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Power. muscle ratio. Boosted self-esteem. Professional reasons. Muscles to compensate for weaknesses. At some point we all get to the point where we think: "Man, this can't go on like this." The first thought is going to the gym. Some of us don't really feel like it. Take out a subscription, go there regularly, wait at sweaty devices, air conditioners – air, be unmotivated or simply don’t have the time. Building a home gym offers a more flexible solution. A multi-gym is ideal as a basis, where you have the opportunity to do many different exercises. From the comfort of your own home, whenever you want. Today we present you the model multi-gym. What options you have there, what you should pay attention to when buying, which accessories are available and where the advantages and disadvantages lie. – Multipress Top Ten

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

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ArtSport multifunctional weight bench set ProfiGym ... *Bowflex multi-gym PR 1000*Hop-Sport collapsible weight bench HS-1055 with ... *ArtSport multifunctional weight bench ProfiGym 1000 ... *Train Hard Weight Bench Leg Curl Butterfly, tested...*ArtSport multi-gym ProfiGym 2000 with Latzug- &...*Sportstech Innovative 21in1 weight bench incl .... *Hop-Sport weight bench multi-gym 1075 with lat pulldown, ... *Finnlo multi-gym Autark 600, 3929 *
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€249,95€719,97€264,88€89,95€349,80€299,95€159,97€274,88€1.099,00Check price
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What is a multi-press multi-gym?

A multi-gym combines many different training and exercise options in one machine. It has various devices to train the entire body. In contrast to the rowing machine, in which you primarily only train the upper half of the body, with a multi-press you can target every muscle. The cardiovascular system is trained depending on the training. Those who are not necessarily looking for strength, but for endurance, correct the weights downwards and the sets upwards accordingly. You can train both with a multi-gym: endurance and strength or muscle building. Depending on which muscles are being addressed with what weight and duration. If you are looking for a few tips on the subject of motivation, you will find them below. A multi-gym consists of a frame on which various rollers with tension straps on which weights hang. A backrest and a bench enable a wide variety of exercises. Which these can be and for which muscle groups they are suitable, more on that later.


Strong materials are a must. And: the less they are screwed, the more stable they are. If they are screwed on, please make sure when assembling that the individual elements have been manufactured really well and safely. Protruding screws or sharp edges can lead to injuries. In good models, the frame is made of steel. Steel is very stable. But it has to be well made. The seat cushions can be made of well-padded EVA. EVA is a hard-wearing plastic that is tear-resistant and easy to care for. How you can take care of your multi-gym, see below. Another important property of a high quality device is the adjustability of the upholstery and the fact that the rotating rollers are mounted on ball bearings.

➫ Tip: You may need a suitable surface. This not only protects sensitive floors such as parquet, but also prevents the devices from sliding. A non-slip surface is also important for yourself when training. For this reason, there are special underground mats made of soft, but hard-wearing and non-slip plastic. These are available as a plug-in system or as a complete mat.

Tour Locations

A home gym multi-press needs space. Most devices can cope with 2-3 square meters. But! You must not forget that you still have to move the weights and move around on the station. For this freedom of movement alone, please allow for at least one more, but better two meters all around. Even if you use a sling trainer, it can also get tight. This can take up to three meters. And the height? 2,5 m is usually sufficient. However, if you plan to include a punching bag or a dip bar, it is better to assume a little more space.

Who is a multi press suitable for?

Muscle relation can never hurt. Healthy and well-trained muscles not only promote fat loss, it is beneficial for the entire organism, but also good for the immune system. Huh? Yes, you read that right. Our muscles form a certain enzyme that ensures that our defenses are strengthened. They also nourish our bones - which in turn helps with special diseases such as osteoporosis. Helps, not heals, but stable muscles support the body. The metabolism and the associated regeneration-related processes are strengthened by building up, as is our self-esteem.


To get to the point. The body has to exert itself where we exert it. This is very clear in stroke patients. At a certain point, the affected regions of the body should no longer be spared, but rather challenged. The training tells the body: “You have to start here!” In most cases, however, we can do something beforehand so that we can stay fit and healthy for a long time - by building muscle. We can:

  • Strengthen the entire back and thus prevent postural damage and tension
  • Strengthen the leg muscles, which not only looks good, but which is also beneficial for the entire sequence of movements
  • the abdominal muscles carry us with us when we walk and run - and also when we sit. Good abdominal muscles are a protective shield for all internal organs
  • support the arms and thus also the shoulders and the naked person, strengthen our grip strength

These are just a few of the many positive results when we start doing something specifically for our health and thus automatically taking action against diseases.


