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Notebooks and Tablet PC - What to Expect in 2019?


Long gone are the days when notebooks and especially tablet PCs only had a necessary replacement function in comparison to much more powerful, more reliable desktop PCs. What was originally the case has now clearly been reversed. In the meantime, notebooks, and sometimes even tablets, have become a powerful and serious alternative to traditional work at the desk computer.

At a time when flexible working models and mobility are playing an increasingly important role, this development reflects a holistic trend. So it's no wonder that every year, including 2019, with new and exciting developments for notebooks and Tablet PCs can be expected. Which these are, which manufacturers promise particularly great things and which trends can be expected to generate the most interesting impulses, will now be described. - Notebooks and Tablet PCs - Trends 2019

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What new specifications can 2019 be expected for notebooks?

Laptops and notebooks for mobile work on the go should be slim, light and enduring. Compared to the fixed desktop PC but also and especially the display should not be too small and too weak in the presentation, while still solid and above all long battery life. Often, notebooks have supplanted traditional computers, because they turn out to be more and more common as self-sufficient performance miracles. So what is to be expected in 2019 with the new notebooks?

Turing graphics processors in MaxQ format

The American manufacturer Nvidia, known for sophisticated graphics cards, shows itself in its current RTX series with a newly developed graphics concept. Turing graphics processors are used, which are based on the MaxQ format known from Pascal. In contrast to the original, however, you should not expect restricted functions, but full, powerful graphics chips. However, the associated lower clock rate is criticized, but Nvidia promises that this circumstance should not have a remarkable impact on the overall pace of work. So far it has to be shown to what extent the ideas can actually be implemented.

Innovations in the field of processors

Actually, a lot can be expected from the largest processor manufacturer, but Intel was already in 2018 with announced innovations. However, the promised innovations are to be offered on the market by the end of 2019. The result of the extensive changeover to new computing units with filigree 10-nanometer structures should set the starting point for a whole series of processors for ultrabooks. However, what is new is an extremely energy-efficient chip with the name Lakefield and two different processor groups.

More flexibility and compatibility through replaceable components

For a long time, the individual assembly and subsequent upgrading of computers and notebooks belonged exclusively in the hands of experienced inventors and experts. What is new in 2019, however, is the range of notebooks that can be upgraded independently. Dell wants to become a pioneer here and is showing itself with a new type of gaming notebook that should be particularly sustainable and future-proof. This is made possible by the option of retrofitting, in which components such as processors and graphics chips can be exchanged easily and practically.

This is made possible by the development of a new, exchangeable module unit. Appropriate and expanding components are to be offered in the future for your own replacement and upgrading. In this way, Dell would like to reach a new customer group and come even closer to user expectations with a direct, customer-oriented service.

A new generation of powerful processors for notebooks

A properly installed and reliable processor is the core of a computer's performance. A notebook is no different, but with the added challenge of limited space. Here AMD can impress with six new processors for 2019. The existing Ryzen 3000 series was continued, which now has a decent 16 cores and 4,7 gigahertz. For the year 2019 AMD promises the serial production of this latest generation of processors for notebooks. What new specifications for tablet PCs can be expected in 2019?

Tablets have skillfully set themselves apart from games and entertainment and are increasingly impressing as an alternative to the desktop PC. Above all, the large display offers excellent development opportunities, so that tablet PCs have become competitive working miracles. In addition, the slim, mobile devices can convince with innovative functions compared to notebooks.

Highest screen resolution for work and leisure

The new trend for 2019 in tablet PCs is evident in the pleasingly high-quality resolution of the new display. According to experts, this is the starting signal for a development that will be based on the demands of private and professional users. Accordingly, it is expected that the resolution scope of 4K will also be established for tablet PCs in the long term in the area of ​​private users. On the other hand, it is foreseeable that individually developed graphic solutions will predominate for professional use.

Hybrid solutions and multifunction devices with professional demands

Above all, the demands of professional users of tablet PCs are the primary impetus for the development of sophisticated solutions. That is why the trend towards multifunctional products is also being pursued with tablet PCs, with the result of so-called 2-in-1 devices. Thus, for example, the use of an optional keyboard as well as the use of an electrical pen are possible. The Microsoft Surface Pro series and the comparable product from Apple are pioneers in this area. Due to the customer request for versatile tablet PCs that meet the highest requirements, this trend will probably also extend to the rest of the industry from 2019.

