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The incredible raised bed. Harvest till you drop. How to plan a raised bed, build it yourself, fill it correctly, plant it and much more. With a wonderful cultivation and harvest calendar
Herbal seed set: 12 types of premium garden and kitchen herb seed set for kitchen and balcony - parsley seeds, herbs of Provence, coriander seeds, dill seeds - herbal seeds set - OwnGrown herbs
SONNENGLAS Classic 1000ml | The original solar lamp / solar lantern in a mason jar from South Africa (incl. USB charging function) | warm white | Fair Trade | Known from Pro7 Galileo
Grow your own bonsai - Easily grow 4 types of bonsai trees with our complete, beginner-friendly starter seed kit - gift set, unique gift idea
LEGO 76386 Harry Potter Hogwarts: Failed Polyjuice Potion Set for the 20th Anniversary with Harry as a gold minifigure, fan article
manufacturers»Löwenzahn Verlag“OwnGrown»SUN GLASS“Grow Buddha“LEGO
Price17,99€7,95€ 12,95€-39%37,99€18,99€21,91€

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  • 🌿 HERB GARDEN GIFT SET with 12 VARIETIES: Premium herb seed set for growing aromatic, fresh herbs in pots on the windowsill, on the balcony, in the raised bed or in the herb bed
  • 🌿 SELECTED SELECTION: Sage seeds, dill, lovage plant, basil seeds, rosemary, cress seeds, coriander, oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, savory - a perfect gift set!
  • 🌿 SEED-SOLID SEEDS: Great seed mix of the most popular varieties, annual and perennial herbal plants without genetic engineering. Ideal for sustainable gifts and your own plant cultivation
  • 🌿 EASY GROWING: Whether in the herb pot, in the balcony bed, in the herb growing set, in the greenhouse or in the garden. You will find detailed information on sowing and harvesting on each individual seed bag
  • 🌿 WE LOVE PLANTS SEEDS & OFFER: organic seeds, bonsai starter kit, flower seed gift ideas, gifts for gardeners, okra seeds, vegetable seeds, mint seeds, winter vegetable seeds, hardy and much more
  • ☀ The original SONNENGLAS Classic 1000ml ☀ | Latest version 2020 | Known from the TV of ProSieben Galileo | The only real original fair trade solar lantern from South Africa | Latest model | Generates light completely sustainably and emission-free with the power of the sun ☀
  • The ingenious lantern that is completely operated by the sun | With magnetic on / off switch and NEW: intelligent day / night automatic | RED DOT DESIGN Award winner | The beautiful and safe alternative to candles
  • Solar module with over 24 hours of light capacity per charge | Indirect, bright, magical light with warm white LEDs (3500k) | Micro-USB charging connection for use also without direct sunlight (e.g. in winter or indoors) possible
  • Sustainable real glass with a high proportion of recycled content | Stainless steel screw cap | Designed as a long-lasting utility lamp with real benefits | Made in Johannesburg, South Africa in our fair trade project | The SONNENGLAS is a gift with a wow factor: individually decorate and give light
  • The perfect sustainable and autonomous lamp for inside and outside: As a lamp for the dining table, on the bedside table as a reading lamp, for balcony lighting, for garden lighting, for a romantic picnic, for barbecues and also as a camping lantern and other outdoor activities | Durable and fair: With access to the SONNENGLAS Upgrade & Repurpose Program
  • BONSAI STARTER KIT - EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO GROW 4 BEAUTIFUL BONSAI TREES - Grow Buddha Grow your bonsai starter kit contains all the ingredients needed to grow 4 types of beautiful bonsai trees in one box . You also get seeds, pots, soil, clippers, name tags, bonsai pots, booklet and even an e-book.
  • INCLUDING PREMIUM Bonsai POT - Unlike other bonsai kits, our kits contain a premium bonsai pot
  • TOTALLY BEGINNER-FRIENDLY: Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a bonsai expert - we make bonsai cultivation child's play. Right from the development stage, we make sure that our Grow Buddha Bonsai Starter Kits are absolutely beginner-friendly
  • HIGH SEEDRATE (WE TEST OUR OWN): All of our bonsai seeds come from reputable nurseries in the UK. We subject the seeds of every single batch to a germination test before we offer them in our kits.
  • A REALLY UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: Does one of your friends' birthday friends love plants? Imagine the excitement when they receive this great bonsai starter kit. A special gift for gardeners, beginners, kids, mom, dad, the office, and even the most seasoned botanists
  • Included is the famous buildable bathroom scene of the Moaning Myrtle for practicing Harry Potter spells with lots of authentic accessories
  • Children transform the Harry Potter minifigures of their favorite characters from the films into Vincent Crabbe & Gregory Goyle, but this can also go wrong
  • This LEGO Harry Potter 20th Anniversary set contains figures of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley as well as 2 collectible surprise card elements (out of a total of 16)
  • This Harry Potter toy for boys and girls includes an exclusive gold Harry Potter minifigure to celebrate the wizard's 20th anniversary
  • This toy, ages 7+, is part of a series of modular sets that can be combined and rearranged to build your own model of Hogwarts Castle
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WENKO Dehumidifier Cube White 1000 g - Dehumidifier ...
1.495 Reviews
WENKO Dehumidifier Cube White 1000 g - Dehumidifier ... *
  • Protects against mold: the dehumidifier extracts rooms with a ...
  • Stylish design: Thanks to its modern shape and color, ...
  • Versatile: Put the moisture killer in any place
  • Works in an environmentally friendly way without electricity: the room dehumidifier ...
Topseller 7
GardenGloss 50m² ribbon fabric 100g / m² –...
580 Reviews
GardenGloss 50m² ribbon fabric 100g / m² –... *
  • 🌱 EXTREMELY TEAR RESISTANT - The material thickness of 100g / m² makes ...
  • 🌱 WATER PERMEABLE & UV STABLE - The fabric is ...
  • 🌱 VERSATILE APPLICATION - Whether to prevent weeds in ...
  • 🌱 FREE OF HARMFUL SUBSTANCES - The freedom from harmful substances has been ...
Topseller 8
semai plant lamp LED 30W plant light plant lamp ...
1.854 Reviews
semai plant lamp LED 30W plant light plant lamp ... *
  • ★ Automatic on and off with time function: you ...
  • ★ 3 kinds of modes: This LED grow light meets the ...
  • ★ 6 kinds of brightness and 360 degree rotation: we offer six ...
  • ★ Good heat dissipation and energy saving: The LEDs have ...
Topseller 9
Herbal Seed Set by OwnGrown, 12 varieties of kitchen herbs ...
1.751 Reviews
Herbal Seed Set by OwnGrown, 12 types of kitchen herbs ... *
  • 🌱 Kitchen herbs seed set with 12 VARIETIES: Premium herbs ...
  • 🌱 HERBS and SPICE SEEDS: Lovage (Maggi herb), ...
  • 🌱 CERTIFIED SEED in top quality FROM GERMANY: ...
  • 🌱 Easy cultivation: Whether in the herb pot on the kitchen shelf ...
Topseller 10
valeaf Bonsai Starter Kit - SUMMER SALE - Grow your ...
509 Reviews
valeaf Bonsai Starter Kit - SUMMER SALE - Grow your ... *
  • 🌿PLANT YOUR OWN BONSAIS - our Bonsai growing kit ...
  • 🌿HANDMADE QUALITY FROM GERMANY - your bonsai set ...
  • 🌿 SUPER BEGINNER-FRIENDLY - the starter kit comes with a ...
  • 🌿 THE IDEAL GIFT - the Bonsai Starter Kit is a ...
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