Modern electric cookers with ceramic hob

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Modern electric stoves with ceramic hobs are usually equipped with three or four hotplates of different power. Most of them Electric cookers there is a pressure cooker, an automatic hotplate and, in the case of stoves with four plates, also the function of a hotplate. The equipment also includes an oven that also functions as a roasting oven.

Some of these roasting tubes are equipped with a heating compartment, in them all kinds of food can be cooked. For an electric stove, use special dishes that have good thermal conductivity and the bottom is completely flat. In this way, the heat from the heating plate can act on the entire floor area.

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The switch position is crucial

The energy costs are usually higher with an electric stove than with a gas stove, as the heating plates require a certain preheating time. It is therefore advisable to use the heating level reached correctly and to switch it down again in good time.

The scale setting on the electric range, usually from 0 to 9, is appropriate and therefore energy-saving, depending on the type of cooking and the food. Setting the scale to zero is also important, as the residual heat on the hotplate can turn off the power approx. 10 minutes before the cooking point is reached.

Modern electric stoves with ceramic hob, various heating levels

It should also be noted that the food does not have to be heated at the same heating level during the entire cooking process. The correct use of the energy supply depending on the food to be cooked can be found in the operating instructions for the cooker. Modern electric cookers with ceramic hobs often have a timer that can be used to preset the cooking time.

Such clocks draw attention to this with an acoustic signal after the corresponding giving process has been completed. The food does not need to be constantly supervised during the cooking process, so that other household chores can also be carried out outside the kitchen.

Roasting and baking with the electric stove

In addition, it is possible to precisely adhere to the necessary cooking time and thus avoid unnecessary losses of ingredients and electrical energy. Just as energy can be saved with the sensible use of the hotplates in connection with the appropriate crockery, this is also possible with the correct use of the oven.

When roasting and braising, you should note that large pieces of meat require a long cooking time and relatively low temperatures. They are fried with a control setting of 180-200 °. For smaller pieces of meat, you need a shorter cooking time, but you usually hear temperatures (250 °). If the roast in the pan becomes too dark, the temperature must be reduced or water must be added.

If a large amount of water has to be poured in, this indicates that the selected temperature was too high. The less water is added, the tastier the sauce. When baking, it should be noted that low, dark baking tins shorten the baking time, whereas bare, tall tins lengthen it. Doughs mixed with a lot of liquid have to bake longer than dark, dry doughs. Thinly rolled out dough is baked on a higher heat and a shorter baking time. Thicker layers of dough require less heat but a longer baking time.

The corresponding baking time can be found in the recipes. If your apartment is equipped with a gas connection, you should use a gas stove in order to save time and money. The electrical connection for an electric cooker may only be carried out by a specialist. Warm water should not be prepared on the electric stove; instead, if available, the water heater should be used. It is better to use an electric kettle to prepare boiling water.

Maintenance and care of the electric stove

Remove spilled food immediately with a damp cloth. Clean enamelled surfaces with water and a mild detergent. The same applies to the roasting tube and the oven. Repairs to the electric stove may only be carried out by a specialist.

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