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Test: Tribit Stormbox | Outdoor bluetooth speaker

Looking for a Bluetooth jukebox for the garden, on the go by bike or on the beach, I came across the Tribit Stormbox after research. Why the choice fell on this one and my experience with the Stormbox from Tribit, you can read here in the article.

12in1 USB-C Hub | Aukey docking station

Notebooks lose more and more connections or old ones fall victim to progress. Multi-hubs are the alternative to making lost or more connections available to a notebook or other devices. The Aukey 12in1 USB-C hub covers many connections and is immediately ready for use with a USB-C plug-in. Here is my experience and impressions of the Aukey docking station.

Fast charging with Power Delivery | USB-PD | 65W UGREEN Fast Charger

I am testing my first 65 watt UGREEN quick charger here. The chargers with USB-PD recognize the wattage with which the end devices can be charged. A maximum of 65 watts is standard here for fast charging of smartphones and notebooks.

Android car radio Top 10

We show you what you can do with an Android radio, which apps and possibilities are there, what to pay attention to when installing, where to buy the Android car radio best

VR 3D video glasses - HD - UHD - 4K - 8K

Let's take a look at the other reality and see how VR video glasses work, which major players are on the market, where you can buy the real thing best and who is worth it.

Playstation Controller | Tips for PS 3 & PS 4

Where are the differences in the controllers? This guide is only for you as a gamer to the two controllers of Sony ©. We'll show you what you should look for when buying the gamepad and whether you can use Controller for PS for your new generation gaming console.

Guidebook: MP3 Player | Music on, head out

This guide is about the pros and cons of having a decent player, what options you have, what to look for when buying anything, and why, while not an alternative to your phone, it can be a great addition.

Havit i95 InEar-Blutooth headphones | Test experience

We tested and tried out the Havit i95 InEar-Blutooth headphones. What you can expect for a narrow 30 €, you read here in the post.

Powerbank - Aukey PB-N36 20000mAh with USB / Lightning

Powerbank - Aukey PB-N36 20000mAh with USB / Lightning There is certainly no one today who doesn't have a powerbank, with so many electronic devices. We have...

UE MEGABOOM - your music on the go!

What should you look for in a bluetooth speaker? Sound qualityCompatibility (IOS, Android) Easy setup (manageability) Battery life Stability (shockproof, waterproof, etc.) Size (depending on whether it is used at home or on the go ...