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Outdoor knife - faithful companion in adventure and in everyday life

Outdoor knives: We can already see in the kitchen that a knife is not just a knife. Sometimes they are too big, too small, too unwieldy, too blurred, for something. Most of the time you need a knife exactly when you don't have one at hand. So that this doesn't happen and you can finally get yourself a good outdoor knife, we have put together everything you need to know in this guide. Here we carve the right thing so that you don't end up with a bad buy.

So: what should make a good outdoor knife? What to consider when buying? Are there differences and if so, what do they look like? What do professionals use? And how does the law actually see the whole matter? All of these questions are answered here: in our guide Outdoor Knives Top Ten - Knives - Outdoor Top Ten

Outdoor knife top ten - in comparison

Wolfgang's UNDIQUE one-hand knife / survival knife with ...HX OUTDOORS Extra sharp survival knife, companion ...Wolfgang's UNDIQUE two-hand knife set made of 440C steel - LEGAL in...Magnum Intricate pocket knife in blackened 440AZ steel - 20...Folding knife with sharpener and belt pouch, JELLAS pocket knife...NedFoss one-hand folding knife, outdoor knife, sharp...NedFoss folding knife pocket knife with belt clip, one-hand knife...Eafengrow EF339 folding knife D2 blade and G10 handle with clip...Geo 901 EDC folding knife made of G10 handle & D2 steel - hunting camping...Wolfgang's GLADIO two-handed folding knife made of the finest D2 steel...
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Wolfgang's UNDIQUE one-hand knife / survival knife ... *HX OUTDOORS Extra spicy ... *Wolfgang's UNDIQUE two-hand knife set made of 440C ... *Magnum Intricate pocket knife made of blackened...*Folding knife with sharpener and belt pouch, JELLAS ... *NedFoss one-hand folding knife, outdoor knife,...*NedFoss folding knife pocket knife with belt clip, ... *Eafengrow EF339 folding knife D2 blade and G10...*Geo 901 EDC folding knife made of G10 handle & D2 steel -... *Wolfgangs GLADIO two-hand knife folding knife made of...*
◼️ MULTIFUNCTIONAL BLADE - The special feature of this outdoor...◼️ D-121 Fixed Blade Knives Made from ergonomic K10 ...◼️ MULTIFUNCTIONAL BLADE - The specialty of this Wolfgang ...◼️ The blade made of blackened 440 stainless steel has a ...◼️ [Every knife is unique in the world] - Made from ...◼️ N / A◼️ ✔ HIGH QUALITY: blade made of high performance steel, very sharp and ...◼️ Total length of the knife EF339: 20,3 cm. The Fönng's Knife ...◼️ N / A◼️ UNIVERSAL - It doesn't matter whether you use this folding knife as a rescue knife, ...
◼️ 100% ONE-HAND KNIFE - The Wolfgangs fishing knife is a...◼️ Knife Equipped with a nylon jacket for easy carrying.◼️ PARTICULARLY HANDY - The Wolfgang multi-purpose knife was designed ...◼️ This attention to detail makes the model a very ...◼️ [Well-chosen blade material] - Made from ...◼️ N / A◼️ ✔ EASY TO KEEP - Nice design and CNC processing ...◼️ D2 blade material, blade length: 8,5 cm.◼️ N / A◼️ GIFT BOX - Are you looking for something high-quality and stable? ...
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€29,97€39,00€44,97Check price€19,69Check priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price
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What is an outdoor knife?

A classic outdoor knife is not only used for adventurers, but also for hunters and "Otto - Normalos". So the knife has to endure a lot. For this reason, it is very often sold as a fixed blade. The blades themselves are robust and also wider than a simple knife. The handles must be easy to grip, nothing should interfere, the blade must be able to be guided very precisely and of course the handle must be non-slip. A good outdoor knife consists of one piece. Why? Because it's just the most stable construction. For the same reason, the blade is usually very thick. Stability is required for the entire knife. From the top to the end of the handle. What is important is adequate protection. The knives should be delivered with the appropriate sheath. These can also be attached to a belt.

Differences to a pocket knife

Uniteash knife excels in the fact that it is a multi-function tool. It is correspondingly small and also flexible in use. From a knife, a small pair of scissors, a couple of screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a corkscrew and, if you're lucky, you get an arrow and a pair of tweezers. The pocket knives can be folded up and easily stowed away. That makes it very compact, but most of them are not useful for large-scale operations.

