OOONO CO-Driver speed camera detector test: Top speed camera detector?

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Imagine driving on the open road and feeling safe and informed thanks to modern technology. The OOONO CO-Driver NO1 could be your new best friend on the road. Without a subscription or additional costs, this small device provides real-time warning of thousands of speed cameras and danger spots in Europe. Based on data from one of the largest networks – – it warns you reliably and contributes to the safety of your journeys.

OOONO CO-Driver speed camera detector

The best part? The OOONO CO-Driver speed camera detector activates automatically and does not require any interaction with your cell phone to work. This means you no longer have to start the speed camera app manually. Audible and visual signals warn you without distracting you from what's happening on the road. It is very user-friendly, the device can be connected to multiple smartphones and it is very energy efficient, with a battery that can be changed after approximately 30.000 km.

Of course, no system is perfect. There have been reports that the device doesn't always connect automatically, but such cases appear to be rare. And remember that using any traffic alert is at your own risk and should not encourage you to ignore traffic rules.

OOONO CO-Driver NO2 (NEW MODEL 2024)

OOONO CO-Driver speed camera detector test: Top speed camera detector?

The OOONO CO-Driver speed camera detector NO1 is a practical companion for your daily commute and long journeys. With real-time warnings of speed cameras and dangers, it increases your safety and awareness on the road.

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Overview of the OOONO CO-Driver speed camera detector NO1

OOONO CO-Driver NO1: Warns of speed cameras and dangers in ...

With the OOONO CO-Driver you have a useful companion on the road. Thanks to the cooperation with and a large user community, you receive warnings about thousands of speed cameras and danger spots throughout Europe. The automatic activation of the device proves to be particularly convenient as soon as your car moves and your smartphone is nearby. This means that your cell phone or its app remains deactivated while the device starts working reliably.

You receive real-time updates about speed cameras and dangers, which are transmitted through acoustic and visual signals. This keeps your attention focused on the traffic. The CO-Driver NO1 is also suitable for use by different family members and can be easily paired with multiple smartphones.

Another plus point is the economical use of your battery and data volume compared to using the app alone. The device is powered by a standard battery that can be easily replaced after around 30.000 kilometers.

However, you should keep in mind that despite the innovative technology, connection problems can still occur from time to time. It is also important to emphasize that the OOONO CO-Driver is not a substitute for observing the road traffic regulations and is used at your own risk.

Important product features for the speed camera detector

Real-time warning system

Your driving safety increases significantly thanks to the real-time warnings of the OOONO CO-Driver NO1, which prevent speed cameras and dangers. Thanks to a considerable community and the cooperation with, you receive comprehensive and up-to-date information directly in the vehicle. Acoustic and visual signals inform you unobtrusively and do not distract you from what is happening on the road.

Automatic activation

The CO-Driver NO1 is characterized by its ease of use. The device is automatically activated as soon as your vehicle starts moving, provided your smartphone is nearby. It eliminates the risk of forgetting to switch it on and ensures that you are always protected on the roads.

Connectivity and ease of use

This gadget can be quickly and easily connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is designed to be used by multiple people in a household and paired with different smartphones. This not only gives you comfort, but also makes the CO-Driver NO1 a practical companion for the whole family.

Battery and data consumption

Compared to conventional apps, the OOONO offers advantages in battery and data volume consumption. Powered by a standard CR2450 battery, eliminating the need for frequent charging, and the mileage is around 30.000 km. In addition, the device reduces the data volume that your smartphone would use for traffic information.

Advantages and disadvantages


After thoroughly testing the OOONO CO-Driver NO1, it can be found that it has some striking advantages. You benefit from Real-time alerts in front of stationary and mobile speed cameras, based on one of the largest networks for traffic alerts. These warnings occur Automaticallyas soon as your vehicle starts moving - there is no need to manually activate the device or app, which offers you ease of use and reduces the risk of forgetting to switch it on.

Another plus point is that this co-driver multiple smartphones supported, making it ideal for families or shared vehicles. The OOONO CO-Driver is energy-saving and protects your data volume, as it runs on a standard battery and works more efficiently compared to using the app alone.


While the OOONO CO-Driver NO1 benefits in many ways, there are also some disadvantages to consider. Users reported occasional connection problems with their smartphones, which can lead to interruptions in the warning function. Reliable functionality is only guaranteed if the connection to the smartphone is stable.

Furthermore there is legal considerationsthat need to be taken into account. The use of such devices may be subject to restrictions or may not be permitted at all depending on the country and its traffic regulations; Here it is essential that you find out about the applicable rules so as not to risk any legal consequences.

Reviews from other users

You are probably interested in the opinions of other customers who have already used the ooono traffic alarm. The handling is described as intuitive and the connection via Bluetooth is described as mostly problem-free. The quality and workmanship of the device are well received, and many users find it extremely useful in everyday life. It reliably informs you about mobile and fixed speed cameras as well as about road hazards in real time. However, some users report difficulty connecting automatically, sometimes requiring manual intervention. The majority of users are satisfied with the functionality and consider the price to be reasonable. Although one customer initially had connection problems that resolved after switching smartphones and resetting the app, others highlight the high reliability and accurate real-time alerts.

Despite the high level of satisfaction, there are suggestions for improvement. Some would like a more reliable automatic Bluetooth connection. Still, the overall rating of 4,2 stars, based on over 50.000 reviews, reflects the positive response.

+ + ++++ + +++

Remember that electronic devices are designed differently, so your experience may differ slightly from that of other users.


After an extensive test drive with the OOONO CO-Driver NO1, it is clear that this device is actually a reliable companion for drivers. With real-time updates on speed cameras and road hazards, supported by the database, it increases driving safety. Sure, there were occasional connection problems with the smartphone via Bluetooth, but these are usually resolved quickly and are of little consequence.

User-friendliness is maintained because as soon as the connection is established, the device works automatically and unobtrusively. Despite the largely positive feedback, there were individual cases in which mobile speed cameras were not detected. Nevertheless, user satisfaction prevails, as can be seen from the high overall rating of 4,2 stars from over 50.000 reviews.

Our assessment is positive. You get a reliable, if not perfect, companion that has the potential to make your journey safer and more relaxing.

Frequently asked questions

Is the use of the OOONO Co-Driver NO1 in traffic legally compliant?

Many users ask the question about the legality of the OOONO Co-Driver NO1. In Germany, the use of such devices while driving is permitted, but it remains your responsibility to check local traffic laws as these may vary depending on the country.

Can the OOONO Co-Driver NO1 also be used without connecting to a smartphone?

The Co-Driver is designed to interact with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Without this connection, the device remains inactive as the alerts are generated via an app on your smartphone and sent to the device.

Does the OOONO Co-Driver NO1 have an integrated magnetic holder?

The Co-Driver actually comes with a magnetic holder. This allows for flexible attachment in the vehicle and ensures that the device is safe and easy to use.

What are the differences between the current and the previous version of the OOONO Co-Driver?

There are constant improvements in new versions of the OOONO Co-Driver, including software updates and usability improvements. The specific changes vary depending on the model.

How does the OOONO Co-Driver NO1 react to police checks and mobile speed cameras?

The Co-Driver was developed to warn of fixed and mobile speed cameras by using real-time information from the community. There is no specific warning during a police stop unless a general danger warning is sent out.

What experiences have users had with the speed camera notification via the OOONO Co-Driver?

Experience reports show that the co-driver's speed camera reports are found to be very reliable. However, there are occasional reports that connection problems may occur, so users are encouraged to check the connection to ensure consistent service.

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