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Pasta maker
Make pasta yourself

Pasta machine - make pasta yourself

Homemade pasta is pretty much the tastiest thing you can eat as a pasta friend. At some point you may want to make your beloved pasta yourself. Understandable. Handmade pasta is not only much cooler, it also tastes better and is also healthy. And honestly: if you make your own pasta, you will enjoy the food even more.

In this Guide We will tell you everything you need to know about homemade pasta using the pasta machine. Which pasta machine is better? The electric or the manual? What do you have to consider when buying a pasta machine and what does a basic pasta recipe look like? – Pasta machine – make your own pasta

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Pasta machine - make pasta yourself - in comparison

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84,99 €49,99 €29,90 €Check price24,99 €Check priceCheck price41,99 €30,95 €48,99 €
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Pasta machine description

With the pasta machine you have two options. The manual pasta machine and the electric pasta machine . With the electric pasta machine you can also use one fully automated systems fall back on.

Fully automatic pasta machine

A fully automatic pasta takes care of everything. He kneads, rolls and then presses the finished pasta through a sieve. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the pasta machine. In this way, the self-made pasta is ready in 10 minutes with the fully automatic machines. These are record times. High quality devices even tell you how much water and flour you have to put in the machine. When buying a fully automatic pasta machine, also pay attention to how well the device can be cleaned. Some small parts are dishwasher safe.
According to the principle of a meat grinder, there are different attachments for the fully automatic machines, so that you

  • Spaghetti
  • Penne
  • Lasagna plates
  • Tagliatelle
  • Angel hair
  • Pappartelle
  • Fettuccine

can do it yourself.

Pasta machine fully automatic advantages

✔ Only the ingredients have to be added to the machine

✔ Homemade pasta in no time

✔ without effort

Pasta machine fully automatic disadvantages

✘ Some parts are difficult to clean

✘ The price of a fully automatic machine is higher

Noodle machine electric

In addition to a fully automatic pasta machine, you can also use an electric one pasta Maker to buy. Here you have to make the dough yourself. That means weighing and kneading. The machine takes care of the rolling with the help of an electric motor.
Here too there are various resolutions through which the dough is pressed.
The essays are different and you should use the bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest Tests Make sure you can make your favorite pasta with it.

Pasta machine electrical advantages

✔ Great work relief

✔ No lame arms due to long cranking

✔ Suitable for larger portions

✔ Cheaper than fully automatic machines

Pasta machine electrical disadvantages

✘ More expensive than manual machines

✘ You have to assemble and knead the dough yourself

✘ Some parts are difficult to clean

Pasta machine manually

A manual pasta machine means a lot of manual work. You have to assemble and knead your dough yourself. The machine does the rolling, but there is no helpful electric motor available here, the machine only has a crank. This can get into your hands if you need a lot of pasta.
The operation is also a little more difficult: If you have to crank the dough through the machine, you lack a hand with which you can receive the finished pasta.
In addition: some pasta machines are not dishwasher safe.

Pasta machine manual benefits

✔ The manual machines are smaller and therefore more space-saving

✔ and also cheaper than the electrical ones

✔ They are sufficient if you just want to make some pasta yourself every now and then

Pasta machine disadvantages manually

✘ The production takes much longer and

✘ is more exhausting

Pasta dough

Pasta dough is possible in many variations and that is what makes the homemade pasta so delicious. There are usually only standard noodles in the shop. You can just choose between the type of flour and with or without an egg. Colored pasta that contains beetroot or spinach for coloring is expensive. Pasta made from heirs has an even bigger impact.
But what about herb noodles? Potato noodles? Delicious filled noodles with your special sauce or filling? See. Making pasta yourself rocks totally!

Homemade Pasta: Alles über Teigzubereitung, Formen und...
Homemade Pasta: Alles über Teigzubereitung, Formen und...*
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Pasta base dough

You only need two ingredients for a simple dough: flour and water in a ratio of 2: 1. For every 400 grams of flour, there are 200 grams (milliliters) of water.
If you like, you can add a tablespoon of olive oil.
Other recipes work with egg or egg yolk.

Important: Depending on the type of flour, the flour "draws" more or less water. For the very precise information, look for your favorite recipe!