Differences to the rescue knife

A rescue knife is configured in a specified way. Usually, this knife is also hinged, so it has no fixed blade. You can use it to cut glass and it also has a part of the knife as a saw. These knives are often found in the fire department or rescue workers. In an emergency you can use it to open windows or cut helpless people out of seatbelts. In case of emergancy. Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile to have one in the car.

Design and materials

The materials must be extremely stable. So steel is taken at the good, high-quality models. They are from one part. The handle complements the quality knife. This is made of cuddly plastic. Which exactly is, varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

❕ By the way: the hardness of a material is measured in Rockwell.

What you have to do with an outdoor knife everything

When you're out and about this way, sometimes things come to you that you do not expect, but should be scheduled.

To cut

And sometimes you have to cut yourself or something:


Skinny branches gets cut like this outdoor knife anyway. So you can build a reinforcement. Or cut yourself somewhere. To make a fire? Also there, an outdoor knife can be helpful.


Maybe you also dupe somewhere. When climbing or you have to open a package. No problem with such a knife.


With a little skill you can get the can of beans with a knife like that, just as you can cut your food into small pieces. Maybe you also fished and would like to take out a fish locally? Also meat, various packaging materials or other: no problem. The solid knife masters all this playfully.


The gasoline hose on the car must be replaced? Smaller repairs, where you have to cut stronger materials such as harder plastics are now off the table.


It does not always have to be a tactical knife. These knives are also suitable for applied self-defense. But, you have to deal with it. There are courses that deal with it.

Recommended reading: You will find many guides on various topics in the advice section !

Care of an outdoor knife

The regular cleaning and care of a tool is important. Before you pack it away for the next adventure, check the condition of your loyal friend.

The cleaning

Clean your knife at regular intervals. Depending on the pollution, water is sufficient. If it has come in contact with blood and at the same time you want to use it for cutting food, please also think of a disinfection. Steel is very easy to maintain and hygienic by nature. Small particles can still adhere to it and be a breeding ground for damage. But not only the blade, but also the handle and the interior of the scabbard must not be neglected.

The sharpening

Sharpening is part of a knife. It does not matter if it's a kitchen knife or a hunting knife. Some manufacturers offer special grinders that adapt well to the corresponding blade. Nothing is more annoying than a knife that does not cut because it just blunted over time.

➽ You have no grinder, are in the middle of nowhere and have a dull knife? In case of need also flat natural stones are suitable. These should be really flat and smooth and can be found in riverbeds. You may also stumble across a brick or use the underside of crockery made of ceramic.

The legal situation

Decisive is the weapon protection law, § 42a. This prohibits passing a fixed knife with a blade over 12 cm and one-handed knives (eg a butterfly). The transport must be carried out in a sealed container. Leading (ie wearing in public) is only allowed if there is a legitimate interest.

For this reason, we generally recommend a blade length of under 12 cm.

Advantages and disadvantages of an outdoor knife

Here we briefly listed the advantages and disadvantages: Benefits

➚ enormous load capacity

➚ with matching accessories

➚ under 12 cm blade also legally no problem

➚ versatile

➚ Steel is super easy to clean Disadvantages

➘ can not be folded

➘ a high quality knife can be a bit more expensive

What to look for when buying a knife for outdoor

Already decided that a good outdoor knife belongs in your life from now on? Then you just have to worry about a few things:

  • How much money do I want to spend?
  • how long should the blade be?
  • does the knife and the handle fit to me?
  • thought of the accessories?
  • Is it easy / hard enough that it fits well in your hand?

On the Internet, the numerous opinions of users help to find the right knife for themselves.

Conclusion: outdoor knife

An outdoor knife is always suitable to carry with you. You have to pay attention to a few little things, then you can start the adventure. You no longer have to ask yourself “what if” - you have almost everything with you. A pocket knife would now complete the equipment. You have to pay attention to quality here as well as to the legal regulations. An outdoor knife is also suitable as a hunting knife, for self-defense, to cut cheese on bread, to open the tin of beans and to open packaging materials.

