reviews for the menstrual cup product, there are menstrual cups Tests 2021 and Menstrual cup comparisons To be found on the Internet in 2021.

Do you have questions about menstrual cup?

Before you buy menstrual cup, you should have many clarify open questions beforehand, we have shown you a list above. Opinions from other buyers will always help you. Are there any other things to consider with the noted product details? If the color is right winter jacketas you can see in the small picture in the online shop? How do the sizes of one fall quilted pants off, very important! Always pay attention to size information. How does the product behave when exposed to the cold? These are all questions that you, as a consumer, are sure to ask yourself. The manufacturers naturally also want to achieve high sales with their products. The bigger the brand is, the better the products are. But of course there are also many small, unknown brands that offer good quality. Here you have to pay attention to further purchase criteria. Finally, of course, the price is crucial for you. If the price is simply not in relation to the quality, we recommend you to buy another product.

Conclusion on menstrual cup experiences, reviews, comparisons and buying guide

It is not always easy to buy a good quality product at a reasonable price. If you adhere to a few purchase criteria and customer ratings, nothing stands in the way of your purchase in 2021.

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