The dough must not stick. No way. A pasta dough lives on two things:

  • It is dry
  • It is rolled 15 times on average

If the dough even starts to stick, use more flour.
After you have stirred the base dough, it must stand for at least 45 minutes, better one hour.

Electric pasta machines take over the entire process, all you have to do is fill the dough into the machine according to a recipe.

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Dry the pasta

If you want to make a lot of pasta at once, you can hang it over a clothesline in the classic way. Hang oven paper over the individual lines beforehand - then the pasta will not stick.

No drying rack? You can pasta dryer to buy. They look similar to a clothes horse, but are only smaller. Many dryers are multi-devices that you can also use to store plates.

Pasta must dry 24 - 36 hours, so that you can then pour them into appropriate containers.

Tip: When hanging the noodles, make sure that they do not stick together.

Pasta without a machine

The classic may be suitable for you if you are still not at all sure whether a pasta machine, whether manual or electric, is right for you.
For this you need a rolling pin - if you don't have it or don't want it, a large glass bottle is enough to roll out the dough.

To get the pasta out of the boiling water, you need a skimmer.

After you have kneaded the pasta, rolled it again and again and finally brought it into the appropriate shape (experienced pasta dough rolls can simply be cut over a board into the boiling water), you need fresh pasta about 2-3 minutes in boiling salted wateruntil they're done.

It is important that you roll or roll out the dough at least 15 times. It must not be sticky. A little too much flour does no harm - too little is disadvantageous.

What you can do with the pasta machine bestseller 2024: The best and most popular in the top 10 comparison | Honest tests should be taken into account

A pasta machine should not only meet your requirements, but should also make your work easier, or at best reduce it. You have the choice between rolling pin, manual pasta machine, electric pasta machine and a fully automatic machine. Which is yours

  • How much pasta do you want to make? A fully automatic machine may pay off for you)
  • How much Money do you want to spend on a pasta machine?
  • How good (or bad) can the pasta machine be? clean ?
  • How many pasta should the machine be able to manufacture?
  • How easy it should be Service the machine?
  • How high is that Quality of the machine (and therefore also its service life)?
  • How fast should the pasta machine work?

A rough calculation example:

People who do not tolerate standard wheat are more likely to use spelled flour, for example. Even if these spelled noodles come from conventional cultivation, a pack of 500 g costs around 1.99 €. A pack of spelled flour for around € 1.79. It contains 1 kilo of flour. You can save roughly half of the money by making your own pasta - apart from the plastic from the packaging. You could also process delicious wild garlic or other herbs in your pasta. In this way, the nasty noodle becomes a holistic health promoter!

Advantages and disadvantages of pasta machine

Real pasta fans will laugh now, but studies have shown that every German eats around 7.4 kg of pasta per year. The Italian around 25 kilos. Incidentally, World Noodle Day is on October 25th!

Advantages of pasta machine

✔ No matter whether manual or electric: a pasta machine takes a lot of work off your hands. Rolling the dough alone becomes exhausting under "rolling pin conditions"

✔ Admittedly, for a fully automatic machine to pay off, you have to make a few kilos of pasta yourself - but the way to health leads (also) through the kitchen

✔ You save a lot of packaging waste

✔ You can create your own recipes

✔ Many parts of the pasta machine are dishwasher safe

✔ A pasta machine is usually very durable and you will enjoy it a lot

Do you have a bread maker? He can do the kneading of the dough!

Disadvantages pasta machine

✘ Cleaning is a bit difficult on some models

✘ If you don't have a fully automatic machine, you have to make and knead the dough according to the recipe

✘ Making your own pasta is more complex

✘ A little practice is necessary

Incidentally, the dough is tamer if you don't make the pieces longer than about 25 cm.

Conclusion: pasta machine

Your own pasta is not only more environmentally friendly, tasty and healthier than conventionally produced pasta - they also really give something. With almost endless possibilities of the recipes, you have an incredible choice of taste experiences. You could give away homemade pasta too! Only drying for durability is a bit more expensive. But there are already great pasta stands for that.
Manual or electric, maybe even a fully automatic machine: the more pasta you eat, the more the investment is worthwhile. Good Appetite!

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