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NedFoss survival knife, outdoor knife fixed, hunting knife...
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NedFoss survival knife, outdoor knife fixed, hunting knife...*
  • FULL TANG - CONSTRUCTION: The blade of this knife is made of 8Cr14Mov steel, its hardness is 58 HRC and weighs approx. 312.5 g, and is made of ...
  • WITH 2.5MM LEATHER SHEATH: There is a leather sheath made of vegetable tanned leather, 2.5mm thick, simple and elegant, which can be hung on the belt ...
  • NON-SLIP HANDLE: The handle is made of high-temperature and corrosion-resistant G10 material, which is non-slip and feels comfortable, ...
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Wolfgangs W3 outdoor knife fixed blade - incl. sheath +...*
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - The little brother of the Wolfgangs Ambulo outdoor knife is made of the best 440C steel and is from tip to end ...
  • OUTDOOR GIFT SET - You will receive an extensive outdoor set consisting of a fire starter and the large survival knife from Wolfgangs. Delivered...
  • LEGAL IN GERMANY - The Wolfgangs W3 outdoor knife with its blade length of 11 cm is absolutely legal to carry. Don't worry if you...
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Japaknives Survival Outdoor Knife Hunting Knife Sharp Bushcraft...*
  • Full Tang - Our outdoor knife is made from a single block of high-quality D2 steel with a hardness of 60-62 HRC. Very strong you...
  • Suitable size - the bushcraft knife has a total length of 23,5 cm, a handle length of 11,5 cm and the blade length in the middle 12,0 ...
  • Ergonomic handle - The brown wooden handle of the hunting knife is not only practical, but also looks good when used outdoors....
4. Top seller
BÖKER PLUS® Papillon training knife - knife dummy - stainless steel...*
  • BUTTERFLY WITH BLADE - a dummy was installed instead of the blade, pure training equipment
  • BUTTERFLY TRAINER - with stainless steel handles, stainless steel blade
  • FEATURES - Overall length 25,2 cm, blade length 11,4 cm, weight 124 g, blade thickness 3,7 mm
- € 2,015. Top seller
Outdoor knife sharp full tang D2 steel, large hunting knife with...*
  • 【Black anti-rust coating and bottle opener design】 The cutting body of our outdoor knife survival is covered with black ...
  • 【D2 steel and hardwood handle】 Golden Bird Outdoor Knife Full-Tang is made of new D2 steel, which is much better than 5Cr15MoV in hardness and ...
  • 【Full-Tang Design and Excellent Appearance】A best survival knife in survival kit is often referred to as full-tang. With a...
- € 1,256. Top seller
Outdoor knife fixed blade, survival knife, camping...*
  • ULTRA SHARP BLADE: This fixed blade knife is made of high quality 440c stainless steel, which is strong and durable. The...
  • Unique blade design: With the thumb groove on the surface of the knife, this knife can be gripped firmly so that you can balance ...
  • Ergonomic handle: The entire camping knife is equipped with a solid wood handle. The wood material creates a unique...
7. Top seller
Wolfgang's outdoor knife AMBULO with Kydex holster - noble ... *
  • 100% PREMIUM MATERIAL - The fixed blade is made of the best D2 steel and is made of a single, ...
  • KYDEX HOLSTER WITH CLIP - The outdoor knife comes in a holster made of high-quality Kydex and can be locked in it. In addition, the...
  • ORIGINAL BY WOLFGANGS - With original Wolfgangs products you can rely on two things unconditionally: Outstanding ...
8. Top seller
SCHNITZEL TRI Outdoor Knife - Special Edition - with Dangler -...*
  • SCHNITZEL TRI - Special Edition - is your outdoor knife for adults and all leisure activities, such as hiking, camping, bushcraft, survival...
  • NOBLE TOOL STEEL! CPM 3V by Crucible Industries LLC from the USA. This powder-metallurgical tool steel (59-61 HRC) is...
  • DANGLER CARRYING SYSTEM! The ultra-robust and weatherproof Kydex sheath leaves nothing to be desired. She comes with a Dangler attachment...
9. Top seller
JASON Outdoor Knife Outdoor Ax Camping Knife Camping Hatchet...
133 Reviews
JASON outdoor knife outdoor ax camping knife camping hatchet...*
  • Package includes - camping knife * 1, camping hatchet * 1, nylon sheaths * 2, packaging box * 1. The camping knife is approx. 33 cm long and weighs ...
  • Non-slip handles - The handles of the outdoor knife and the outdoor ax are made of comfortable wood, ergonomically shaped and with ...
  • A Great Outdoor Survival Set - Our camping knife sets are expertly forged and polished to be extremely sharp and tough....
10. Top seller
NedFoss sheath knife Rambo Messer| Survival Knife Camping...
235 Reviews
NedFoss sheath knife Rambo Messer| Survival Knife Camping...*
  • UNIVERSAL - The Nedfoss fixed outdoor knife is an ideal choice for hiking, camping, trekking, fishing, spending time in the garden, hunting or...
  • ROBUST and DURABLE - The Nedfoss outdoor knife is made of high-quality 8Cr14MoV steel and is made of stainless steel from the tip to the end of the handle...
  • EASY TO HOLD - Beautiful design and CNC processing are combined in this robust knife. Ergonomic handle made of red wood, has...
- € 2,01Offering

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