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With a motorcycle backpack you have everything on the way

If you need to carry a lot of luggage on your bike, you will not be able to avoid a suitable backpack. He should bring along certain qualities, some things become a duty. Even if you can not pack such a backpack into the infinite, it still needs space, should be waterproof, can also be integrated into everyday life and reasonably good appearance, he should as well.

But what matters? We looked at the backpacks for motorcyclists. What you should bring, what weight is suitable, there are also a few tips and where is the best place to buy such a backpack. – Motorcycle backpack bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests

Motorcycle backpack bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests – in comparison

OG Original GetAway motorcycle backpack waterproof, men,...8times3 Waterproof Rolltop Backpack I Bicycle Backpack | ...QBag Motorcycle Backpack 05, Waterproof, Roll Closure,...Earth Pak Summit Series Waterproof Backpack, Backpack with ...QBag Motorcycle Backpack 05, Waterproof, Roll Closure,...BAG STREET - backpack blackkfg Backpack Waterproof 60L Camping Backpack Hiking Backpack ...Dainese-D-MACH BACKPACK, Stealth Black, size NKROSER laptop backpack 15,6 inch laptop computer backpack with...OG Original Roadrunner Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof Black...
89,90 €Check price62,99 €59,99 €62,99 €29,95 €Check price179,08 €Check price59,90 €
OG Original GetAway Motorcycle Backpack Waterproof,...*8times3 Waterproof Rolltop Backpack I Bicycle ... *QBag motorcycle backpack 05, waterproof,...*Earth Pak Summit series waterproof backpack, ... *QBag motorcycle backpack 05, waterproof,...*BAG STREET - backpack black*kfg Backpack Waterproof 60L Camping Backpack ... *Dainese-D-MACH BACKPACK, stealth black, size ... *KROSER laptop backpack 15,6 inch laptop computer ... *OG Original Roadrunner Motorcycle Backpack...*
◼️ MOTORCYCLE BACKPACK: Developed for motorcyclists, with the ...◼️ PERFECT WEARING COMFORT: Padded straps offer a ...◼️ The QBag motorcycle backpack: Absolutely dust and waterproof ...◼️ RELIABLE AND WATERPROOF PROTECTION: The Dry Bag Backpack, ...◼️ The QBag motorcycle backpack: Absolutely dust and waterproof ...◼️ N / A◼️ (High quality, sturdy and durable): For this product ...◼️ 360 degree safety piping and logo with retroreflection◼️ N / A◼️ MOTORCYCLE BACKPACK: Equipped with the pioneering DHT system to ...
◼️ WATERPROOF AND SAFE: Made of high quality, against water and ...◼️ WATERPROOF POLYESTER: The waterproof fabric and the dense ...◼️ Details: The large main compartment is opened at the top via a ...◼️ IPX8 WATERPROOF MOBILE PHONE CASE: Waterproof backpack including ...◼️ Details: The large main compartment is opened at the top via a ...◼️ N / A◼️ (High load capacity): Our product straps and fabrics are ...◼️ Reinforced foam profile on the back increases the ...◼️ N / A◼️ WATERPROOF AND RESISTANT: Made of high quality 600D polyester, ...
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89,90 €Check price62,99 €59,99 €62,99 €29,95 €Check price179,08 €Check price59,90 €
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Büse backpack waterproof white * 

Are there differences to a normal backpack?

Basically, no. What a good outdoor backpack can become a great backpack for a bike. The properties are almost identical. Have yourself 20 - 40 liters proven to be very suitable for everyday use, this allows not only to take things with you for the office, but also to have space for other things.

He should be waterproof as well, you do not only drive in good weather. Even if you are on foot. Here are the different models ever before in the tightness. Some get wet quickly. The seams of the zipper are special weaknesses that you should pay attention to. If the water resistance is not enough, you can try impregnating. However, a good backpack should already be able to absorb a certain amount of weather.
Anyway, zippers are broken quickly. High-quality backpacks are usually better processed.
The backpack should be robust.

This requires a certain stability of the material. Sacks that are too thin rub on quickly and once the hole is there, this usually happens, if somewhere in the backpack rubs a hard edge against the material, it is difficult to repair and the sack ends up in the bin. So better pay attention to a high-quality material structure.
Just like the straps. If they are not sturdy, wide enough, or lashed down properly, it'll be annoying, maybe tearing, definitely not fun. Also applies to the feeding in the back. Even if you are well protected as a biker, it is still pleasant to feel the backpack little to no.

In short: a good backpack for bikers is characterized by consistent stability, a spacious volume and high quality workmanship. He owns one waist belt and is easy to tie up and has no fluttering straps and straps.

Where to buy a motorcycle backpack at best

Of course, this works just as well on the Internet with various shops and providers as it does in special stores. Although the internet has better offers every now and then. However, if you want to convince yourself of your new companion, you have to be able to touch and carry it. Different Tests and customer opinions from the World Wide Web can also be a good help in exchanging good experiences. The prices still vary greatly, but you can quickly find a good backpack for around 60 euros.

Tips and advice for a motorcycle backpack

Especially as a biker should pay attention to a few things that are less relevant for pedestrians with backpack. Do not worry, there are not many. Here is a small overview:


While driving, the wind can quickly reach into your pocket. This also applies to the zipper. The zippers of the zippers are thus not pulled up, but on the side. This avoids that the wind can make the opening larger.


Logically, that everything must be closed. Fluttering straps and straps are not only annoying but also a risk. Also, the waist belt must be closed, bouncing backpacks can make you quite a jerk.

Bags and nets

That belongs in loose nets no luggage, while driving, should be logical. Unsecured outdoor subjects therefore remain empty.
For the interior applies, less is more, and if possible, soft.
Stow tools and hard objects better on the luggage carrier. In the event of an accident, hard things can quickly lead to worse injuries.
If the backpack has several separable inner compartments, so much the better. That way you can store things better and stronger, that means safer.

Weight and volume

Heavy backpacks are not only stressful for the back, but also for the material. A backpack should not be heavier than 7 - 8 kilos, some advise less weight. This not only protects the back, but also the backpack. Something fits in in 40 liters, which is usually enough for a (work) everyday life and also for the weekend trip.


So a motorcycle backpack basically comes with the same features as a good travel backpack. He must have the right size for a person, have a good quality in terms of material and workmanship, he must be roadworthy and should not be wet right from the slightest shower inside. The volume is manageable, that you do not overload the backpack or unfavorably packs, but you have to take care of yourself. Well tied up and tidy, maybe even extra impregnated and you have a faithful companion for everyday activities.

Discover the top 10 of the best and best-selling motorcycle backpack products 2024 on Ehrliche Tests. We show a selection of the most popular items that have great customer reviews and value for money. Find the perfect motorcycle backpack product for your needs now!

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Alpinestars 2801-1259 Motorcycle Backpack City Hunter Shoe for...
Alpinestars 2801-1259 Motorcycle Backpack City Hunter Shoe for...*
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Dainese - D-Essence Backpack, Black Motorcycle Backpack, 22.2L Travel Backpack, Practical, Spacious and Lightweight, Motorcycle Backpack for Office, School, Work, with PC Laptop Compartment, Unisex, Black

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