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How to hear your best songs everywhere

In the past you had to connect awkward bulky boxes somewhere, distribute cable harnesses throughout the room and, if you didn't want to see them, tear up the carpet strips. Cumbersome, huge and not even managed. Gone are the days. The mobile jukebox trolley has arrived. Anyone who immediately has a complete system in the form of a suitcase in front of them that one can pull behind them is spot on.

But what can a mobile sound box like this do? Is a mobile sound system with a battery actually suitable? Who is it helpful for? How long do the batteries last and how much partying is the system designed for? We turn on the battery-powered music system and listen to what the device has to offer. – Mobile sound system bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests

Mobile sound system bestsellers 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

Reflexion PS07BT Mobile disco sound machine (Bluetooth, True ...SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 2 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker (122 dB...PARTY-8LED - PARTY - 200W RMS, 8'/20cm Large...Ibiza - PORT12VHF-BT - Portable speaker 12'/700W MAX with 2...Ibiza port10uhf-bt Portable Speaker 500W Blackauna Streetstar - mobile PA sound system, music system, Bluetooth...Ibiza - PORT15VHF-BT - Portable speaker 15'/800W MAX with 2...Party Light & Sound PARTY-12LED mobile battery system, Bluetooth,...E-Lektron EL16-P portable sound system USB/Bluetooth PA...Sony MHC-V11 powerful one box sound system (470 watt ...
Reflexion PS07BT Mobile disco sound machine ... *SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 2 - Portable Bluetooth...*PARTY-8LED - PARTY - 200 W RMS, 8"/20 cm large...*Ibiza - PORT12VHF-BT - Portable speaker...*Ibiza port10uhf-bt portable speaker, 500 W,...*auna Streetstar - mobile PA sound system,...*Ibiza - PORT15VHF-BT - Portable speaker...*Party Light & Sound PARTY-12LED Mobile battery ... *E-Lektron EL16-P portable sound system...*Sony MHC-V11 powerful one box sound system ... *
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What is a mobile sound system?

A sound system in the case that you can pull or push like a trolley. None of them are heavyweights, but it is definitely more practical than carrying. The music cases consist primarily of boxes, of course. Or boxes. In addition, various connections are attached to the box. On the one hand the charging socket for the external power supply and then the ports for USB and SD cards. The devices are usually compatible with Bluetooth and some of them can also play CDs.

Sockets for AUX and CINCH are standard. Various rotary controls for fine tuning should of course not be missing. The overall package is rounded off by various accessories such as a remote control, an integrated screen, a microphone, this is also available as a wireless microphone, there are devices that have a tripod mount and you should perhaps think about a protective cover, especially when the mobile box happens standing around for a while.


A gimmick that you definitely cannot miss if you want to buy such a mobile music system is the possibility of a Microphone to connect. This turns the trolley into a mouthpiece. Of course you can not only talk, but also sing and you have your own karaoke station. Good models also offer this feature with radio, so there is no risk of tripping over cables lying around.


Yes, some devices even have a monitor. Granted, they are of course not the biggest. Nevertheless, for karaoke this is perfectly sufficient and also for CD`s, which are concerned for example with Gym. Here you can listen loud music and at the same time watch the exercises. No matter where!


Remote Control : A remote control is of course always helpful and convenient, if you can not or do not want to connect a mobile phone or tablet to the system. Who always wants to get up?

Frame : Some models have a tripod mount and there are tripods that hold this weight. In combination with a wireless microphone of course more than practical, so that the sound can not come from below, but also from above.

✰ NOTE Please make sure that the tripod is designed for the weight. It is still better if it creates far more weight. Bass sometimes has its own rhythm. A tripod always shines with very stable connections and screw caps. Exactly these are also the weak point, since one constantly opens and closes the tripods.

Silikonhülle : so that it does not dusty and in the end even small spiders in the box looking for a home, there are many manufacturers of protective covers that can be easily put over the trolley. Is it really worth buying if the device has to stand in the corner for some time or is not needed otherwise?

Which formats are possible?

Which formats can you work with now and are plugs necessary? Not necessary, possible already. Here is a small overview:

  • SD Card : not everyone carries USB sticks with them, most models have an SD card reader
  • Bluetooth : via the interface, the phone can be super connected to the box. Of course, karaoke apps can stream the tracks more than simply to the system
  • USB : With a USB port you can either connect the notebook, the mobile phone or anything else via a cable or plug in a USB stick
  • CD Player : High - quality, which means in this case more expensive devices also have a built - in CD player in some cases
  • Radio : If the mobile jukebox is equipped with an antenna, listening to the radio is also easily possible.

AUX and CINCH bring them all. They can be easily expanded and used flexibly.

Battery power vh. Energy supply

Round about 4 - 6 hours of music or acoustics is easily possible with most devices.

For whom is a music system with a battery useful?