And there you train your psyche at the same time? The answer is: YES. Why? On the one hand, the training releases serotonin. The messenger of luck. Adrenaline is also stimulated in our body. Adrenaline pushes us and, when it is positive stress, is great for giving the whole inner world a boost. Who does not know that feeling: "Great, done!" Even if it was so exhausting. Or just because! Self-esteem increases. Someone who feels very comfortable in their skin also radiates this. The mirror neurons in our brains ensure that we also create this feeling in our counterpart. This can sometimes lead to our entire outside world interacting with us in a far more positive and open manner. Better musculature also improves our posture (if we have trained properly!). Shoulders back, chest out, stomach in. Even if it only lasts for 20 seconds with enormous self-discipline, the right training can lead to this attitude. We radiate self-confidence and strength and we automatically perceive that in our psyche. Anyone who is skillfully and powerfully shaken hands knows that. The other person is immediately perceived as energetic and strong. Why not turn the tables?


For most multi-gyms, the conditions are for

  • Butterfly
  • lat
  • Ruderzug
  • Hamstrings / quadriceps
  • Chest press and
  • Shoulder press

given. In many cases, that's enough. But not in some. So you can still go to the stations

to buy. For the barbells and dumbbells, of course, there are also different weights that you can use depending on your training status.

✯ Attention: Pay attention to the total mass! Some stations can handle weights of up to 130-150 kilograms, some less, others more.

➫ Tip: if you have enough space, there is also a pull-up bar for the door frame. You simply clamp the rod in the frame, i.e. in the frame.

Some models have the option of attaching a punching bag. Then you can hang it directly on the multistation. As beneficial as it sounds, of course, freedom of movement is again restricted. There are free-standing punching bags that you can put elsewhere. That makes the whole station a bit more flexible again.

Muscle groups and their structure

Here is a small overview of which area your new muscle machine covers for you:


The butterfly primarily appeals to the chest muscles. Important for a firm chest - regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. At the same time, this exercise also addresses the front shoulder and a little bit the biceps as well. Two rods are pulled towards the side of the body so that you flutter like a butterfly.


The lat pulldown works more than the back of the chest muscles and includes almost all muscles in the back and also the shoulder muscles. Biceps included. Seen in the picture, the exercise with the lat pulldown is a perfect complement to the butterfly. To do this, sit on the back left on the muscle machine and pull the handle towards you.


The rowing pull goes even deeper. Here the large back muscle, the latissimus and also the secondary muscles such as the trapezius muscle are addressed. Here, too, the biceps play a role again. Here, too, you pull a bar towards you, but not from above, as with the lat pulldown, but parallel to your stomach.

Hamstrings / quadriceps

Now it's the turn of the legs. Again, the weights are pulled by stretching the legs. This happens in a sitting position. You can adjust the weights. There are two things to consider here. On the one hand, it is not suitable after a cruciate ligament operation; on the other hand, it can cause damage if it is improperly performed. When you start exercising, please get a specialist briefing beforehand. Otherwise? A great thing to use the entire leg muscles.

chest press

The chest press is again for the entire chest muscles and also for the shoulder area and the triceps. The strength here comes purely from the chest muscles. You push the weights away from you, so to speak, only with the help of your chest. It's not about the biceps this time.

Shoulder press

Here, as the name suggests, the muscles of the entire shoulder are addressed by moving the weight away from you from the shoulder. That strengthens the back and also a better, i.e. straight posture.

Dip station

Dip stations are assholes. With your own weight you push yourself up again and again on two brackets. But, it works, and not too tightly. Doesn't that sound difficult? By the second sentence at the latest, it tugs - everywhere.

Barbells and dumbbells

The barbells and dumbbells can be used for everything and not only train the entire arm, shoulder, back muscles or grip strength. It has to develop with you so that you don't drop the dumbbells. The grip comes from the forearm, which is trained here at the latest.


The slings that can be attached to such a multi-gym can either be used for the legs or for the arms. You can also train your buttocks in this way. The foot or hand is put into this loop and at the other end of the rope there is a weight running over a pulley. This is a very flexible method to train special weak points.

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

What to look out for when buying a multi press

A small list would like to bring the most important aspects to the point:

➠ How much money do I want to spend on a multi-press?
➠ what should my multi-press cover?
➠ should it be expandable?
➠ is it well made and stable? (The opinions and user information of other users also help here on the Internet)
➠ do I have enough space? Calculated in cubic meters!
➠ and do I need a floor protector?