Improvements and optimizations for individual user requirements

Unlike notebooks or even smartphones, the market for tablet PCs is an unsafe matter for many manufacturers. In fact, many providers impress with amazing products, but the demand for tablets is unreliable. That is why from 2019, many manufacturers want to personalize their offer concepts more precisely, which means that very individual tablet PCs are being offered that should meet very differentiated customer expectations. Here, the basic equipment and performance of the individual tablets is of particular interest, because the different product series should meet a wide variety of private and professional expectations.

Which brands of notebook and tablet PCs are currently the best?

The trend that was already established in 2019 will continue in 2018. Above all, well-known and successful manufacturers and suppliers of notebooks can count themselves among the best and most popular brand names again in the new year. It should be noted that the market for notebooks is very differentiated based on the different functions and equipment features of the notebooks. It is therefore quite common for a recommendation for occasional, private use to be very different from, for example, for gaming or professional applications. Regardless of these relevant details, the manufacturers Dell and Acer in particular were able to convince holistically in 2019.

These are particularly suitable for the use of office applications. The notebooks from HP, which are universally recommendable, are closely followed, while the products from Lenovo rather serve a solid group of users and are secretly referred to as workhorses. The Chinese manufacturer Micro-Star, or MSI for short, is less well known in general, but is astonishingly highly valued by connoisseurs, and aims to impress with a great notebook especially for gamers in 2019. Fast response times, reliable performance, a large display and optimal operating elements set clear standards in this category for 2019 thanks to MSI among the competition. Which trends will be implemented in notebooks in 2019?

Frameless displays also for notebooks

What is already part of the basic ambition of smartphones should also be implemented for notebooks from 2019, namely the frameless display. Together with a particularly slim and compact housing, the seamless design of a large display should enable a pleasant and elegant use of the notebook. What looks visually appealing and reminiscent of the first generations of Apple notebooks comes with exactly the same criticism, according to experts. It is feared that the extremely thin design will result in the loss of useful contacts and interfaces.

2-in-1 and multifunction capabilities

Although this aspect has already been mentioned in detail, it cannot be repeated too often. The notebook sector is also associated with challenges for well-known manufacturers. That is why in 2019 we will try to take a firm place in customer opinions, focusing on the development of reliable, useful devices with multifunctional uses. The result promises the use of just one notebook as a replacement for several products.

Future notebooks should therefore be significantly more powerful and compatible in order to ultimately bundle the functions of smartphones, laptops, desktop PCs and the like in a single device. It remains to be seen whether this development approach will have a lasting effect on the demand for new notebooks.

Comeback lost customer favorites believed lost

In 2016, a laptop with OLED technology appeared briefly to disappear from the picture again after a short time. Enthusiastic customers were disappointed and wondered if the alternative system would ever reappear. In 2019 it should be that far again, at least at the trade fair for consumer electronics CES the announcement of a new group of notebooks with OLED technology was announced. In fact, some examples have already been presented as evidence. It can therefore be eagerly awaited whether and how this trend will develop.

It can often be read that the market for tablet PCs is in crisis. Some large manufacturers have even moved completely out of this segment. The remaining providers try, however, to break this development with attractive developments and interesting offers. For this reason, it can be foreseen for 2019 that tablet PCs will primarily be developed for the benefit of private end customers.

Although the demands on the functions and possibilities for tablets go far beyond this, it seems that the compact format and the limited dimensions of the devices are only of interest in the private sector. That is why modern tablet PCS should be equipped with impressive capabilities and functions, very individually tailored to very specific customer groups, in order to ultimately establish solid demand for this product category.

Notebooks, laptops and PC solutions that can be used on the move are still popular and will probably also be in high demand in 2019. New products convince with their innovative technological developments and powerful functions. However, new possibilities and creative ideas are also being worked on in this area, which will be presented in alternative results in 2019 and are waiting to see whether they can make a name for themselves in customer reviews. It is definitely worthwhile to compare the different offers of notebooks for the different groups of users.

Due to the overwhelming variety of products, this provides a clear overview of possible offers, based on specific functions and options. The world looks a little different in the area of ​​tablet PCs, because very strong fluctuations in customer demand have been observed here in recent years. Manufacturers who have not already said goodbye to this market will try in 2019 to polish up the image of their tablet PCs with clever functions and unusual ideas. This should be made possible by extensive functions and versatile, compatible transfer options in order to confidently establish tablet PCs as a powerful interface between smartphones, PCs, laptops and the like in the long term.

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