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Test: Online league | Online soccer manager

We have the website watched. Here you will find a browser game for soccer enthusiasts who would like to manage a soccer team themselves. The best you can create your own team and play in a nearby league against friends and colleagues. Here you get an insight, advice and tips on the football manager

Online league | Online soccer manager

The startup / company was founded in 2017. The browser game officially started at the beginning of 2020. A beta version went online in 2019, where you could register.

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General to Online league

There are a total of 6 online leagues that are again divided into countries, districts and municipalities. The 6th online league is the lowest league where you will start. The 1st online league is the highest possible league (like the 1st Bundesliga) At the moment (as of February 01.03.20) a 1 season was completely played and teams were promoted to the 5th online league. The online leagues 4th-1st are currently vacant. Season 2 has just started and we have been there from the start. As a football manager you have to take care of your team / club.

Here are a few points:

  • Train team, design training plan, lineups, tactics
  • Stadium construction, training grounds, promoting young talent, sponsoring
  • Finance, transfer market, balances

Gallery | Overview - a little insight

The process in

You register and think of a club name in your region. Wait in which league you will be assigned to.

A season always lasts 44 real days and includes 34th game days with winter and summer break. Every day you can plan a whole week of training and do it once. The respective match day takes place on the next day. The games are between Simulated at 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.. Then you can complete your next training session for the upcoming match day.

Tip: It is best to always register when a season has ended. So you come in leagues that are full or still filled together.

Test and played!

The registration was self-explanatory and so I called my team "1.FC Eberswalde" after my home town and region, which probably did not yet exist as a name. You can give your own fantasy names. Since the leagues were still being founded, I had to wait a few days until a league with enough teams was formed.

Tip: If you register with your friends and colleagues regionally with your location at the same time, there is a greater chance of being promoted to the same league, which gives the league a completely different appeal.

My team came into the 6th online league> Brandenburg> Barnim> Germany15 - Since there was not enough regionally for a new league with the city of Eberswalde, I was thrown together across Germany. Through promotion or new further seasons we come back to regional leagues, as is current my status. My brother registered a short time later and was promoted to the same league and so the ambition to manage better is again aroused.

And finally ... Online league | Online soccer manager

You can manage briefly during the day from your PC or smartphone. You can also invest more time to get better results.

The development continues. There are regular updates and bug fixes or improvements. A forum or Facebook page where there is a lively exchange. The surface is modern and beautifully designed. If you want to know more about everything, you should definitely do that | Online soccer manager read manual after registration.

Important: You should be active every day, the league, the competition, your team lives on it You will also get better results with your team. If you are tired of it, your team will be INACTIVE and deleted after a SEASON. | Online soccer manager

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