The devices should be able to be adjusted effectively. The more suitable a device is, the more effective the exercise is. The home gym has to adapt to the user - not the other way around! Otherwise there is a risk of injury, internally and externally. Good stations don't give you that many weights and you have to take care of the barbells and dumbbells as well. Why? Because good manufacturers know: a good base for the station is more important than the accessories, because every athlete likes to choose it himself anyway. Everyone is different and has different requirements.


You also have to take care of it every now and then. You can clean the seats and the handles with a damp cloth. If that's not enough and to prevent the formation of muffles, a dash of vinegar in the water helps to kill odors and bacteria. If your trainer squeaks, re-grease the rollers and joint parts if necessary. If you don't roll lightly, it can be on the pull ropes. The better the pulleys let the ropes slide, the less irritation you will have during training - that means a smoother sequence of movements and that in turn is better for your body. Make sure that all assembled elements are screwed tight. The components must not be loose, otherwise they will become unstable.


Having a multi-press and knowing which muscles are addressed with which "language" is great, but sometimes only nourishes you until the first muscle hangover. So here are a few tips.

Motivation Nothing works without motivation, so here are a few quick & dirty motivation tips:

  • stick your fitness idiol in sight for training and one right in front of the bathroom mirror. So you always have your goal in mind
  • let it rock. Music gives strength and you should use it. If possible: LOUD - or with headphones
  • it takes a few weeks for a change to become a new habit. What helps are fixed times, your subconscious will then get used to the changes more quickly - you then “need” the training. These are good prerequisites
  • Mental training supports the psyche. Keep imagining your goal: that six-pack, fat biceps, bikini figure - or simply that you no longer have back pain. No matter what your goal is, you will achieve it if you get started right

    ❞ Bodybuilding is like any other sport. To be successful, you have to dedicate yourself 100% to your exercise, diet and mind. ❝ - Arnold Schwarzenegger

    The power of food

    The body needs more than junk food to produce completely new material. Proteins, minerals, lots of water and vitamins, and good fats are especially important now. Pay attention to your diet, but also treat yourself to something. If you get in a bad mood because you forbid yourself to do something, you will soon get tired of it. Also: Those who pay attention to good nutrition also help the body in the formation of messenger substances. Vitamin C makes you happy, bananas help against downs and fiber stimulates the intestines - which in turn is reflected in your psyche and immune system.


    Oxygen is extremely important for our metabolism and also for our muscle work. For this reason: always train with sufficient oxygen supply. This frees the brain and also ensures more performance.

    After workout

    And then? Getting enough sleep helps muscles regenerate quickly. Heat also helps, with either a sauna or an infrared heat cabin.

    Advantages and disadvantages


    ➚ You don't need a studio, which makes you independent in terms of time and costs

    ➚ Strength as well as endurance, both can be trained on the multi-press ➚ the controlled processes of the station prevent you from twisting - if you master the movements and the exercises. That is a basic requirement

    ➚ Plenty of accessories, both directly at the station and externally, complement the training

    ➚ it is two thirty at night? No problem. You have your studio at home. This does not only apply to you, of course, but also to your friends and family


    ➘ the acquisition costs are higher - but this has paid for itself in most cases after two years

    ➘ you need a lot of space

    ➘ At some point the station's resilience will come to an end - anyone who wants to become a professional will eventually grow beyond the station


    A fitness multi-gym for home is the multifunctional device for many different exercises of the whole body. This is not a cheap option, but you are independent of studio costs and their opening times. This investment paid off after two years. For yourself and also for friends and family that you may want to train with. Your mental and physical health will thank you. For regeneration and also for the future. It is always worth investing in your health. The stations can be set up as needed, but contain everything you need to become strong, fit and happy - or to stay.

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    Products often have to be assembled, for some this is too complicated, time-consuming or just not for them. Often these so-called negative ratings simply contain frustration that the buyer had. Nevertheless, there are certainly legitimate negative reviews, so I always recommend that you read them Read reviews carefully and revolves around use, durability & quality. What problems did you have? How did the dealer or manufacturer react to problems?

    Further points:

    👉 Few reviews does not always mean that your chosen product is necessarily bad. Maybe it just hasn't been on the market long enough and hasn't been valued enough as a result.
    👉 If possible, ask your open questions to the buyer or seller in case of problems.
    👉 some sellers fight each other with negative/positive ratings to improve or deteriorate sales ranks and positioning.

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    1. Top seller
    Finnlo multi-power station Autark 2500, anthracite / brown, 3896
    Finnlo multi-gym Autark 2500, anthracite / brown, 3896 *
    - Optionally upgradable with 20kg; - Includes tricep rope and padded lat bar

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