For those who want to or want to be mobile, of course. The radio in the old Beachbulli rattles like a can of dry peas? No problem. The buddy has only the old speakers on the laptop and that's not even for the DVD evening? No problem. Camping and the music is missing? Not anymore. Thanks to the many possibilities of how music comes through the box in the ear, it is almost unlimited. And even if the Jörg has disappeared again, he can also be called out thanks to the microphone.

But fun is not the only thing for which you can use the mobile sound system with battery. If you travel a lot, for example, on lecture tours, you always have your own system with you. No mishaps with the guest facilities.
The club's event is once again taking place in the poorly equipped hall? So what? Take a trolley with you and outdated technology has become uninteresting. Everyone knows them and most of the time you ignore them: the street musicians. Sometimes your music is so beautiful and yet so quiet. It doesn't have to, the problem is also solved with such a music system.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile sound system

Not every system is designed for all needs and of course that also applies to the music trolleys. Not only in the buy itself should you think about what you need or want, but also before buying. A small list:


  • ▴ One is completely independent, whether on
  • ▴ Parties
  • ▴ meetings
  • ▴ Lectures
  • ▴ in old Beachbulli
  • ▴ on the beach
  • ▴ at the buddy and
  • ▴ at festivals
  • ▴ many ways to transfer the music, be it through USB, SD card, Bluetooth, CD or radio
  • ▴ round about 4 hours of battery operation
  • ▴ barrier function
  • ▴ System expandable
  • ▴ The wheels and handle allow comfortable transport
  • ▴ relatively easy
  • ▴ also during charging, thus usable on the electricity
  • ▴ useful accessories are available

The disadvantages

  • ▾ depending on the system and model a high purchase price
  • ▾ not usable via WLAN
  • ▾ too big for the hand luggage

What to look for in the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should be taken into account

Stability. All the weight is distributed on the rollers. If the mobile box trolley rarely weighs more than 20 kg, the castors are of course a weak point. Not nice when they break off. The handle must not only be stable, but also be attached securely. Is the case stable and maybe extra protected? At festivals in particular, there is a high risk that someone will bump into it or, what we don't hope, half the beer will land on them.

The case can also be thrown back and forth when being transported in the trunk or on the train. - What to avoid. Are the connections and buttons high quality? Small protruding screws or strips are also weak points that should be avoided. The size. The mobile sound boxes come in different sizes and weights. If you travel a lot, the weight or size may be a hindrance in the long run.
Below we have listed the main points:

  • is the performance of the speakers the ones I expect?
  • How much money do I want to spend?
  • which medium can I run over the system?
  • What are the other customer opinions?
  • Can I handle the weight well?
  • is the size consistent with my plans (transport, in which vehicle)?
  • how good is the workmanship?
  • how well is the technology protected by the case?
  • Is it maybe even shockproof?
  • Can I connect other speakers?
  • which accessories are suitable for me?
  • how important is the karaoke function?
  • is the device sufficient to fulfill my own idea of ​​high quality acoustics?

So there is a lot to consider before you should plunge into the musical adventure portable PA system, so there is no bad buy.

Conclusion: mobile sound system

Who thinks big, or at least bigger, is very well advised with a mobile sound system, no matter if he wants to party, hanging out on the campground or at a festival, making himself comfortable at home or whether he is on a lecture tour like himself as speaker, or bring his trolley speaker. All new media are covered on most models, so there should be no problems. Good workmanship and sound quality is of course important. If you know a bit and know what your device should bring, you will not have any problems. Those who are not yet familiar with it, the numerous reviews and reviews on the net help them find their way around.
We think: a great part!

Discover the top 10 best and best-selling mobile sound system products in 2024 on honest tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect mobile sound system product for your needs now!

Top 10🔥Offers🔥 🆕Online
- € 19,96Services
MEDION P61468 party sound system (party speakers incl....
MEDION P61468 party sound system (party speakers incl....*
PLL FM stereo radio with 30 station presets, manual and automatic station search
149,95 € - € 19,96 129,99 €
- € 151,00Services
- € 100,00Services
- € 15,35Services
Reflexion PS09BT Mobile Buetooth Party Speaker, DJ, Karaoke,...
Reflexion PS09BT Mobile Buetooth Party Speaker, DJ, Karaoke,...*
Scope of delivery: PS09BT, remote control, microphone, instructions, power supply, audio cable
119,99 € - € 15,35 104,64 € Amazon Prime

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Reflexion PS09BT Mobile Buetooth party speaker, DJ, karaoke, 500 watts, FM PLL radio, disco LED effect with color change, incl. microphone, built-in battery, black

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1st best product
Mobile PA sound system Akku-MP3-USB-SD incl. wireless microphone 500W...
Mobile PA sound system Akku-MP3-USB-SD incl. wireless microphone 500W...*
Despite the many possible applications, it is easy to handle; Easy to transport thanks to the telescopic handle, wheels and...
169,99 €

Tip: An Gift Idea or Birthday gifts should never be cheap products, don't give away anything that you wouldn't use yourself in terms of quality.

Lots of positives Buyer ratings are often a sign that people are satisfied with the mobile music system with battery product.

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